Infidelities that never seem to stop…especially with Ellen Rometsch

Looming Impeachment

A Life Cut Short in Dallas

It’s the beginning of a new year, and JFK is looking forward to a much better year than 1962. He barely survived both the Berlin and Cuban Crises. He was outfoxed by Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro. He’s still married to Jackie, but just barely. But it’s not all bad. He still maintains a healthy stock of young and willing women to have sex with, which appears to be the most important thing in the world to JFK.

0 crisis.jpg

The first two years of the JFK presidency has its share of close encounters with not only the Russians and Cubans but with his stable of women, including his wife, Jackie.

The Kennedy family spends the holidays in sunny Florida.

Tuesday, January 1, 1963

On New Year’s day, JFK is still on his Christmas vacation in Florida, and there’s no better way to bring in the New Year than go to a college football bowl game. He goes to the Orange Bowl.

1 Orange Bowl JFK coin toss.jpg

President Kennedy tosses the coin to start the Miami Orange Bowl on January 1, 1963.

2 JFK-Attends-Orange-Bowl-Football-Game-In-Miami-Florida-January-1-1963.jpg
JFK attends the Orange Bowl football game in Miami, Florida, on January 1, 1963.

In the Orange Bowl, JFK watches Joe Namath take the Alabama Crimson Tide to a 17-0 win over the Oklahoma Sooners.

3 Joe Namath with Bear Bryant.jpg
Alabama quarterback Joe Namath receives a touchdown play from coach Paul “Bear”Bryant.

Wednesday, January 2, 1963

JFK and family spend their vacation time playing golf and cruising on the presidential yacht Honey Fitz, but troubling news will arrive before they return to Washington on January 8.

4 JFK-And-Jackie-Aboard-The-Honey-Fitz-January-2-1963.jpg

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy sail aboard the presidential yacht Honey Fitz off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. Also on board: Princess Lee Radziwill, sister of the First Lady; Gianni Agnelli, heir of the Fiat car company; Marella Agnelli, Italian socialite.

Monday, January 7, 1963

Before the Christmas vacation ends, JFK will receive news of a major setback in Vietnam.

5 JFK-In-Palm-Beach-Florida-January-7-1963

President John F. Kennedy in Palm Beach, Florida, January 7, 1963.

The Battle of Ap Bac takes place while JFK is in Florida on Vacation. This is the first defeat for the U.S. backed South Vietnam forces. The battle results in heavy casualties for the South Vietnamese troops who have American assistance and planning. This battle reveals the poor performance in both fighting ability and spirit of the South Vietnamese compared to their rival, the Viet Cong.

6 battle-of-ap-bac.jpeg
The Viet Cong win their first major victory in the Battle of Ap Bac.

Tuesday, January 8, 1963

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is exhibited in the United States for the first time, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The famous painting’s visit to the U.S. is the result of Jackie Kennedy’s performance in Paris during JFK’s visit with Prime Minister Charles De Gaulle the previous year.

7 Jackie with Mona Lisa.jpeg
(L-R) French Minister of Culture Andre Malraux, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, JFK, and Mrs. Malraux attend the unveiling of the Mona Lisa at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, February 7, 1963

JFK hosts the Presidential Prayer Breakfast at the Mayflower Hotel along with the Reverend Billy Graham. Mary Meyer, one of JFK’s former girlfriends, is his unofficial invited guest awaiting him in his suite for some sexual pleasure.

8 billy grahm wit jfk.jpg

The Reverend Billy Graham seated alongside JFK at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 1963.

The Ellen Rometsch Affair

Friday, February 8, 1963

Travel, financial and commercial transactions by United States citizens to Cuba are made illegal by the John F. Kennedy Administration. All financial transactions between the U.S. and Cuba cease at this time. The CIA’s domestic operations division is created, and now the government can spy on U.S. citizens as part of their overreach.

It’s about this same time that JFK becomes involved with Ellen Rometsch, a 27 year old East German beauty who turns out to be a communist spy.

9 Rometsch and JFK copy.jpg
Bobby Baker introduces JFK to Ellen Rometsch, a party girl from the Quorum Club who turns out to be a communist spy.

Bill Thompson, is a railroad lobbyist and an intimate friend of President Kennedy, Thompson is a wealthy bachelor and is privy to many of the secrets of Kennedy’s love life. Thompson discovers Rometsch at the Quorum Club and asks Baker about her. Baker tells him, “She’s a very lovely party girl who always wears beautiful clothes. She has good manners, and she is very accommodating. She is a real joy to be with,” says Baker.

According to Baker, he often arranges for women to meet politicians, including Kennedy. Baker says Kennedy likes sharing the details of his conquests and comes off as something of a boyish showoff.

Kennedy sends back word, “Rometsch was the best sex I ever had in my life.”

That is not the only time they are together. She sees him on other occasions that go on for a while in the White House. Baker then tells Lyndon B. Johnson about Kennedy’s relationship with Rometsch. Details of the affair reach J. Edgar Hoover who waits, watches and takes notes.

9a baker1-superJumbo.jpg

Bobby Baker tells LBJ about JFK’s affair with Rometsch.  J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, also is aware of it.

Working in a call-girl ring out of the Quorum Club, Ellen attends naked pool parties at the White House in the spring of 1963. To the dismay of the Secret Service, Ellen goes to the White House on more than one occasion, even though she has not been cleared by the Secret Service. She is not even searched before she enters. It is a terrible breach of security, but JFK is so hot for Ellen that he throws caution to the wind.

At this point, Hoover has the goods on not only JFK but also a number of other important congressmen and politicians in the inner circle of Washington movers and shakers. The Kennedy presidency at this time is on the verge of collapsing from his reckless sex dalliances.

Friday, March 8, 1963

The Kennedys have their sixth and what would be their final dinner dance at the White House on Friday, March 8, 1963. Although Kennedy appears to be in a “lighthearted mood” at the dance, something goes awry with Mary Meyer that night.

Mary’s date is Blair Clark, JFK’s old friend from Harvard. At some point in the evening, Mary simply disappears for a half an hour in one of the upstairs bedrooms with JFK, and then she goes walking out in the snow. Whether Kennedy tries to break it off with Meyer that night is unknown.

At dinner, Jackie startles Adlai Stevenson, her dinner partner, by confiding that she and her sister, Lee, “always talk about divorce as something to look forward to.” Jackie also tells Stevenson “I first loved you,” when she and Stevenson met back in Illinois just after she married Jack.

“I don’t care how many girls Jack sleeps with as long as I know he knows it’s wrong, and I think he does now. Anyway, that’s all over, for the present.” –Jacqueline Kennedy

9b the JFH Harem
It’s now public knowledge that Jackie wants out of the JFK harem.

Monday, March 18, 1963

In the case of Gideon V. Wainwright, The Supreme Court of the United States rules that state courts are required to provide counsel in criminal cases for defendants who cannot afford to pay their own attorneys.

A wiretap on Carlos Marcello’s phone in New Orleans reveals an assassination plot against JFK.

FBI director J.Edgar Hoover does not contact the Secret Service nor the President about the Marcello conversation. However, Hoover does confer with his good friend and next door neighbor, Vice President Lyndon Johnson. They both conclude that it’s just mobster B.S., because the conversation is about a “cunt” as the hit man.

JFK goes to Costa Rica without Jackie for a meeting of Central American Presidents. He takes Fiddle and Faddle along to have extra sex while he’s away from the White House. Of course, the American taxpayers pick up the tab for this and other JFK dalliances. But he’s used to having whatever he wants, regardless of the cost. After all, it’s not coming out of his pocket.

9d fiddle-faddle.jpg

(L) Priscilla Wear (Fiddle), 21, and Jill Cowen (Faddle), 23, were two of JFK’s favorite female assistants. Neither did much work. Basically, they were hired for JFK’s pleasure.

Saturday, March 23, 1963

JFK is in Chicago for the dedication at O’hare Airport. He makes a speech at the Conrad Hilton Hotel and is back in Camp David by 7 p.m. that same evening. He spends Sunday the 24th at Camp David.

Pamela Turnure is there to help him with extra presidential activities and pleasures.

Wednesday, March 27, 1963

JFK and Jackie host a dinner for King Hassan II in the White House.

9e jfk and king haasan.jpg
JFK dinner party for King Hassan II in the White House.

Sunday, March 31, 1963

10 JFK-And-JFK-Jr-At-Camp-David-March-31-1963.jpg

JFK, and JFK, Jr., at Camp David in Maryland. Jackie is in the background, March 31, 1963.

Monday, April 1, 1963

JFK takes time out to be with his children on the back lawn of the the White House.

11 Kennedy_Kids_On_White_House_Lawn.jpg

April Fool’s party at the White House. The Kennedy children in the most famous back yard in America, April 1, 1963.

Thursday, April 4, 1963

12 JFK-Jr-Drinks-Coke-With-Jackie-Kennedy-In-Background-April-4-1963.jpg

JFK, Jr., drinks a Coke on the South Lawn of the White House on April 4, 1963. Jackie Kennedy, in her bare feet, is in the background.

Monday, April 8, 1963

The 35th Academy Awards ceremony is held in Los Angeles.

12a Lawrence of Arabia.jpg
Lawrence of Arabia wins Best Picture and stars Peter O’Toole.

Wednesday, April 10, 1963

12b USS_Thresher_(SSN-593).jpg

The U.S. nuclear submarine Thresher sinks 220 mi east of Cape Cod, all 129 aboard die.

Friday, April 12, 1963

12c mlk and ray abrnathy.jpg

Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Fred Shuttlesworth and others are arrested in a Birmingham, Alabama protest for “parading without a permit.”

Saturday, April 13, 1963

13 JFK-Jackie-Caroline-Easter-Celebration-In-Palm-Beach-April-13-1963.jpg

JFK, Jackie, and daughter Caroline are captured in this candid picture taken in Palm Beach, Florida, April 13, 1963. Jacqueline Kennedy is lighting up a cigarette.

Sunday, April 14, 1963

14 First-Family-After-Easter-Services-In-Palm-Beach-Florida-April-14-1963.jpg

The First Family poses for a picture after attending Easter services in Palm Beach, Florida, April 14, 1963.

Tuesday, May 2, 1963

Thousands of black people, many of them children, are arrested while protesting segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. Public Safety Commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor later unleashes fire hoses and police dogs on the demonstrators.

14a police dogs and fire hoses.jpg
Birmingham erupts into chaos as battle for civil rights explodes in the south.

Saturday, March 23, 1963

Fidel Castro visits the Soviet Union asking for financial assistance for his impoverished Cuba.

14b Fidel visit russia in 1963.jpg
Fidel seeks financial aid from the Soviets.

Wednesday, May 29, 1963

Jackie arranges a dinner cruise on the Potomac with two dozen guests aboard the Sequoia. Friends and family included Bobby and Ethel Kennedy, Sarge and Eunice Shriver, the Bartletts, the Bradlees, and Mary Meyer, as well as British actor David Niven and his wife, Hjordis.

14c SS Sequoia.jpg

A three-piece band plays mostly twist music that Jackie keeps requesting for the dancers. “It was a wild party,” Tony Bradlee recalls “People shouting and laughing.” David Niven is “whispering in my ear all night, three sheets to the wind,” says Martha Bartlett. “I loved it!” Everyone is “more or less drenched,” Ben Bradlee recalls. Teddy Kennedy is “the wettest,” and during some “fairly strenuous Kennedy games,” he loses the entire left leg of his trousers—“ripped off at the crotch,” Niven recalls, “with white underpants on the port side flashing.”

14d jfk speaks at party.jpg

But it’s Jack himself who misbehaves in an especially reckless fashion. With Jackie nearby, not to mention Mary Meyer, he zeroes in on Tony Bradlee. “Oh, Jack, you know you always say that Tony is your ideal,” Jackie jokingly says “Yes, that’s true,” J.F.K. replies, pausing before adding, “You’re my ideal, Jacqueline.” Twice since then Kennedy urges Tony to join him on state visits to Europe at the end of June. Both times she refuses. Several hours into the birthday cruise, as Tony makes her way to the bathroom, she realizes Jack is following her. “He chases her all around the boat,” she recalls. “All laughing. I am running and laughing as he chases me. He caught up with me in the ladies’ room and made a pass. It was a pretty strenuous attack, not as if he pushes me down, but his hands wander. I said, “That’s it, so long.” Tony said Kennedy was not that drunk.

14e jfk opens gifts.jpeg

“The atmosphere probably influenced Jack’s chase,” she later recalls. “I guess I was pretty surprised, but I was kind of flattered, and appalled too.” Tony would eventually tell Ben, but not until much later. She never told Mary Meyer.

Monday, April 8, 1963

15 JFK-Throws-First-Pitch-Opening-Day-April-8-1963.jpg

President Kennedy lets fly with the ceremonial first pitch on opening day of the 1963 baseball season in Washington, D.C., April 8, 1963.

Thursday- Wednesday, April 11-17, 1963

JFK is in Palm Beach for Easter vacation. Jack visits his father Joe and cruises on the Honey Fitz. He returns to Washington on the 17th at 5:30pm. Jackie is not with him at this time. She stays at the farm in Glen Ora.

16 JFK-At-Palm-Beach-International-Airport-West-Palm-Beach-Florida-April-17-1963.jpg

The President prepares to board Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, April 17, 1963.

Saturday, April 20, 1963

17 JFK-Arrives-In-Boston-April-20-1963.jpg

JFK arrives at Logan International Airport in Boston, April 20, 1963.

Wednesday, April 24, 1963

JFK meets actor Cliff Robertson in the Oval Office.

17a JFKWHP-ST-C98-1-63.jpg

President John F. Kennedy visits with actor Cliff Robertson (right); Mr. Robertson portrayed then-Lieutenant John F. Kennedy in the film, “PT 109.”

Sunday, April 28, 1963

JFK and Jackie at Camp David.

17b jfk at camp david april28-1963 .jpg
JFK, John Jr, and Caroline riding Tex at Camp David.


Monday, April 29, 1963

JFK meets with Danny Thomas in the White House.

17c JFKWHP-ST-C123-1-63.jpg

President John F. Kennedy visits with comedian and philanthropist, Danny Thomas (right); they both hold Thomas’ Big Brother of the Year Award.

Tuesday, April 30, 1963

JFK and Jackie host a state dinner for the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

17d duchess of luxemburg.jpg
State dinner for the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg.

Wednesday, May 1, 1963

The Coca-Cola Company introduces its first diet drink, Tab cola.

17e tab.jpg
The Coca Cola Company introduces in 1963 its first diet drink. Tab is notably popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and several variations are made, including a number of fruit-flavored, root beer, and ginger ale versions.

Sunday, May 5, 1963

JFK goes to Camp David without Jackie. He brings along Pamela Turnure in case extra secretarial work is needed while he’s alone in bed.

Wednesday, May 8, 1963

18 JFK-Talks-On-Telephone-To-Harry-Truman-May-8-1963.jpg

President Kennedy talks on the telephone to Harry Truman on Truman’s 79th birthday, May 8, 1963.

Friday, May 10, 1963

JFK meets with J. Edgar Hoover at the White House at 10:30 am.

18a Hoover-JEdgar-LOC.jpg
J.Edgar Hoover keeps JFK under his thumb with his blackmail dossier on JFK’s girlfriends.

Saturday, April 11, 1963

Jackie meets up with JFK at Camp David.

18b jfk-weekend-at-camp-david.jpg

The Kennedy’s enjoy a visit to Camp David.

Sunday, May 12, 1963

JFK returns to the White House alone and makes a radio address concerning the race riots in Birmingham, Alabama.

18c President JFK1963.jpg
JFK addresses the nation concerning the race riots in Alabama.

Saturday, May 18, 1963

JFK goes to Nashville for the opening of the Cordell Hull Dam project on the Cumberland River.

19 JFK-Nashville-Tennessee-May-18-1963-1.jpg

During a Founder’s Day ceremony at Vanderbilt University, President John F. Kennedy presses a gold telegraph key that will remotely explode the first charge of dynamite at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ construction site of the Cordell Hull Dam on the Cumberland River in nearby Carthage, Tennessee. President Kennedy deliveres an address at the ceremony to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the university’s founding and the 30th anniversary of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Dudley Field, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, May 18, 1963.

He travels on to Alabama to visit the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville and then back to Camp David by 8:00 pm with Jackie along for the ride.

Thursday, May 23, 1963

JFK arrives at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC for a Democratic Fund Raising Dinner. He stays at the Carlyle Hotel that evening. Mimi Beardsley is waiting for his nooky call two floors down from his suite. She doesn’t have to wait long.

Saturday, May 25, 1963

JFK flies from the White House to Rattlesnake Mountain to meet up with Jackie then on to Camp David. The First Family then goes back to White House on Monday, May 27.

Thursday, May 30, 1963

Memorial Day festivities are arranged for JFK.

20 JFK-At-Arlington-National-Cemetery-May-30-1963.jpg

JFK visits Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, 1963.

The First Family then flies on to Camp David. Later that evening, JFK is back in the White House alone.

21 JFK-Plays-With-JFK-Jr-In-White-House-May-30-1963.jpg
Father and son in the White House (May 30, 1963).

Friday, May 31, 1963

22 JFK-Presents-NASA-Medal-To-Astronaut-Gordon-Cooper-May-21-1963---02.jpg

JFK presents the NASA Distinguished Service Medal to astronaut Gordon Cooper on May 21, 1963. Cooper has just orbited the Earth 22 times a few days earlier.

Tuesday, June 4, 1963

President John F. Kennedy signs Executive Order 11110, authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to issue silver certificates.

22a hqdefault.jpg
Executive Order 11110 amended Executive Order 10289 (dated September 17, 1951) by delegating to the Secretary of the Treasury the president’s authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, as amended by the Gold Reserve Act. The order allows the Secretary to issue silver certificates, if any are needed, during the transition period under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate Silver Certificates and use Federal Reserve Notes.
23 JFK-And-President-Of-India-In-Presidential-Limousine-At-White-House-June-4th-1963.jpg
JFK and the President of India are seen here at the White House just before departing for a motorcade on June 4, 1963.

Wednesday, June 5, 1963

JFK flies from DC to Colorado Springs to the Air Force Academy for graduation exercises, then tours NORAD. Afterwards he then flies to White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. He ends the day in El Paso and stays at the Cortez Hotel.

23a whitesands.jpg

JFK watches the firing of a Sargeant Missile during his tour of the White Sands Missile Range facilities.

Thursday, June 6, 1963

JFK flies from El Paso to San Diego where he inspects the USS Oriskany and the USS Kitty Hawk. He spends the night on the USS Kitty Hawk.

23b Aboard KittyHawk.jpg
JFK inspects the Pacific Fleet in San Diego.

Friday, June 7, 1963

JFK finishes the inspection of military installations and ends up at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles for a fund raising dinner with Jack Benny

23c JFK and Jack Benny.jpg
JFK and Jack Benny after the Beverly Hilton Fundraiser drop by a high school prom.

Saturday, June 8, 1963

JFK spends the Day at Peter Lawford’s beach house then leaves in the evening on a flight to Honolulu, arriving there the following morning.

24 JFK-In-Motorcade-In-Honolulu-Hawaii-June-9-1963.jpg

JFK in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 9, 1963.

Sunday, June 9, 1963

JFK visits the USS Arizona and leaves in the evening for Washington D.C.

25 JFK visits the USS Arizona.jpg
JFK and Hawaii Governor John Burns visits the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, June 9, 1963.

Monday, June 10, 1963

President John F. Kennedy delivers his American University speech, “A Strategy of Peace,” in Washington, D.C. President John F. Kennedy also signs the Equal Pay Act into law.

26 President-Kennedy-At-American-University-June-10-1963--01.jpg
27 President-Kennedy-At-American-University-June-10-1963--02.jpg

President Kennedy delivers his famous “Peace” speech at American University in Washington, D.C., on June 10, 1963.

Tuesday, June 11, 1963

In Saigon,a Buddhist monk commits self-immolation to protest the oppression of Buddhists by the Ngo Dinh Diem administration.

President Kennedy prepares to deliver his “Civil Rights” speech to the nation on June 11, 1963.

Alabama Governor George Wallace stands in the door of the University of Alabama to protest against integration, before stepping aside and allowing black students James Hood and Vivian Malone to enroll.

President John F. Kennedy broadcasts a historic Civil Rights Address, in which he promises a Civil Rights Bill, and asks for “the kind of equality of treatment that we would want for ourselves”.

Wednesday, June 12, 1963

Medgar Evers is murdered in Jackson, Mississippi. Time? JFK meet with Eisenhower and LFB then the next day with Truman.

29a medgar evers
(L) Mississippi white supremacist Byron De Beckwith is convicted of the 1963 assassination of civil rights leader Medger Evers.

Sunday, June 16, 1963

Vostok 6 carries Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova the first woman into space.
Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman to travel into space.

Thursday, June 20, 1963

JFK travels to West Virginia for a quick campaign trip..

30 JFK-In-Charleston-West-Virginia-June-20-1963.jpg
Kennedy greets people in the rain during a visit to Charleston, West Virginia, on June 20, 1963.

Establishment of the Direct Communications Link, or DCL, unofficially the “red telephone” and in fact a teleprinter link is authorized by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Geneva by representatives of the Soviet Union and the United States on this day.

30a The Hot Line.jpg
The United States and the Sovied Union agree to set up a “hotline” between the leaders of the two superpowers. The connection, establishes later that summer, it will be available any time of the day. The hotline nicknamed the “red line” links the defense department in the Pentagon in the U.S. with the Kremlin in Russia.

Saturday, June 22 , 1963

JFK flies to Camp David with Jackie and family then at 9:45pm he departs for Bonn Germany.

JFK’s Trip to Germany

“Ich Bin Ein Berliner,”

It is probably no surprise that the dates chosen by the Kennedy administration for this trip to Germany are directly connected with the events, 15 years prior…The Berlin Airlift.

31 Berlin Airlift.jpg
On June 26, 1948, the Berlin Airlift begins, only days after the Soviet Union blocks all access routes to the city of Berlin.

Gen. Lucius D. Clay, in his role as U.S. military governor of occupied Germany, orders the airlift to begin.

32 berlin-airlift.jpeg
During this monumental airlift, two million citizens are supplied with food and fuel in order to prevent the city from becoming part of the Soviet sector.

In the following 324 days, the U.S. military transports some 1,783,573 tons of supplies at a cost to the American taxpayer of some $137,177,427. The U.S. Air Force manages some 277,570 flights. The British transports another 542,236 tons at a cost of £5,850,000.

33 Supplies are dropped from the air.JPG
The Berlin Airlift is the largest airlift in human history.

For the first time in history, military air transport is successfully used as a diplomatic weapon. More importantly, the airlift costs the lives of 31 American and 39 British Soldiers and Airmen, along with nine German workers, connected with this operation, underscoring Western resolve to remain in Berlin.

34 Air Transport is used.jpg
Hundreds of planes and pilots take part in this endeavor.
35 Monumental relief.jpg
This is a monumental relief program to help the people of West Berlin survive the Russian plan to starve the population.

No visit to Germany by any political representative would be so emotionally remembered as that of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in June 1963. During the short trip, he speaks directly to the German population, offering the courage and support of the American people. The German population admires this young American president.

36 JFK-In-Germany-1963.jpg
Excited women reach to shake President Kennedy’s hand during a motorcade in Germany in June 22, 1963.

Kennedy is greeted like a rock star, and his popularity remains unmatched. Millions of Germans line the streets in each of the cities in an attempt to gain a glimpse of this American president.
The visit of JFK marks a highlight in German/American relations.

Sunday, June 23, 1963

First stop on JFK’s trip to Germany is in Bonn. His flight lands a 9:50am and he is greeted by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

37 Air Force One June 1963.jpg
Air Force One, carrying President Kennedy, is seen landing in Bonn in June 23, 1963.


38 JFK attends a Dinner at Palais Schaumburg.jpg
After a meeting with American Embassy staff JFK attends a Dinner at Palais Schaumburg hosted by Chancellor Adenauer.

Monday, June 24, 1963

JFK returns to the Palais Schaumburg for more meetings with Chancellor Adenauer and the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Heinrich Luebke. He attends a Peace Corp ceremony at Villa Hammerschmidt. Later that evening JFK hosts a dinner for Chancellor Adenauer at the American Embassy.

Tuesday, June 25, 1963

JFK if flown via helicopter from Bonn to Hannau, Germany to the Fliegerhorst Kaserne base. Here he reviews the 3rd Armored Division V Corp and has lunch with the American troops.

39 JFK-In-West-Germany-June-1963.jpg
JFK in West Germany inspecting an armored division in June 1963.

After lunch JFK motors to Frankfurt where he signs the Golden Book and addresses the crowd assembled in Roemerberg Square. Then on to Frankfurt Stadium to take the helicopter to Wiesbaden, Germany.
JFK lands on the east lawn of the hotel General Von Steuben. Where a state dinner is planned the afterward JFK returns to his hotel at the General Von Steuben.

40 Hotel General Von Stueben.jpg
JFK stays overnight at the “General Von Steuben” Hotel.

Fiddle and Faddle travel on the presidential trip to Germany to attend JFK’s personal sex pleasures. Just down the hall at the opposite wing of the Hotel General Von Steuben is their suite. While the president is screwing the two girls the Secret Service posts an agent so no one interferes. Where ever he travel in Germany, Jill Cowen and Priscilla Wear are ready and willing to service the President. Mimi Beardsley couldn’t make the trip.

The following day he departs from Wiesbaden Air Base for Berlin.

Wednesday, June 26, 1963

JFK leaves Wiesbaden and flies to Berlin arriving at Tegel Airport. German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (1867-1967) invites Kennedy to visit Berlin when he hears of the president’s planned trip to Italy. Adenauer is 87 years old, while Kennedy is the youngest president elected in the history of the United States and is only 46 years old at the time. After the normal greeting ceremony at the airport, JFK motors to the Congress Hall.

41 JFK-Motorcade-In-West-Berlin-West-Germany-June-26-1963.jpg
JFK in West Berlin, West Germany (June 26, 1963).

Afterward the President tours the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

42 JFK at checkpoint Charlie.jpg
JFK walks past a cordon of saluting servicemen and sentry post as he stops at Checkpoint Charlie.
43 JFK at viewing stand.jpg
From the viewing stand JFK gets a good perspective of East Berlin.
44 JFK peers into East Berlin.jpeg
Later he walks up to a viewing area and peers into East Berlin and then returns to his car.

He is impressed seeing the Berlin Wall firsthand; a wall which will divide families for more than 30 years — some 136 individuals lose their lives while attempting to escape.
His visit to Berlin, emphasizes America’s support for a city, which only recently is walled in by the East Germans. The West Berlin population is concerned whether the Americans will remain in their city and if Americans will defend their interests and stand up to the Russians?

45 JFK in Berlin 6-26-63 copy.jpg
President John Kennedy visits the Berlin Wall. From a specially-built platform at the Brandenburg Gate, President Kennedy looks over the Communist wall dividing East and West Berlin. East German police erect a sign saying that Nazis and militarists are banned in East Germany but not in the West.

Kennedy realizes the importance of the situation in Berlin, and decides to improvise from his original speech. His speech on the steps of the Schöneberger City Hall, which ends with the words “Ich bin ein Berliner,” will make him immortal.
Kennedy underscores the importance of his visit and support to a city recently divided by a wall. Kennedy manages, with these words, to impart a feeling of personal responsibility for a people’s fate. It is also a statement that the Soviets understand all too well.
After lunch JFK visits the Free University and addresses the audience.

46 JFK at Free University.jpg

Afterwards he reviews the US troops at the Headquarters on Clayallee. He addresses the troops. At 5pm JFK departs West Berlin for Dublin, Ireland.

Thursday, June 27, 1963

John F. Kennedy, an Irish-American and the first Catholic to become president of the United States, arrives in Ireland for a visit.

47 John_F._Kennedy_In_Motorcade_In_Ireland_1963.jpg
A spectator-packed motorcade during John F. Kennedy’s tumultuous visit to Ireland in June 1963.
48 JFK inspecting Irish Guard.jpg
JFK inspects the Cadets from the 36th class of the Irish Defense Forces officer training school. In just 5 months these same cadets will attend JFK’s funeral at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

Saturday, June 29, 1963

JFK travels from Ireland to England at 3:25pm

48a JFK with Harold MacMillan.jpg
JFK with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in England just six months before he is assassinated.

Sunday, June 30, 1963

JFK travels from England to Italy arriving at 5:45pm

48b JFK in Milan.jpg
JFK gets served Fettuccine by Alfredo Di Lelio at the famous restaurant Alfredo’s in Rome.

Tuesday, July 2, 1963

At 10am JFK meets with Pope Paul VI….he’s back at the White House on July 3rd.

48c the_meeting_of_jfk_and_paul_vi.jpg
A solemn handshake between Pope Paul VI and JFK during his visit to Rome.

The Ellen Rometsch Affair Unravels

Wednesday, July 3, 1963

Attorney General Robert Kennedy is informed by J. Edgar Hoover of the planned investigation into the Ellen Rometsch affair with the president. The FBI agents question Rometsch about her past. They come to the conclusion that she is probably a Soviet spy.

Ellen ends up to be real trouble for JFK.

Thursday, July 4, 1963

JFK goes to Hyannis Port to spend time with Jackie & family cruising on the Honey Fitz. & visiting Squaw Island. back in the WH by July 8th.

Monday, July 8, 1963

JFK takes an evening cruise with Paul Fay on the Sequoia at 7;30pm until Midnight. Paul has brought two young females to join them on the late night cruise.

Tuesday, July 9, 1963

49 JFK-July-9-1963.jpg
President Kennedy speaks to a group of women in the East Room of the White House (July 9, 1963).

Friday, July 12, 1963

JFK goes to Hyannis Port with Paul Fay to play golf then an afternoon cruising on the Namad. This time Paul has brought along two different young females.

Monday, July 15, 1963

50 JFK-With-The-President-Of-Tanganyika-At-White-House-July-15-1963.jpg
JFK greets Julius Nyerere, the President of Tanganyika, upon Nyerere’s arrival at the White House (July 15, 1963).

Friday, July 19, 1963

JFK flies to Hyannis Port to be with Jackie and family for the christening of Bobby’s son Christopher. The men play golf and motor to Squaw Island. Kennedy visits with his father and takes in a weekend cruise on the Honey Fitz with Jackie & Peter Lawford.

Wednesday, July 24, 1963

A high school student and delegate to the American Legion Boys Nation, travels from Hot Springs, Arkansas to meet President John F. Kennedy in the White House Rose Garden. Knowing that his music talent would never be as great as John Coltrane nor have the ability to be a physician like Michael DeBakey, he decides to go into public service. His name is Bill Clinton.

51 JFK-And-Bill-Clinton-July-24-1963.jpg
Future United States President Bill Clinton, age 16 here, shakes hands with John F. Kennedy at the White House (July 24, 1963).

Friday, July 26, 1963

JFK addresses the nation on TV about a nuclear test ban treaty with Russia. The treaty will ban against nuclear testing in the atmosphere and. They motor to Squaw Island residence.

Sunday, July 28, 1963

52 JFK-And-Caroline-Kennedy-July-28-1963.jpg
President Kennedy with daughter Caroline on July 28, 1963.

Wednesday, July 31, 1963