“Armageddon is upon us.”

The Missiles crisis…and the world stood still!

The Calm Before The Storm

The Berlin Crisis and the Space Race are the two main foreign relations concerns for JFK in the early part of 1962, not to mention the Russian involvement in Cuba. Only 90 miles away, the Fidel Castro regime is raising a bright red flag over the small island country. Both Democrats and Republicans fear the idea of having a communist country in the Americas.

But for JFK, 1962 meant that his extramarital sexual relationships continue at a faster pace than the Space Race. There is one old relationship, however, that begins to really flourish at this time and will continue until his assassination. The woman is Mary Meyer.

Mary and Jack
JFK ‘s love of his life is his old girlfriend Mary Meyer

A close friend of Kennedy’s comments, “Jack is in love with Mary Meyer. He is certainly smitten by her; in fact, he is heavily smitten. He is very frank with me about it, that he thinks she is absolutely great.”  It is a dangerous relationship and doesn’t stop or diminish his sexual appetite for quickies with just about any willing female, especially those who are employed in the White House.

0 The White House Girls.jpg
JFK’s favorites at the White House are (L-R) Priscilla Wear, Jill Cowen Pam Turnure, and the young innocent Mimi Beardsley. (Bottom)

Tuesday, January 2, 1962

Early in the year, Kennedy promotes the advancement  of civil right legislation but doesn’t have the political finesse to bring the southern democrats to his side.

1 Kennedy-King-and-Wilkins.jpg

NAACP Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins (center) and Dr. Martin Luther King (left) praise U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s “personal role” in advancing civil rights. JFK tries to advance civil rights legislation especially in the area of voting and poll taxes.

Wednesday, January 3, 1962

Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro.

2 Fidel excommunicated.jpg

Fidel Castro, the supreme commander of Cuba, is excommunicated from the Catholic Church by Pope John XXIII.

Thursday, January 4, 1962

JFK is still on his Christmas vacation in West Palm Beach visiting his father in the hospital.  But he also finds time to cruise on the Honey Fitz with family and friends.

Tuesday, January 9, 1962.

The formation of the European Common Market (composed of France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) in 1957 brings prosperity to those countries. By 1962, 11 additional countries in Western Europe join. The Soviet Union and its East European satellites view the development with considerable concern.

4 valt02.jpg
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev watches construction while his little dog (who resembles East German leader Walter Ulbricht strains at the leash.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union and Cuba become close international trading partners.

5 cuba russia trad pact.jpg
Cuba and the Soviet Union sign a trade pact as Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev raise their hands in celebration.

Thursday, January 11, 1962

After completing a year as president, JFK gives a State of the Union report to the American people via television.

6 state-of-the-union-.jpg
JFK televises the State of Union Address to the American people.

Friday, January 12, 1962

Operation Chopper, the first American combat mission in Vietnam, begins as American pilots transport hundreds of South Vietnamese troops to fight against a Viet Cong force near Saigon. Three days later, President Kennedy tells reporters at a press conference that American troops are not being used in combat.

7 Operation Chopper.jpg

Operation Chopper is the first time American troops participate in a major combat mission in Vietnam.

Saturday, January 13, 1962

First Lady Jackie Kennedy brings Charles Collingwood and a CBS News television crew into the White House for a first time look at the American presidential residence. The tape of the visit is edited into the program “A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy”, and is shown on CBS and NBC on February 14.

8 Jackie's White House.jpg
Jackie Kennedy and Charles Collingwood during the filming of “A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy.

Saturday, January 20, 1962

JFK celebrates his first anniversary of his Inauguration at 8:45pm at the National Guard Armory. Entertainers are Danny Thomas, Rosemary Clooney and Lee Remick.

8a jfk with Danny Thomas.jpg
Entertainer Danny Thomas receives letter of recognition from JFK for his work with disabled children.

Monday, January 22, 1962

While filming the movie Cleopatra, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor fall in love on the first day of filming the romance between Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra, which takes place in 40 BC. They divorce their respective spouses, Sybil Burton and Eddie Fisher, and marry in 1964, divorcing in 1974, remarrying in 1975, and divorcing again in 1976.

9 Cleopatra.jpg
Cleopatra achieves notoriety during its production for its massive cost overruns and production troubles, which include changes in director and cast, a change of filming locations, sets that are constructed twice, lack of a firm shooting script, and personal scandal around co-stars Taylor and Burton. It is the most expensive film ever made up to that point and almost bankrupts 20th Century Fox.

Saturday, February 3, 1962

The United States embargo against Cuba is announced by President Kennedy, prohibiting “the importation into the United States of all goods of Cuban origin and all goods imported from or through Cuba.” Presidential Proclamation 3447 is made according to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. It becomes “effective at 12:01 A.M., Eastern Standard Time, February 7, 1962.

10 castro.jpeg
Fidel Castro announces general mobilization to the Cuban people after the announcement of U.S. embargo by JFK.

Tuesday, February 6, 1962

The city of Memphis, Tennessee, orders the desegregation of its lunch counters, formerly limited to white customers only.

11 Walgreen'sSit-insGS
White adults and college students are the primary activists in non-violent protests across the United States


Wednesday, February 7, 1962

The United States embargo against Cuba comes into effect, prohibiting all U.S.-related Cuban imports and exports.

12 Cuban's Russian Aid.jpg
The next day, the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. approves a $133 million program of military aid to Cuba, after having delayed action on it for four months.

Saturday, February 10, 1962

At 8:52 a.m. local time, captured American spy pilot Francis Gary Powers is exchanged for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in Berlin, at the Bridge between Wannsee and Potsdam. Powers is shot down over Russia on May 1, 1960 while flying a U-2 spy plane. Abel is arrested in New York on June 21, 1957. Frederic L. Pryor, a 28-year-old American student who is also arrested in East Berlin on August 25, is released as part of the deal as well.

13 The real spies.jpg
(Top) The real James Donavan (L) with Rudolf Abel (L) and (Below) Actor Tom Hanks plays American attorney James Donavan with actor Mark Rylance as Russian spy Rudolf Abel in the American film “ Bridge of Spies”.

Wednesday, February 14, 1962

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy takes television viewers on a tour of the White House. “A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy”, produced by CBS News and hosted by American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and CBS reporter Charles Collingwood, is broadcast on television by CBS and on NBC at 10:00 pm Eastern time. ABC television, which does not share the $100,000 production cost for the commercial-free special, shows Naked City instead, and runs the program the following Sunday.

14 jackies white house tour.jpg
Jackie’s White House Tour attracts 46,000,000 TV viewers, or three out of every four households in America, it is the highest rated television program up to that time.

Friday, February 16, 1962

15 JFK-Speaks-To-Foreign-Educators-February-16-1962.jpg
President Kennedy speaks to a group of over 300 foreign educators from 62 countries, visiting the United States under the State Department’s educational exchange program.

Saturday, February 17, 1962

Mary McGrory, one of the noted columnists in Washington is in a meeting with JFK in the White House. She is drinking, flirting, cajoling and jousting with the most important figures in American life, the President of the United States. Mary is the same age of JFK and still is attractive. Age never is an issue with JFK when it comes to having a piece of strange nookie.

16 Mary McGrory.jpeg
Time magazine dubbed McGrory the “Queen of the Washington Press Corps.”

Tuesday, February 20, 1962

Project Mercury: While aboard Friendship 7, John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the Earth, three times in 4 hours, 55 minutes. JFK makes a statement from the Rose Garden to the American media. Glenn is launched at 9:47 a.m. local time and attains orbit 12 minutes later. After three orbits of the Earth, Glenn lands in the Atlantic Ocean at 2:43pm, and is recovered by the destroyer U.S.S. Noa at 3:04pm. Glenn, the first American astronaut, returns to outer space on October 29, 1998, at the age of 77, becoming the oldest man to ever orbit the Earth. He will be honored in a formal State Dinner at the White House with Bill Clinton.

17 White-House-State-Dining-Room-Feb-20-1962
The State Dining Room at the White House where John Glenn is honored by JFK.

Wednesday, February 21, 1962

On the day after John Glenn’s historic flight, Soviet Premier Khrushchev sends a telegram to U.S. President Kennedy, proposing that the two nations co-operate on their space program. The first joint venture doesn’t take place until 1975.

Friday, February 23, 1962

17a main_900
Astronaut John Glenn and President John Kennedy inspect the Friendship 7, the Mercury capsule that Glenn rode in orbit. Kennedy gives the Distinguished Service Medal to Glenn at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
JFK and John Glenn at Cape Canaveral Florida after his historic flight.

Tuesday, February 27, 1962

After getting word that U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy is preparing to fire him from his job as Director of the FBI. Hoover requests a meeting with RFK and brings his secret dossier.

19 hoover and bobby.jpg
J. Edgar Hoover gives the Attorney General a memorandum of an FBI investigation of Judith Campbell and Sam Giancana noting that she also makes phone calls to the private line of Robert’s brother, U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Hoover remains FBI Director until his death in 1972

Wednesday, February 28, 1962

A group of 15 American Jupiter missiles, with nuclear warheads, become operational at the Izmir U.S. Air Force Base at Çiğli, within range to strike the Soviet Union 1,000 miles away. The presence of American nuclear missiles in a nation bordering the U.S.S.R. will become an issue during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when Soviet nuclear missiles are brought to Cuba, within striking distance of the United States. The missiles will be withdrawn from both Turkey and Cuba following the crisis.

20 MissileTurkeyVining.jpg
Jupiter missile site near Izmir U.S. Air Force Base in Cigli Turkey


Thursday, March 1, 1962

The largest ticker-tape parade in history takes place in New York City as well wishers turn out to cheer American astronaut John Glenn. The city sanitation department collects 3,474 tons of paper afterward, compared to an average of 50 tons for other parades in the 21st century


John Glenn N.Y Parade.jpg
John Glenn’s New York ticker tape parade is the largest in history.

Friday, March 2, 1962

In a nationally broadcast address, President Kennedy announces that the United States would resume atmospheric nuclear testing within six weeks unless the Soviet Union ceases aboveground testing. Kennedy is pursuing a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. The U.S. will resume atmospheric testing on April 25 after the U.S.S.R. continues. A limited test ban treaty will be signed on July 25, 1963.

21 JFK-March-2-1962
President John F. Kennedy addresses members of the 1962 Mardi Gras Royal Court and guests in the Rose Garden of the White House. Mardi Gras King and Queen, Voris King and Rebekah Jo Hannie, stand at left (over President Kennedy’s shoulder).

Saturday, March 3, 1962

Bobby Baker visits JFK in the White House. He is keeping Kennedy informed about all the new girls that are now working at his Quorum Club.

22 Bobby Baker with JFK.jpg
girls from the quorum club
Bobby Baker makes sure that JFK meets and has sex with the very attractive girls from the Quorum Club in Washington.

Thursday, March 8, 1962

Jackie and her sister Lee leave for a visit to Pakistan and India. They will return on March 29. While the cat is away, JFK will play.

22a Lee Radizwell and Jackie in Pakistan.jpg
Lee Radziwell and Jackie Kennedy wearing a pink Oleg Cassini dress is on top of a camel during their tour of Pakistan.

Saturday, March 10, 1962

While visiting his father in West Palm Beach, JFK and William Thompson go to a Fund Raising dinner at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

23 JFK at Fundraiser in Miami Beach.jpg
At the Fontainebleau, Kennedy meets up with Judith Campbell. They spend little time catching up on the gossip about Frank Sinatra and Sam Giancana. Kennedy’s erection comes first.

Sunday, March 11, 1962

Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady of the United States, has a 33-minute long audience with Pope John XXIII in Rome, one of the longest private audiences ever granted by the Pope. She leaves that evening for the visit to India with her sister.

24 Jackie with Pope John XXII.jpg
Jackie stops off in Rome for an audience with Pope John XXII before leaving for India


Back in Miami, JFK attends St. Joseph’s Church with Dave Powers. He later visits the home of Ambassador E. T Smith where he takes an afternoon swim with the ambassador’s wife Flo Pritchett Smith. Sex in the pool for old times sake while the ambassador is out of town is the order of the day.

25 Flo Smith.jpg
JFK and old time fling Flo Pritchett Smith still get it on in her Palm Beach swimming pool while Jackie visits with the Pope in Italy.

Monday, March 12, 1962

Cuba begins the rationing of rice, beans, and lard throughout the nation, and of beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and milk in Havana. They introduce the “libreta”, literally the “little book”, of rationing coupons for families.

26 la Libreta.jpg
Every Cuban has to register with a local supply store where they use the Libreta rationing book for food.

Friday, March 15, 1962

Jackie and her sister Lee leave visit India.

27 Jacqueline-Kennedy-At-Taj-Mahal-March-15-1962.jpg
Jacqueline Kennedy takes in the Taj Mahal during her visit to India.

“Fiddle & Faddle”

Sunday, March 18, 1962

First Lady Jackie Kennedy arrives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India during her trip to the nations of India and Pakistan.

28 Pakistan March 18 1962.jpg

JFK meets two of the White House secretaries in the pool for pool sex. They are Fiddle & Faddle- (Priscilla Wear & – Jill Cowan) Jackie’s Press Secretaries


29 JFK-fiddle and faddle.jpg
Priscilla Wear (Fiddle, 21), on left, and Jill Cowen (Faddle, 23), on right, are two of JFKs favorite female assistants. Neither do much work; basically they are hired for sex. They are both well endowed and swim with JFK in the pool. They wear only white t-shirts that came to their waists showing little hard nipples. When Jackie is away from the White House, Jack indulges in lunchtime skinny-dipping with Fiddle and Faddle


Kennedy always has girls: there are girlfriends and comfort girls; call girls and showgirls; girls on the campaign trail and girls who seem to appear out of thin air wherever he is. He brings along White House secretaries on his trips so there is always a willing sex partner on hand. His liking for prostitutes demoralizes the agents who protect him.

His inter circle of women are regularly packed along on official trips, apparently so that the president can always get laid if there is any trouble scaring up local talent. They are the sex-dolls of JFK’s foreign diplomacy, their willing faces just out of frame in Berlin, Rome, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nassau, to say nothing of their extensive domestic travel to places like Palm Beach and Hyannis Port.

Jackie is not in the dark about any of this. She once gives a tour of the White House to a Paris Match reporter and, when passing Priscilla Wear’s desk, remarks in French, “This is the girl who is sleeping with my husband.”

Monday, March 19, 1962

JFK meets Marguerite Higgins at the White House. Their quick sex round comes to an early climax as JFK finishes first.

30 marguerite higgins.jpg
Marguerite Higgins periodically meets JFK at the White House. She is well versed in the art of quick sex
31 Jackie-Kennedy-In-India-March-19-1962
Jackie feeds a horse in India while her husband is entertaining Marguerite Higgins

Thursday, March 22, 1962

J. Edgar Hoover is in a luncheon meeting with Kennedy at the White House to tell him that he is aware of his extramarital affair with Judith Campbell. He goes on to tell JFK that the FBI’s investigation and a wiretap of the Mafia, exposes Judith Campbell’s ties to Johnny Roselli, Sam Giancan and Frank Sintara. In addition, Hoover says, Campbell makes calls to the White House and speaks frequently with the President’s secretary Evelyn Lincoln.

32 JFK meets Hoover about Campbell.jpg


Edgar Hoover warns Kennedy about Campbell and San Giancana. A Hoover warning is really a Hoover threat and JFK takes note.

Hoover doesn’t know that Campbell is seeing Giancana and Roselli at JFK’s request; Hoover warns Kennedy of the potential damage to his image if word gets out.

A couple of hours after Hoover’s visit, JFK calls Judith Campbell and tells her to go to her mothers house and call him from there. When she does, he tells her the FBI has her phone tapped. He tells Campbell that Hoover knows everything about the courier service she is providing between himself and Sam Giancana.

After the call, Campbell terminates the relationship. The affair would not become public knowledge until Congressional hearings are held in 1975.

Friday, March 23, 1962

JFK travels from Washington to Los Angeles to Berkley University and makes an address at the stadium then moves on to Vandenberg Air Force Base.

33 kennedy-vandenburg.jpg
JFK visits Vandenberg Air Force Base to view the firing of an Atlas Rocket.

At the end of the day he goes to Palm Springs and stays at the Bing Crosby residence.
He is going to have a date that Frank Sinatra sets up with Marilyn Monroe, the most famous sex symbol in Hollywood.

34 Marilyn Monroe.jpg
JFK gets hooked up with Marilyn Monroe while in Palm Springs. Frank Sinatra sets up the meeting.
34a Sinatra and Monroe at the Cal Neva.jpg
Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe at the Cal Neva Lodge in Nevada.

Saturday, March 24, 1962

While in Nevada, Kennedy stops to see his White House predecessor, Indian Wells resident Dwight Eisenhower,

35 JFK and Ike.jpg
JFK visits with Dwight Eisenhower to discuss the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba, which had failed so terribly 11 months earlier, in April 1961.

Jack Kennedy, in a telephone conversation, invites Marilyn Monroe to Palm Springs where, he adds, his wife will not be joining him. They spend a weekend shacked up at Bing Crosby’s home in the desert town.

36 JFK and MarilynM.jpg
JFK and Marilyn Monroe spend the weekend together at Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Springs.

The following day, JFK returns to Washington, DC. At 7:30pm that evening, Kennedy’s pool sex partner is Pam Turnure.

36a Pam Turnure.jpg
Pam Turnure is one of the White House press secretaries that JFK readily turns to for pool sex while Jackie is out of town.

Thursday, March 29, 1962

JFK takes advantage of his last swim in the Nooky Room pool at 1:00pm with Pam Turnure. Jackie will be arriving later on in the evening so he wants to get this last fix in before she arrives.

37 PamTurnure.jpg
Dave Powers calls ahead to make sure Pam Turnure is waiting in “ The Nooky Room”.
38 Jackie and sister in Pakistan.jpg
Jackie and her sister princes Radizwell arrives in Washington from her trip to Pakistan at 7:30pm.

Thursday, April 5, 1962

A federal grand jury indicts Billie Sol Estes, a major supporter of U.S. Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, along with three of Estes’s assistants, for charges of conspiracy defraud $24,000,000 from investors.

lbj and billie sol
Billie Sol Estes visits LBJ in the hospital after Johnson’s heart attack.

Saturday, April 7, 1962

A five-man military tribunal in Cuba convicts the 1,179 surviving attackers of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of an attempt to overthrow the government a year earlier, with a sentence of 30 years in prison for each prisoner. The tribunal levies “fines” totaling $62 million for the release of the prisoners. The United States negotiates release of the men by year’s end with the delivery of $53,000,000 worth of medicine and food.

40 Trial of 1179 Cubans.jpg
Cuban Bay of Pigs survivors go on trial in Havana’s military tribunal.

Monday, April 9, 1962

Kennedy arrives at Griffith Stadium to attend the opening game of the baseball season.

41 kennedy-1962.jpg
Kennedy throws the first pitch of the 1962 baseball season.

Tuesday, April 10, 1962

JFK meets with Dr.Miro Cardona of the Cuban Revolution Council at the White House. JFK wants the anti-Castro groups to help bring an end to Fidel Castro.

42 JFK with Dr. Miro.jpg
(L-R) Dr. Miro Cardon, JFK, and Jackie Kennedy during visit with the President.

Friday, April 13, 1962

JFK receives the Shah of Iran in Washington then takes time to inspect the Atlantic Fleet

43 SHA with JFK and McNamara 4-13-62 copy.jpg
Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, having a meeting with President Kennedy and Robert McNamara.
43a JFK on board USS Thomas Edison.jpg
President John F. Kennedy looks through the periscope of ballistic missile submarine, USS Thomas A. Edison, during his visit to the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Naval Aide to the President Captain Tazewell Shepard, Jr. stands at right.

Saturday, April 21, 1962

The Cal-Neva Lodge, Lake Tahoe: JFK, Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Marilyn Monroe, JFK and two other men are in the middle of a wild, drunken party.

44 JFK with Marilyn Monroe.jpg
Keeping the lid on the Marilyn Monroe and Jack Kennedy affair is creating havoc with the Secret Service and the FBI

Sunday, April 29, 1962

JFK and Jackie host a luncheon for the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

45 JFK-Jackie-Kennedy-And-Harold-Macmillan-April-29-1962.jpg
Prime Minister Harold Macmillan of Great Britain and President John F. Kennedy
stand in front of the White House after a luncheon in honor of the Prime Minister.
(L-R) Prime Minister Macmillan; President Kennedy; David Ormsby-Gore,
Ambassador to the United States from Great Britain; First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy; the Ambassador’s wife, Sylvia Thomas Ormsby-Gore

Later that evening, in one of the largest White House state dinners in modern times, the President and Mrs. Kennedy host 173 scientists, educators and writers, including 49 Nobel Prize laureates from the Western Hemisphere.

46 JFK Nobel Prize.jpg
JFK and Jackie host a White House dinner for 49 Nobel Prize laureates.

President Kennedy makes his famous remark.

“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge ever gathered at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”..JFK

Friday, May 4, 1962

JFK travels from Washington to New Orleans where he meets with Dr. Alton Oschner, President of International House. Dr. Oschner is working with Dr. Mary Sherman developing a fast acting cancer. This is just one of the CIA financed programs to kill Castro.

47 Dr. Oschner and Mary Sherman.jpg
JFK visits Dr. Alton Oschner (L) while in New Orleans. Dr. Mary Sherman (R) is the lead researcher in fast acting cancer for the CIA.

The following year, Dr. Mary Sherman will have David Ferrie helping her prepare medical slides from cancer-infected rodents. David Ferrie”s assistant in the work is Lee Harvey Oswald.

48 Ferrie and Oswald.jpg
(L-R) David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald worked as assistants on Dr. Mary Sherman Fast Acting Cancer Project in New Orleans.

From New Orleans, Kennedy flies to Eglin AF Base for a military demonstration then afterwards he goes on to West Palm Beach to visit his father.

48a JFK demonstration of fire power.jpg
JFK reviews a Manned Weapons Firepower Demonstration at Eglin Air Force Base.

Monday, May 7, 1962

Three officials of the Central Intelligence Agency met with U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and beg him to stop the investigation of Mafia crime boss Sam Giancana. For the first time, the CIA reveals that it has offered $150,000 to several organized criminals to carry out a “hit” against Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The secret meeting will become public in 1975, with the release of the Rockefeller Commission’s report on an investigation of the CIA.

Tuesday, May 8, 1962

49 JFK-In-Atlantic-City-New-Jersey-May-8-1962.jpg
President Kennedy delivers a speech at the United Auto Workers Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Wednesday, May 9, 1962

At the request of the U.S. Department of State, the Immigration and Naturalization Service agrees to issue a United States visa to Marina Oswald so that her husband Lee Harvey Oswald can return to the U.S.

50 Oswald Passport.jpeg
Lee Harvey Oswald and Marinia are issued a U.S. Passport to return to the U.S. from Russia.

Saturday, May 12, 1962

51 JFK at JeffersonJackson Day.jpg
JFK flies from Washington D.C. to Milwaukee for the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.

Kennedy goes to Mass on Sunday, and then travels to the Glen Ora farm arriving at 1pm to spend time with the family.

Monday, May 14, 1962

JFK makes a telephone call to Fontainebleau hotel. He speaks to Bill Thompson from the White House who then meets with Sam Giancana. Kennedy wants to know when will there be hit on Castro. Giancana wants to know when will Bobby Kennedy call off the dogs on the Mafia.

51a Fontainbleau JFK and Giancana.jpg
JFK and Sam Giancana plan for the assassination of Fidel Castro. The Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami plays an important role in the planning.

Thursday, May 17, 1962

52 JFK-Jackie-LBJ-Caroline-May-17-1962.jpg
Caroline Kennedy is presented with a new pony (named Tex) as a gift from Vice President Lyndon Johnson

Friday, May 18, 1962

JFK is in New York to attend several pre birthday functions for him in the city. In a suite at the Carlyle Hotel, JFK receives a methamphetamine shot from Dr. Feelgood. He is so high from the drug that he strips off his clothing and begins dancing around his hotel suite. His bodyguards watch in disbelief as he leaves his room and runs up and down the halls naked knocking on doors. He is feeling so free of pain that he almost wants to perform gymnastic stunts in the hallway. The Secret Service agents have to tackle him and calm him down and put him back into his suite.

52a Carlyle Guests.jpg
JFK keeps a suite at the Carlyle hotel where he takes not only Jackie on some weekends but Marilyn Monroe to celebrate his birthday. Dr. Max “Feelgood” Jacobson injects not only JFK but Jackie as well with his magic elixir.

The Secret Service immediately calls one of New York’s top psychiatrists, who recognize Kennedy’s “drug-induced mania” and administers an antipsychotic drug that stops the episode.
Jacobson is believed to have given Kennedy too high a dose, causing his perverse acts. Robert Kennedy has the Dr.. Feelgood formula tested by the FBI and when told that the elixir contains 28 mg of methamphetamine, monkey gonads, sheep sperm, human placenta, steroids and some vitamin E, he tells his brother JFK. Jacks response is,

“ I don’t care if it is made with horse piss, it makes me feel good.

Despite this disturbing behavior, and objections from Robert Kennedy, his relationship with Jacobson is unchanged.

Happy Birthday Mr. President…..Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday, May 19, 1962

Marilyn Monroe makes her last significant public appearance, singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” at a birthday party for President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden.

52b jflk.jpg
Jackie not wanting to confront Monroe chooses not to attend.

The event is part of a fundraiser to pay off the Democratic Party’s four million-dollar debt remaining from Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign. President Kennedy thanks her afterward, joking,

“I can now retire from politics after having ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way…JFK

53 Happy Birthday Mr. President.jpg
Marilyn Monroe is stitched into a $12,000 dress “made of nothing but beads” and wears nothing underneath as she appears at the request of Peter Lawford and sings “Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Kennedy and Monroe spend the evening in Kennedy’s suite at New York’s Carlyle Hotel later on that night. According to Secret Service agents, Kennedy has sex with Marilyn Monroe at New York hotels not to mention the loft above the Justice Department office of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, the president’s brother. Between the fifth and sixth floors, the loft contains a double bed that is used when the attorney general needs to stay overnight to handle crises. Its proximity to a private elevator makes it easy for Kennedy and Monroe to enter from the Justice Department basement without being noticed. The Secret Service is aware of this hidden apartment.

53a Monroe.jpg
Later at the Carlyle, an aide, Peter Summers, witnesses Kennedy exit the same shower with Monroe and hears Monroe call him ‘Tank.’ Rumors of the affair between the two run rampant in the print media after the event.
54 mkl.jpg
After the“Happy Birthday Mr. President” fiasco, JFK pushes Marilyn Monroe off on his brother Robert who becomes involved with her where JFK left off.

From now on, Jackie Kennedy only comes to the White House for official visits and functions. If JFK wants to see the family he will have to travel to meet up with them at the family farm or family residences in Hyannis Port or Palm Beach, Florida.

Sunday, May 20, 1962

55 JFK-In-New-York-May-20-1962.jpg
President Kennedy delivers his “Health Care” speech at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Monday, May 21, 1962

Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev accepts the recommendation from his Defense Council, to place nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Tuesday, May 22, 1962

56 JFK-And-Jackie-Kennedy-May-22-1962
JFK and Jackie getting ready to board the White House Helicopter. They are going to meet and greet the arrival of the President of the Ivory Coast.

Friday, May 25, 1962

Marilyn Monroe desperately wants more of JFK and sees herself as Second First Lady material, even calling Jackie and telling her about the affair. Jackie, no stranger to her husband’s infidelities, responds,

“Marilyn, you’ll marry Jack, that’s great . . . and you’ll move into the White House and you’ll assume the responsibilities of first lady, and I’ll move out and you’ll have all the fucking problems.” …. Jacqueline Kennedy

56a marilyn-monroe copy.jpg
Marilyn Monroe see’s herself as First Lady material.

June of 1962 …commencement time for the president.

Friday, June 1, 1962

Mimi Beardsley, a pretty 19-year-old freshman at Wheaton College, starts her internship in the White House press office. Just 3 days into her job, Mimi Beasley meets JFK for the fist time. Just by accident they cross paths in the White House on her third day on the job.  JFK acknowledges her with a “ hi …how are you?” Not knowing what to say as he passes, she looks down at the floor saying hi and keeps to herself.

She is four days on the job when her affair with the president begins (he would be the first person she ever sleeps with). Her first sexual experience is on the bed in Jackie’s Blue bedroom with the President of the United States.

President Kennedy’s special assistant, Dave Powers, during the day, asks Beardsley if she would like to join a group in the residence’s swimming pool, (It didn’t matter that she doesn’t have a swim suit, there are plenty available to choose from.) Confused after diving into the pool with two other young, female secretaries, Alford is taken a back when the commander in chief himself walks in a short time later.

“Mind if I join you,” the president says before he heads to the dressing room, emerging a short time later in his swim trunks. Mimi notes that, “He is in remarkably good shape for a forty-five year old man with a flat stomach and toned arms.”

57 mimi beardsley 19.jpeg
Just four days on the job and Mimi Beardsley is swimming in the White House pool with the President of the United States.

While treading water JFK says.” It’s Mimi, isn’t it?” Mimi answers. “Yes sir.” Kennedy then asks,” And you’re in the press office this summer, right?” “Yes, sir, I am,” she replies.

Later that same day, Alford is back at her desk when Dave Powers calls again, this time wondering if she would be interested in an informal get-together “upstairs.” for the new-staffers cocktail party. Dave Powers escorts her up to the apartment upstairs, where she fools around with a couple of other office girls, drinking daiquiris, nibbling cheese puffs, and waiting for the president. Upon JFK’s arrival, the partygoers’ leap formally to their feet to meet the President. Moments later, JFK invites Mimi on a private tour of the White House. She eagerly agrees, and before she knows it they are standing alone together at the open door to Jackie’s bedroom.

58 JFK and Mimi.jpg
JFK corners Mimi in Jackie’s bedroom the springs the trap


She notices that he’s moving closer and closer. She could feel his breath on her neck. He put his hand on her shoulder, she tells. The next thing she knows, he is standing above her, looking directly into her eyes and guiding her to the edge of the bed. Slowly, he unbuttons the top of her shirtdress and touches her breasts. Then he reaches up between her legs and starts to pull off her under wear. She finishes unbuttoning her shirtdress and lets it fall off her shoulders.”

Kennedy pulls down his pants but with his shirt still on, hovers above her on the bed.
He smells of cologne, 4711. JFK pauses when he notices her struggling. “Haven’t you done this before?” he asks. “No,” she says. “Are you OK?” he asks. “Yes,” she says.

So he keeps going, this time a little more gently. And then he drills her, a virgin, a Wheaton sophomore right there in Jackie’s bed, the one with the horsehair mattress and the stiff board to take care of his bad back.

59 Kennedy-First-Lady-Bedroom.jpg
After he finishes, he pulls up his pants and smiles at her and points her to the bathroom.

When she finishes, he is outside in the West Sitting Hall, where their evening had begun.

“I was in shock,” Mimi later writes. “He, on the other hand, was matter-of-fact, and acted as if what had just occurred is the most natural thing in the world.”

“Would you like something to eat?” he asks. “The kitchen’s right here.”
“No, thank you, Mr. President.”

He calls a car to come pick her up and take her home. On the ride home, it keeps echoing in her head: I’m not a virgin anymore.

But she isn’t discarded; she is worked into the rotation with other girls in the White House secretarial pool mainly Priscilla Wear and Jill Cowen ( Fiddle & Faddle). She now has a chip in the big game with the President of the United States.

60a jfk and mimi.jpg
Almost immediately, JFK and Mimi Beardsley will begin an affair that will continue until just a few days before he’s assassinated.

Wednesday, June 6, 1962

President John F. Kennedy gives the commencement address at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

60b jfk-at-westpoint-62-1.jpg
JFK inspects the cadets at West Point before the commencement address.

Afterwards, JFK is in the White House “Nooky Room” pool with Pam Turnure by 7:30pm.

Sunday, June 10, 1962

Operation Anadyr is underway to place Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. It is approved unanimously by the Presidium of the Soviet Union on the recommendation of Defense Minister Rodion Malinovsky and Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev. Under the plan, 24 medium-range nuclear missiles and 16 intermediate-range missiles are to be placed in Cuba, and a total of 50,874 Soviet military personnel are to be placed on the island to defend against an invasion

60c soviet-operation-anadyr-ii.jpg
Operation Anadyr is the code name used by the Soviet Union for its Cold War secret operation in 1962 of deploying ballistic missiles, medium-range bombers, and a division of mechanized infantry to Cuba to create an army group that will be able to prevent an invasion of the island by United States forces.

Kennedy rendezvous with Mary Meyers at the Carlyle Hotel for a quickie then back to the White House.

60d kennedy leaving the Carlyle.jpg
JFK’s Carlyle Hotel suite is used for many special encounters.

Monday, June 11, 1962

President John F. Kennedy gives the commencement address at Yale University and afterwards goes to the White House to meet baseball great Stan Musial.

61 JFK-And-Stan-Musial-July-11-1962.jpg
JFK and Stan Musial

Tuesday, June 12, 1962

The mother of 15-year-old William Jefferson Blythe files a petition to change her son’s name, at his request, to that of her recently divorced husband. Afterward, Blythe would be known as Bill Clinton and would become President of the United States under that name in 1993.

61a Clinton meets JFK.jpg
On July 24, 1963, Bill Clinton shakes hands with President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden of the White House. Clinton is a 16-year-old attending the American Legion Boys Nation program. Clinton says it is that handshake that inspires his life of public service. Nearly 30 years later, in January of 1993, Bill Clinton is sworn in as the 42nd president.

After a 7:00pm swim in the White House Pool, JFK and Mimi Beardsley disappear into the President’s bedroom. Jackie and the children are at the farm in Virginia

61b hqdefault.jpg
JFK and Mimi Beardsley during midweek have sex in the White House pool when Jackie is at the farm in Virginia.

When Jackie is not in town, Kennedy is romantic by sharing a late-night dinner with Mimi at the White House. He puts love songs on the record player.

JFK schools Mimi in the art of fellatio, then reminds her that the best way to take away a man’s stress is to give him a good blowjob.

Wednesday, June 13, 1962

Lee Harvey Oswald arrives back in the United States on the Dutch cruise ship S.S. Maasdam, after more than two years away in Russia. Oswald, who will be accused of killing JFK less than 18 months later, brings with him his wife and daughter. Mr. Spas T. Rankin of the Travelers Aid Society of New York greets the family on arrival in New York.

61c rijndam-shipsml.jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald travels from Russia to the US on board the Dutch cruise ship S.S. Maasdam.

Thursday, June 13, 1962

Kennedy begins the day with breakfast with Dean Rusk, McGeorge Bundy Ted Sorensen. And Robert McNamera,

62 JFK with McNamara 6-1962.jpg
President Kennedy with Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara discussing the situation in Berlin and Cuba.

After meeting with Nigerian Parliamentarians JFK manages to meet three of the White House secretaries in the White House Pool for a quick threesome. Jill Cowen, Priscilla Wear and Mimi Beardsley.

62a The pool threesome.jpg