Jack Ruby Is Alive and Well and Spilling His Guts About…

Front Cover TGWSJFK

A Fictional Story That Actually Happened.

Beautiful, yet mysterious and deadly, Pilar Rivera is forced into a life of kill or be killed. She has incredible good looks and knows how to use them as she stalks and shoots the man who raped her in Havana when she was 16 – and becomes entwined in the crime of the ages.

Rumored to be Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban daughter, Pilar is a female Jason Bourne, a woman without a country, loyal only to herself, who will kill for money but charges nothing for revenge.

It’s an amazing tale of sex, murder and intrigue, set in the turbulent times of the Cold War, as it moves from Cuba to Russia, New York to Paris, Miami to New Orleans then on to Dallas that notorious day in November.

The story swirls around two larger-than-life figures of the 20th century – John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro – along with a parade of iconic personalities:   Jackie and Bobby, Marilyn and Sinatra, Che and Raul, Oswald and Ruby, the rat pack, the mob, the CIA and Hemingway.

It’s a fast-paced thriller, as told by Jack Ruby, the last man standing, the only person involved who’s still alive – except for the girl who shot JFK.