“It was a very mean year.”

The Space Race, Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall, Nuclear Detonations

A Presidential Inauguration

Friday, January 20, 1961

John F. Kennedy’s inauguration gala ball is going full blast. Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford arrange and host a pre-inaugural ball at the D.C. Armory. This is the biggest party ever held in Washington, D.C., at this time. Sinatra brings together many Hollywood stars that perform and attend. Frank even goes as far as convincing Broadway theater producers to suspend their shows for the night to allow some of the actors to be in the gala. With ticket prices ranging from $100 per person to $10,000 per group, Sinatra hopes to raise $1.7 million ($13.9 million in today’s dollars) for the Democratic Party.

32 Gala Ball
JFK’s inauguration gala ticket prices range from $100 per person to $10,000 per group. Frank Sinatra produces the event and provides Hollywood stars for entertainment.

Many Hollywood stars give speeches or perform acts. Performances and speeches include Fredric March, Sidney Poitier, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Kelly, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Bill Dana, Milton Berle, Jimmy Durante, Harry Belafonte, and Sinatra himself.

32a JFK Gala Rehersal
On stage (L-R) Pat Suzuki, Joey Bishop, Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Harry Belafonte, Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Kelly, Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis and Nat ‘King’ Cole at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration gala rehearsal, 1961.

Sammy Davis, Jr., a long-time friend of Frank Sinatra, supporter of the Democratic Party, and member of the Rat Pack, is asked by John F. Kennedy not to attend the gala per his father Joseph’s wishes. Joe is afraid that Sammy’s interracial marriage to Swedish actress May Britt is too shocking for the time and event, much to Sammy’s and Sinatra’s sadness. Davis even postpones his wedding to Britt until after the election, also at the request of the Kennedy campaign.

33 Sammy and May Britt
Joe Kennedy requests that Sammy Davis Jr. not attend the inauguration gala because of his interracial marriage to Swedish actress May Britt.

After being rudely snubbed by JFK, Sammy Davis, Jr., switches his support to the Republican Party and Richard Nixon. Harry Belafonte expresses dismay at the storm, stating, “Sammy not being there is a loss.”

33a sammy davis supports nixon

After being shunned by the Kennedys, Sammy Davis, Jr., becomes a Republican and throws his support to Richard Nixon.

At the end of the inaugural ball, Kennedy thanks Sinatra for the festive celebration and his support of the Democratic Party throughout the 1960 campaign. Jackie Kennedy goes to bed in the White House before the ball ends at 1:30 a.m. But Jack isn’t ready for the party to end. He goes to a second pre-inaugural ball his father Joseph Kennedy is throwing and doesn’t return to the White House until around 3:30 a.m.

33b JFK with Sinatra
JFK personally thanks Frank Sinatra for pulling out all the stops and making his Inaugural Gala a huge success.

Behind the scenes, Kennedy engages in private sexual escapades in the White House, Palm Beach, Malibu, Manhattan, and Palm Springs. Jackie knows what is going on and reluctantly accepts it. But JFK also has several secret lovers who are part of his and Jackie’s inner circle, including Helen Chavchavadze, a 27-year-old brunette divorcée with two young daughters. She is the first cousin of John Husted, the man Jackie dumped to marry Jack, as well as a classmate of Jackie’s sister, Lee Farmington. Helen “is just gorgeous,” says Ben Bradlee, “totally pretty, well educated, and interesting.”

33c Helen Chavchavadze
One of JFK sex partners is 27 year old Helen Chavchavadze who is part of Jackie Kennedy’s social circle and lives across the street of their Georgetown church.

A few weeks later

A few weeks after the inauguration, JFK walks into Helen Chavchavadze’s house, which is across the street from his church in Georgetown, with Florida senator George Smathers. “By his appearance he was saying, ‘I am a free man. The Secret Service is not going to stop me,’” Chavchavadze said. Kennedy invites her for intimate evenings when Jackie is away, and Jackie would include her on the guest lists for dinner dances and small dinner parties at the White House.  “I never knew if Jackie knew, but I felt uncomfortable about her,” said Chavchavadze. “I always felt ambivalent and wanted to end it…I was never someone who had extramarital affairs. It was not my style, but it was irresistible with Jack.”

President Kennedy, who already has a revolving harem, is such a greedy sex maniac that he takes the girlfriend of Time magazine’s most famous editor, Bill Brammer. Just a few months after Kennedy’s inauguration, Time magazine’s Washington bureau learns that the young woman Brammer is dating, Diana de Vegh, is also having an affair with the President.

Brammer asks her why she did it. “Nothing will come of it,” she replies, “but he has a hold on me.”

“What kind of hold?” Brammer asks.

“Power,” she answers.

Saturday, January 21, 1961

Jackie Kennedy hires Pamela Turnure as her press secretary and White House staffer. Turnure is supposed to be off-limits to JFK, as she is Jackie’s press secretary. However, not even the first lady’s staff is exempt from the roaming eye of the president, and Turnure, a Georgetown girl who is said to look like Jackie, reportedly sleeps with him from 1961 to 1963, beginning when she was 21. Turnure was originally JFK’s secretary when he was a senator. Turnure got the White House job thanks to JFK, who somehow managed to convince Jackie to hire her. When Jackie is gone, Turnure spends nights with the president over a 3-year period.

Pamela Turnure in WH .jpg

Pamela Turnure, a 21 years old White House secretary, begins having regular sexual encounters with JFK in the White House pool and on foreign trips. She sees JFK when Jackie is not in town.

Sometime late in 1961, Ellen Rometsch becomes one of the working girls at  the Quorum Club, located in a three-room suite at the Carroll Arms Hotel, just across the street from the new Senate Office Building. This is a private social club run by Bobby Baker, a former aide to Lyndon Johnson now coming under suspicion for influence peddling. The senators and congressmen along with other club members know her as girl who can show you a good time. What they don’t know is that she’s an East German Communist spy.

Ellen Rometsch is a pretty East German Communist spy and is one of JFK’s girlfriends during the height of the Cold War.

The Quorum Club’s central location in a suite at the Carroll Arms Hotel is an easy walk for the power brokers from the Capitol Building.

The affair between Rometsch and JFK starts in 1961 and continues for some time. However, FBI agents get wind of it and put Rometsch under surveillance. They discover that she attends naked pool parties at the White House and on more than one occasion goes to the White House residence solely for the purpose of having sex with the president.  J. Edgar Hoover believes that the affair is compromising national security.

36 Bobby Baker's Quroum Club

Bobby Baker is LBJ’s personal aide and runs Washington D.C’s Quorum Club where government insiders can escape the eyes of the national press corps.

Tuesday, January 24, 1961

Miss Deirdre Henderson, who is 24 years old at the time, is given an appointment with JFK. She is helping him write a journal of his pre-war years in Europe. She is also helping him fulfill his sexual needs. She and Jack take only five minutes to conclude their sexual interlude.

37 Miss Deidre

JFK enjoys sex with 24-year-old Miss Deidre Henderson who helps him with writing his journal of pre-war Europe.

After lunch, the President takes a tour of the Shelter Areas of the White House led by Commander Tazwell Shepard and members of the White House staff. At the end of the tour everyone goes back to his or her normal White House activities. Jack returns to one of the Shelters where Pamela Turnure is waiting. Five minutes is all that is needed for the President’s sex fix. It is over by 3:55 p.m.

38 Pamala Turnure
White House secretary Pamela Turnure meets up with JFK during the day in the White House.

At 4:45 p.m., Carmin Belino, who specializes in dealing with organized crime and corrupt trade union officials, visits with Jack for only fifteen minutes, just enough time for Jack to be reminded that his father’s wish came true only with help from the Chicago Outfit, so don’t forget the favor.

39 Chicago Outfit Tree
JFK frequently meets with Carmin Belino who specializes in dealing with the Chicago Outfit and Sam Giancana.

Friday, January 27, 1961

Miss Pamela Turnure again visits Jack in his office at 4:45 p.m. It will all be over in less than 15 minutes.

40 Pamela-Turnure
Pamela Turnure is always just around the corner in the White House and ready to service JFK’s sexual needs.

Tuesday, January 31,1961

Alicia Darr is in Rome telling of an early sexual relationship with John F. Kennedy in a conversation with the Italian weekly Le Ore and says she could have been the first lady. The FBI attaché in Rome advises J. Edgar Hoover of the article and indicates that Alicia “is saying that the release of more information is to come soon.”

41 Alicia Darr in Rome

Alicia Darr in Rome after her interview in the Italian weekly Le Ore. Darr is claiming to be JFK’s 1st wife when he was 34 years old.

On this same day, the U.S. goes ahead in the Space Race with the Soviet Union. The chimpanzee Ham, the first humanlike animal is successfully sent into outer space and returns unharmed. His flight is 16 minutes and 39 seconds long. Ham is being tested to see if tasks can be performed in space. His lever-pushing performance while aloft is only a fraction of a second slower than on Earth, demonstrating that tasks can be performed in space

42 Hamm
The U.S. puts the first human like animal successfully into space and goes ahead of the Soviet Union in the Space Race.

Friday, February 3, 1961

William (Bill) Thompson meets with JFK in the White House to discuss the possible meeting with Ellen Rometsch which would be handled by Bobby Baker through the Quorum Club.

Vice President’s aide Bobby Baker (L) sets us a date with Ellen Rometsch at the Quorum Club for President John F, Kennedy.

Later in the evening, the President sneaks away from the Secret Service to see the movie “Spartacus with his old PT-109 pal Red Fay.

42b Spartacus
JFK and Paul Fay sneak out of the White House at 8:16pm to go to a local movie theatre and see the movie “Spartacus.

Saturday, Feb 4, 1961

JFK, and Caroline welcome Jackie and 10-week-old John Jr. to the White House. It’s the first time his son has been to the White House.

43 JFK-Caroline-Jackie-With-Baby-John-John
Only 10 weeks old, John Kennedy Jr. and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrive to the White House with President JFK and daughter Caroline.

Tuesday, February 7, 1961

43a JFK-And-LBJ-2-7-61.jpg
JFK and LBJ have an off the record meeting following the Legislative Leaders Breakfast Meeting.

Wednesday, February 8, 1961

43b JFK-Jackie-LBJ-Lady-Bird-2-8-61
John and Jackie Kennedy with Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson give a reception for members of the Diplomatic Corp

Friday, February 10, 1961

44 JFK with Mardi Gras Queen
At 10:25 am JFK meets in the White House with Miss Catherine Long the Queen of Mardi Gras along with Senator Long from Louisiana.
44a Jackie-And-Caroline-Kennedy-Depart-White-House-Via-Helicopter-2-10-61.jpg
At 3:30pm JFK goes to the south grounds of the White House to see Jackie and Caroline off. They are taking the helicopter to their farm in Glen Ora, in Middleburg, Virginia.

Saturday, February 11, 1961

Miss Janet Derossiers has a quick massage session with JFK. She was Joe Kennedy’s mistress and became the stewardess and a secretary on Jack’s presidential campaign plane. On the plane, Desrossiers often massaged Jack’s feet and hands and that’s not all that happened behind closed doors. Many reporters think she must have been having sex with him.

44b Miss Janet
Miss Janet Derossier is an in house mistress who is also a stewardess on the Presidential plane and a secretary to JFK. She also is one of Joe Kennedy’s mistresses.

At 12:25pm JFK is in the helicopter to Glen Ora, Middleburg, Virginia and arrived at 1:07pm. He returns to the White House on Monday, February 13, 1961 via land. He leaves the farm at 10:52am and arrives at Noon to the White House.

44c JFK-Walks-To-Helicopter-On-South-Lawn-Of-White-House-2-11-61
JFK walks to the helicopter on the south lawn for the flight to the Glen Ora farm.
44d JFK-And-Pierre-Salinger-Aboard-Helicopter-2-11-61
JFK on board the White House helicopter with Press Secretary Pierre Salinger and his wife Nancy. They are headed for the Kennedy farm in Glen Ora where Jackie and Carline are waiting.

Saturday, February 18, 1961

JFK meets with Paul (Red) Fay an ex PT boat commander with JFK at noon. They will depart the White House at 10:30pm to the Sheraton Carlton Hotel to supposedly buy a newspaper? Jackie is left in the White House while Jack is at the Carlton Hotel.

44e JFK and Red Fay
PT Boat Officers (L-R) James (“Jim”) Reed, John F. (“Jack”) Kennedy, George (“Barney”) Ross (rear) and Paul (“Red”) Fay.

Sunday, February, 19,1961

JFK and family take the helicopter to Glen Ora. on Monday the following day JFK alone, flies 25 minutes back to the White House. Pamela Turnure is waiting in the White House pool.

Wednesday, February 22, 1961

JFK, Red Fay, George Smathers and Stuart Symington play golf at Chevy Chase Country Club

Thursday, February 23, 1961

44f JFK-JEH-RFK-2-23-61
John F. Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover and Robert F. Kennedy confer in the Oval Office about illegal wiretaps


Friday, February 24, 1961

JFK has dinner at 7:45 with Lem Billings & Rip Horton (all old JFK buddies)

44g JFK-John-Connally-LBJ-3-24-61.jpg
President John F. Kennedy, Secretary of the Navy John Connally and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson confer after lunch in the White House.

Saturday, February 25, 1961

JFK goes golfing with Paul (Red) Fay, George Smathers & Stuart Symington. – They play 9 holes at Burning Tree Country Club. That evening he has a dinner at the Sheraton Park Hotel, then back to White House by 11.15pm

44h Oval-Office-White-House-2-25-61
JFK’s Oval Office sits quiet on this evening when the President is at the Sheraton Park Hotel and he probably is not alone. Jackie is at the farm in Glen Ora with Caroline.

Saturday, February 25, 1961

JFK motors to Glen Ora to see Jackie. He drives with Dr. Janet Travell. Then takes the helicopter back to the White House without Jackie. She stays at Glen Ora alone with Caroline.

Monday, February 27, 1961

Miss Deidre Henderson research assistant meets with JFK at 6:50 PM at the White House and then a quick dip in the pool, just the two of them,

44i DeirdreJFKs
Miss Deidre Henderson makes several visits with JFK. Not only to the Oval Office but also to the White House swimming pool.

Wednesday, March 1,1961

JFK signs Executive Order 10924 establishing the Peace Corps. The purpose of the Peace Corps is to provide technical assistance and help people outside the United States to understand American culture. Kennedy sees the Peace Corps as a means of countering the “Ugly American ” and “Yankee imperialism,” image in the emerging nations of post-colonial Africa and Asia.

44j JFK signs Peace Corp
JFK signs the Executive order establishing the Peace Corp. Kennedy assigns his brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver, to be the first director in charge of the program.

Saturday, March 4, 1961

From 7:30 PM – 11:14 PM JFK, Lem Billings and Rip Horton motor around Washington and Virginia like a couple of old college pals.

Saturday, March 11, 1961

44k JFK-And-RFK-Jr-3-11-61
JFK is having a little fun with his nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the Oval Office.

Monday, March 13, 1961

JFK, Jackie and Caroline helicopter from Glen Ora to the White House. After meeting with Bobby, Kenny O’Donnell and Ted Sorenson, Kennedy takes on more meetings with different Congressmen and an afternoon meeting with Willy Brandt, Mayor of West Berlin.

44l JFK-Speaks-In-East-Room-Of-White-House-3-13-61
In the East Room of the White House, JFK speaks and holds a reception for Latin American Diplomats, Officials and Members of Congress.

Friday, March 17 1961

St. Patrick’s Day is business as usual. JFK has a morning breakfast with McGeorge Bundy, Ted Sorenson and Dean Rusk. The rest of the day are scheduled meetings with various state congressmen and a taping session with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Then late in the evening a testimonial dinner for Ted Reardon

44m JFK-And-Caroline-March-17-1961
JFK walks with his daughter Caroline along the West Wing of the White House.

LBJ presents a pony to Caroline Kennedy at the Ranch of George Brown’s Huntland Farms in Virginia.

44n Caroline with Poney
Caroline rides her pony on George Brown’s Huntland Farm in Virginia. LBJ gives the pony to Caroline as a birthday gift.

Wednesday, March 15, 1961

White House hosts a dinner dance. Jackie dances just once with Jack, who typically feels uncomfortable on the dance floor. Instead, he “moves from one group to another, a glass of champagne in his hand. “Champagne flows out of every available crevice,” the evening has a “slight speakeasy quality since the whole thing is suppose to be kept quiet because of Lent.” Sitting on either side of the president are the famous Pinchot sisters, Ben Bradlee’s wife, Tony, and her sister Mary Meyer, two of Washington’s most alluring women. Tony already knows that Jack Kennedy is attracted to her, because he makes several unsuccessful passes. Afterward he links arms with Mary and Tony, and when they enter the Blue Room he exclaims, “Well, girls, what did you think of that?”

Thursday, March 16, 1961

44o JFK-Meets-With-Girl-Scouts-3-16-61
JFK in the morning greets members of the Girl Scouts of America.
44p JFK-3-16-61
JFK Kennedy later attends the ceremony celebrating the Unification of Italy.

Thursday, March 23, 1961

44q JFK-Press-Conference-3-23-61--04
JFK holds a press conference where he explains the communist build up in Southeast Asia


Saturday, March 25, 1961

At 5:18 PM, JFK without Jackie flies to Palm Beach Florida for the weekend. On the flight are Lem Billings, Miss Helen Lempart and Sue Mortensen. They are met by Joe Kennedy and taken to his home in Palm Beach.

Sunday, March 26, 1961

44r JFK and Macmillan
JFK meets the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in Key West to discuss both the Berlin situation and Fidel Castro. The President returns to the White House later that night.

Thursday, March 30, 1961

JFK flies from Washington DC to Palm Beach Florida and arrives at 11:30am. Miss Jill Cowen (Faddle) is on board. Miss Cowen is along for the ride to service the Presidents sexual needs.

44s Jill Cowan.jpg
Miss Jill Cowen is a White House secretary and aide. Her nickname is Faddle and she’s part of the duo called “Fiddle and Faddle” by the President. One or both of the girls swim with President when he goes to the White House pool.

Upon arriving in Palm Beach, FK meets up with his father and Peter Lawford. They then meet up with Bing Crosby to play 9 holes of golf at the Palm Beach Country Club. They view the movie “One Eyed Jacks at the Residence that evening.

44t bing-crosby.jpg
JFK Kennedy and Bing Crosby are good friends. Bing plays at the Palm Beach Country Club in Florida and Jack plays on Bing’s course in Palm Springs.

Friday. March 31, 1961

JFK, Jackie, Peter Lawford and Mrs. Sargent Schriver go to the Palm Beach Country Club for lunch and meet up with Bing Crosby to play 11 holes of golf

Tuesday, April 4, 1961

JFK is in Palm Beach visiting his father Joseph. By 11am he is playing golf with his two brothers in laws, Peter Lawford and Steven Smith. By 4:30pm JFK has landed at the White House and is back in the Oval Office.

44u JFK-Returns-From-Florida-4-4-61.jpg
Returning from Palm Beach. Kennedy has the helicopter land on the White House lawn, JFK then walks to the Oval Office for afternoon meetings.

Wednesday, April 12, 1961

The Soviet’s take over first place in the Space Race with the United States. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space, orbiting the Earth once in his space capsule Vostok 1. Gagarin becomes an instant international celebrity finding himself on the cover of Time Magazine. Gagarin is awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, the nation’s highest honor.

44v First Man in Space
Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space allowing the Russians to take the lead in the Race to the Moon.

Saturday, April 15, 1961

A group of Cuban exiles take off from Nicaragua in a squadron of American B-26 bombers, painted to look like stolen Cuban planes, and manage a strike against Cuban airfields. But, it turns out that Castro knows about the raid and moves his planes out of harms way. Kennedy starts to suspect that the CIA plan is not what it’s supposed to be. He begins to think it’s not clandestine and in fact it might be “too small to be successful.”

44wCIA B52 Bombers
American B-26 bombers are painted to look like Cuban Air Force planes by the CIA stationed in Nicaragua.

Monday, April 17, 1961

After two years of the CIA trying to rid itself of Fidel Castro, they launch what its leaders believe will be the definitive blow. An invasion of Cuba by 1,400 American-trained Cubans who left their homes when Castro came to power is leading the charge. However, the invasion does not go well. Jack Ruby tips off Castro to the on coming invaders and Castro is waiting on the beach with his army.

44x Captured Prisoners at the Bay of Pigs
The Anti Castro forces are badly outnumbered by Castro’s troops, and surrender after less than 24 hours of fighting.

The first phase of the plan is to destroy Castro’s tiny air force, making it impossible for Castro’s army to fight the invaders.

But it is too late to stop anything now. On April 17, the Cuban exile army begins its invasion at an isolated spot known as the Bay of Pigs. Almost immediately, the invasion is a disaster. The CIA wants to keep it a secret for as long as possible, but a Cuban military radio station on the beach broadcasts every detail of the operation to listeners across Cuba.

44y Anti castro ships sink
Unexpected coral reefs and Cuban artillery sink some of the invader’s ships as they try to come to shore


Backup paratroopers land in the wrong places. Before long, Castro’s troops have the exiles pinned on the beach, and they surrender after less than a day of fighting.

44z Cuban prisoners
Of the invading force of 1400, 114 are killed and over 1,100 are taken prisoner.The majority of prisoners are later tried in a military court and executed


Two days later, JFK tell the people of the United States that he is to be blamed for the failure of the Bay of Pigs. The Cuban community in the U.S. will never forget this.

45 BayofPigs
Life Magazine tells the failed story of the attempted Bay of Pigs Invasion. The U.S. must face the embarrassing failure to overthrow Castro.

Wednesday/Thursday. April 18-19,1961

From Midnight until 2:46am JFK is in a meeting about the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Situation. At 5:00pm there is a meeting with the Former Prime Minister of Cuba now head of Anti Castro Revolution Council of Cubans- Jose Miro Cardona. Also at the meeting is Antonio Verona, Justo Carrillo, and Antonio Maceo, Manuel Rey, Carlos Heira
They meet again from 10:57pm-12: 31pm.

Friday, April 21,1961

45a JFK-4-21-61.jpg
JFK is in an early morning meeting with General Maxwell Taylor in the Oval Office.

At 5:44pm, journalist Lester Markel is having a private meeting concerning Marilyn Monroe. Lester is a good friend of Marilyn’s.

Saturday, April 22,1961

JFK takes the helicopter from the White House to Camp David, a 30 minutes flight. Kennedy at 1pm meets with Dwight D Eisenhower until 2:30pm concerning the Cuban fiasco.

45b JFK-At-Camp-David-In-Maryland-4-22-61
This is a rare photo of JFK wearing a hat prior to the meeting with Dwight D Eisenhower at Camp David.

After the meeting with Eisenhower, JFK is motored over to the Aspen Cottage and inspects the underground fallout shelter. By 5:00pm JFK is taking the helicopter to the Glen Ora Farm and stays there until Monday April 24 when he flies back to the White House.

After the disastrous CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion, JFK desperately needs to get rid of Castro. The problem is he has to do it a way not to cause World War III with the Russians. By now he’s lost all faith in his military advisors but still needs a quick solution. So, Kennedy calls Judith Campbell in California. He asks Campbell to fly to Las Vegas and arrange a meeting with himself and Sam Giancana. He thinks the mafia might want to help kill Castro and get the casinos back in Havana. The meeting is to take place in her suite at the Ambassador East the following week in Chicago.

Thursday, April 27, 1961

JFK is in New York for a meeting and staying at the Hotel Carlyle

Friday, April 28, 1961

JFK meets with J Edgar Hoover in suite 31A at the Waldorf Astoria then afterwards with General Douglas MacArthur. Later that day he meets with Dag Hammerskjold and Adlai Stevenson. At 3:20pm JFK flies to Chicago to speak at a Cook County Democratic Fund raising Dinner at McCormick Place. On the flight is Helen Lempart one of his young female aides.

Judith Campbell is in her hotel suite at the Ambassador prior to the JFK dinner when Giancana arrives. Upon arriving, JFK walks over to Sam Giancana and shake hands Shortly thereafter, Campbell then goes into the bathroom, sits on the edge of the tub and waits until they finish. After the meeting, JFK puts his arms around Campbell and tells her he cannot stay with her this evening, it’s a short trip. She learns later that JFK is giving Giancana the “Green Light” to assassinate Fidel Castro.

By Saturday at 1am in the morning JFK is back to Washington.

46 Cook County Democrates
JFK flies to Chicago to speak at a Cook County Democratic Fund raising dinner but his real interest is to meet with Sam Giancana. He wants the mafia’s help in killing Fidel Castro.

Saturday, April 29, 1961

JFK and family fly from the White House to the Glen Ora, farm.

46a JFK and Jackie's Glen Ora farm in Middleburg, Virginia.
JFK and Jackie’s Glen Ora farm in Middleburg, Virginia

The following day, Kennedy asks, Campbell to fly to Miami.

47 Fontainbleau
Judith Campbell meets with Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli, who are staying at the Fontainebleau hotel. They discuss the Fidel Castro problem.

Sunday, April 30, 1961

48 Mayflower Hotel
Judith Campbell flies back to Washington from Miami and stays with JFK at the Mayflower Hotel.

Wednsday, May 3, 1961

48a JFK-And-Tunisia-President-Habib-Bourguiba-5-3-61
JFK greets President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisa. Kennedy and Bouguiba then travel by motorcade down 14th street in Washington, D.C. to the White House.

Thursday, May 4, 1961

JFK and Tunisian President Habib-Bourguiba spend most of the morning discussing the foreign relations between the two countries.

48b JFK-With-Tunisia-President-Bourguiba-5-4-61
JFK discusses foreign relations with the President of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba.

Also, today, Judith Campbell picks up another envelope from Giancana in Chicago and returns to Washington the following evening. She calls the White House and asks for Evelyn Lincoln, who connects here immediately to the President.

Friday, May 5, 1961

Campbell that afternoon travels to the White House just like she is instructed. “We were scheduled to have lunch at the White House on Saturday, May 6, but he said the envelope couldn’t wait, so I took it to him Friday May 5th in the afternoon. I took a taxi to the West Entrance, checked in with the guards, and was escorted to the Cabinet Room by a Kenny O’Donnell.

49 Westwing Cabinet Room
Judith Campbell is escorted into the White House by JFK’s personal advisor Kenney O’Donnell by way the West Wing entrance (L) and then to the Cabinet Room (R)

I gave Jack the envelope and he teasingly asked me if I had had a nice time in Florida. ‘Did you have to spend that much time down there?’ he said. Judith replies, “I was there for you, Jack.’ JFK replies, “How’s Sam? Now I don’t want you to get too friendly with him. Don’t let him turn your head.” After a few pleasantries, the usual quickie begins with JFK finishing first.

49a Judith-Campbell200
Judith Campbell plays the part of courier between JFK and Chicago Boss Sam Giancana.

Saturday, May 6, 1961

49b Pamela Turnure
At 5:45pm Jacqueline Kennedy aide Miss Pamela Turner has a sex quickie meeting with JFK in the oval office.

Sunday, May 7, 1961

“ The Nooky Room ”

On Sunday, Campbell goes to the White House for lunch. She is taken to the family quarters, where she and Dave Powers chitchat while Kennedy takes a swim with one of the new girls just beginning her job in the White House. The Commander in Chief breaks in all the new hired help when possible. He to see just how far they will go with him.

50 WhiteHousePool
(L) 1961 White House pool (R) aka…”The Nooky Room” 1963 White House pool- JFK swims almost every day at 2pm while he is President and generally with young female White House aides and staff. The murals are added and paid for by JFK’s father Joe Kennedy in 1962.

Over hamburgers in the family dining room, Kennedy asks Campbell about Sinatra. ” ‘How’s Frank?’ he asks. ‘What’s he doing? Who’s he seeing?’ He loves Hollywood gossip, and is avidly curious about everything, but especially about Frank and his love life,” Campbell remembers. Frank respects Jack’s background and his power as President, and Jack is fascinated by Sinatra’s swinging lifestyle.

After lunch, Kennedy takes Campbell into the master bedroom. There were twin beds, she reports. Jack then leads her through an alcove to Jackie’s bedroom with a large double bed and they make love.

51 Jackies Bedroom.jpg
JFK has intercourse in Jackie’s bed with Judith Campbell

As he is escorting her out, Kennedy gives Campbell an envelope he wants delivered to Giancana.

These are the travel times written in Campbell’s May 6, 1961 agenda. (Times EST)
6:00pm a White House car to airport (Washington D.C.)
7:40 pm Dinner in Chicago with Sam Giancana
8; 40pm Leave Chicago for Las Vegas
9:40pm Arrive in Las Vegas

For days and sometimes weeks at a time that spring and summer, Campbell crisscrosses the country by train and plane carrying plain 9″ x 12″ manila envelopes from Kennedy to Giancana and Roselli and back again. “They are closed but not taped,” says Campbell.

Campbell later explains, “There was no writing on them, no labels, no stamped address, nothing. They weighed about as much as a weekly magazine and felt as if they contained papers, but I don’t know for sure because I never looked inside. It never occurred to me to do something like that. I always carried them in my purse so they didn’t have to be checked or handled by anyone else. I never put them in a hotel safe or anything like that because I didn’t want to let them out of my possession. I didn’t know what they contained, but I knew that the contents were very important to Jack.”

The intelligence data, which she carries in envelopes to Giancana, concerns the plot to assassinate Castro. In fact, the CIA-Mafia plan to kill the Cuban leader has Kennedy`s direct involvement from the beginning Campbell says. “Fairly early on, Jack told me outright. He said the envelopes has intelligence material` and that it involves the removal of Fidel Castro. I was right in the middle of my relationship with him, and I loved him. He was also the president, and I don`t think I felt qualified to question him. I was a young woman in my 20s, and I was not that deeply into politics. But I knew what was going on, and Jack knew. Jack fully participated in the CIA involvement with the underworld. “It finally dawned on me that I was probably helping Jack orchestrate the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro with the help of the Mafia,”

52 Campbell with Agenda
Judith Campbell holding her travel agenda reveals dates and timeline of events during her relationship with JFK and Sam Giancana.

The White House telephone logs show at least one phone call from Sam’s home outside Chicago to the White House. Campbell believes that Kennedy and Giancana met at the White House more than once. She later recalls, “If they did, Sam probably signed in under one of his aliases, like Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Gold or Sam Flood,”
There is an unofficial back door to the Oval Office that is supervised by Kenny O’Donnell, and there are no logs kept on this location. Campbell says she agreed to pick up one more envelopes from Giancana and Roselli and bring it back to the White House. Jack tells her he will get back to her on when she has to go.

Monday, May 8, 1961

The President and Mrs. Kennedy fly from Glen Ora to the White House. In the morning JFK presents Alan B. Shepherd receive the Distinguished Service Medal of NASA

52a JFK with Alan B. Shepard
President John F. Kennedy congratulates astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr., the first American in space, on his historic May 5th, 1961 ride in the Freedom 7 spacecraft and presents him with the NASA Distinguished Service Award.

Tuesday, May 9, 1961

JFK meets with William Pawley in the White House. Pawley deals with world leaders on sensitive national security matters, such as backdoor diplomacy and black operations in the Dominican Republic under Rafael Trujillo, in Cuba at the time of Fidel Castro’s takeover, and in a plot to overthrow the Guatemalan government in 1954. Pawley finances Operation Red Cross, a secret effort to help Russian missile officers defect from Cuba to the United States. This episode, involving a cast of characters from Mafia members to soldiers of fortune that ultimately fails to bring any missile officers from Cuba.

52b Pawley
William Pawley is one of JFK’s contacts into the black ops world involving the CIA and the Mafia.

Thursday, May11, 1961

JFK and Jackie fly to W. Palm Beach where they play golf and end up at the residence of Earl T. Smith (Flo ‘s Pritchett Smith’s home) on Friday afternoon spending the weekend playing and fun together. Flo Pritchett is one of Jacks long time mistresses. She was seeing Kennedy in 1956 and 1957 in Havana when her husband was Ambassador to Cuba.

52c Air-Force-One
Air Force One is ready at the hangar in Andrews Air Force Base to fly JFK and Jackie to West Palm Beach.

JFK & Jackie fly back to D.C. on Monday arriving at the White House by 4:30pm Monday May 15.

52d JFK and Jackie return from Palm Beach.jpg
JFK and Jackie arrive at
Andrews Air Force Base from their weekend trip to Palm Beach.
52e JFK-And-Jackie-Kennedy-Aboard-Helicopter-5-15-61
JFK and Jackie aboard the White House helicopter flying from Andrews AFB to the White House after the weekend in West Palm Beach.

Tuesday-Thursday, May16-18, 1961

JFK and Jackie Kennedy fly to Ottawa. Canada to strengthen relations with Americas northern neighbor.

Saturday, May20, 1961

JFK still working in the White House one evening meets up with Marguerite Higgins, an American reporter with the N.Y Herald Tribune. She covered the War in Korea and is familiar with Vietnam. She is also very attractive and we know what that means with Jack Kennedy. By 1:00pm JFK helicopters to Glen Ora for the weekend. Monday, May 21, JFK returns to the White House alone.

53 margeurite Higgins
Attractive Margeuite Higgins has a tryst with JFK just before he leaves for the farm at Glen Ora, Virginia to meet up with Jackie.

Wednesday, May 24, 1961

The King of Monaco and Princes Grace visit JFK and Jackie at the White House.

53a JFK-And-Jackie-5-24-61
JFK and Jackie wait for the arrival of the King of Monaco and Princess Grace, the former famous movie actress Grace Kelly.
54 Monaco May 24,1961
The King of Monaco & Princess Grace visits President Kennedy and Jackie at the White House.
54a Grace-Kelly-And-President-John-F-Kennedy-May-24-1961
Princess Grace is smitten with JFK during her visit to Washington.

Thursday, May 25, 1961

President Kennedy announces the Apollo program, a response to the Russian claim to be winning the Space Race, having the first man orbit the earth in outer space, with the successful flight of Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gargarin. Only three week after the Soviet feat, on May 5, Alan Shepard is the first American into outer space. JFK in a very direct way challenges the Russians to a Race to the Moon. The American public up to this point feels the U.S. is loosing in the space program.

55 JFK to the moon
“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth.” JFK May 25, 1961

Saturday, May 27th, 1961

JFK has a birthday party at 8:30pm with entertainment by Jerry Lewis at the National Guard Armory. President Harry Truman is also there. After the celebration JFK boards a helicopter to Hyannis Port and stays at his father’s residence until Monday. Then on Monday May 29 he flies to Boston for a birthday dinner at the Statler Hilton Hotel.

56 Jerry Lewis performs for 1961 JKF birthday
Jerry Lewis entertains to a packed JFK birthday bash at the National Guard Armory in Washington, D.C.

Sunday, May 28, 1961

Douglas Edwards with the News. Douglas Edwards is making his announcement on TV that President Kennedy will be leaving on a historic summit in Vienna with Primer Nikita Khrushchev. First stop will be a 3-day visit in Paris with Charles de Gaulle.

57 Douglas Edwards with JFK
CBS News commentator Douglas Edwards announces on national T.V. that Kennedy will be leaving to meet with Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna.

Tuesday, May 30, 1961

JFK flies from Boston to NYC for the World Health Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. After the dinner JFK & Jackie board Air Force one for Paris.

58 Bob Hope with JFK
Widely grinning JFK looks up toward comedian Bob Hope in New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The President is the principal speaker at Fifth Annual World Peace Through World Health.

Wednesday, May 31,1961

59 Jack and Jackie leave for Paris
President Kennedy and
Jacqueline via AIR FORCE ONE are on their way for the Vienna Summit with Khrushchev, but first a 3-day stop in Paris.

Air Force One lands at Orly Airport in Paris. The president is just completing five months into his term of office. This is his first European stop. French President Charles De Gaulle and Madame De Gaulle greet them. As soon as the crowds along the streets of Paris spot Jackie, they brake into the chant: ‘Vive Jacqui! Vive Jacqui!

60 Jackie with Paris crowd
The crowd greets First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy during her visit to Paris, June 1961.

Later, during the official luncheon at the Palais de L’Elysée, Jackie speaks in French about Louis XVI, the Bourbons, and French geography. De Gaulle replies to JFK: “Your wife knows more French history than any Frenchwoman! ”

Day two, the French Cultural Minister Malraux arranges a tour for the first lady while the president is to visit French historical sites.

61 Jackie with cultural minister in paris
Jacqueline Kennedy with Minister of Culture Andre Malraux (right) as a willing guide, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy enters the Jeu de Paume Museum. Meanwhile, JFK and Dr. Max “ Feelgood” Jacobson is off on a quest to get Jack laid with one of the most sought after French prostitutes from the famous Madame Claude.

But at the last minute, Kennedy begs off, claiming a flare-up of his infamously bad back and saying that he needs to visit a French pain specialist. While they are dressing for the afternoon’s affair the President continues rubbing his back which is the usual way of letting Jackie know that his back is hurting him. Jackie comes into the room from the bathroom. She is totally made up and ready to go. JFK is still in his underwear with the back brace. He’s not going with her. She tells him not to worry; she’ll cover for him like she always does.

Jackie leaves the room and JFK quickly gets out of his back brace. Drops his drawers and quickly goes to the shower. Still wearing a towel, JFK picks up the house phone.
Jack doesn’t feel great. His back pain is excruciating. That’s why, on this trip to Europe, Jack had brings New York physician Max Jacobson along. His moniker is “ Dr. Feelgood. Presidential photographer and friend Mark Shaw mentions Dr. Jacobson to JFK. Jacobson’s “miracle injections” immediately stop JFK’s pain. Jack comments, “I don’t care if it’s horse piss,” when told the drug concoctions were harmful. “It’s the only thing that works.”