“War Is Brewing in Europe”

I’m at Stanford…everyone is friendly…the girls are quite attractive…and it’s a very good life.

In 1940, his last year at Harvard, Kennedy finishes his thesis, “Appeasement in Munich,” concerning the Munich Agreement. The thesis becomes a bestseller entitled Why England Slept. Besides mentioning Britain’s failure to increase its military in the lead-up to World War II, the book also calls for an Anglo-American partnership against Nazi Germany. While Kennedy becomes more and more supportive of U.S. intervention in World War II, his father’s nationalist stance results in his removal as ambassador to the England, causing a rift between the Kennedys and Roosevelts

JFK why england slept
JFK’s Harvard thesis becomes a bestseller that will help his early political calling.

Kennedy graduates cum laude from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts in government, specializing in international affairs.

Kennedy likes the California sunshine and believes it can improve his health while also providing a welcome change of scenery from his New England hangouts. He knows a war is about to start, so JFK chooses to enroll for a semester at Stanford. He’s also thinking that the Bay Area’s beautiful young women can keep him pleasurably occupied.

In mid-September 1940, Congress permits the first peacetime draft in U.S. history. Kennedy rolls into Palo Alto in a new Buick convertible with red seats. He checks into the President Hotel. At the time, Stanford is mainly a white, Protestant conservative university. He finds a small rental bungalow on campus for $60 per month. JFK enrolls in courses in business, economics and political science. He enjoys his classmates and professors, but his interest is more than just his studies. “Have become very fond of Stanford,” he writes a friend in November. “Everyone is very friendly — the gals are quite attractive — and it’s a very good life.”

“Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am.”

“I like the conquest. That’s the challenge. It’s the chase I like — not the kill!”

A “very good life,” indeed is JFK’s 1940 autumn in California. The future President of the United States could always be seen with pretty girls at a few of the Palo Alto hangouts. His steady girlfriend at this time is a beautiful sorority girl named Harriet “Flip” Price, whom he dances with and takes to Stanford football games in his convertible. He also explains to Flip “how it’s done in the backseat at the drive-in theaters” on several occasions.

JFK Flip Price in California
JFK and Harriet “Flip” Price have their photo taken in Palo Alto, California.

But JFK is not looking for a commitment from Price, or any of his other dates for that fact. “Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am” is how he sums up his extracurricular activities to his buddies at Stanford. He admits to one pal. “I like the conquest. That’s the challenge. It’s the chase I like — not the kill!”

Jack Joe Joe Jr The Kennedy-Sandwich
Like father like son. JFK and his brother Joe Jr., sometime date the same girl.

And, as if the Stanford coeds are not enough for his huge appetite for sex, JFK makes his usual trips to Hollywood, where he joins up with Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Lana Turner, as well as a young actor named Robert Stack. Stack will say “I’ve known many of the great Hollywood stars, and only a very few of them seemed to hold the attraction for women that JFK did. He’d just look at them, and they’d tumble.”

Robert Stack with JFK

Once in Hollywood, JFK goes on regular starlet hunts with Robert Stack, sometime having the fun of playing two on one in the bedroom.

Kennedy’s short time in business school and the California dream soon comes to a close. After his sex filled Stanford semester ends, JFK heads back east to assist his father write his memoirs and take care of his own continuing health difficulties, wishing to return to Palo Alto in the spring.

He attempts to enter the army’s Officer Candidate School, but he’s medically declined due to his constant lower back problems. He does physical exercises for months in an attempt to strengthen his back before joining the Navy.

Also in 1940, Inga Arvad comes to the U.S. and uses her interviews and photos with Hitler to help find work with The Washington Times-Herald, where she works with another journalist named Kathleen Kennedy, JFK’s younger sister.

Inga Arvad and Hitler

Inga Arvad, a Danish journalist who interviews Hitler, moves to the U.S. She will work at the Washington Times-Herald and will become one of JFK’s steady sex partners.

“Make Way Sailor….Here comes Inga Binga!”

After almost a year of luxurious traveling in South America, JFK comes home to find a Danish bombshell of a girl.

Early that year, JFK helps his father write his memoirs of his three years as an American ambassador. Then in May, JFK sets sail aboard the S.S.Argentina to Rio de Janeiro. He remains in Brazil for a month and then flies on to Montevideo and then on to Santiago, Chile. For the majority of the summer of 1941 JFK travels throughout South America, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. His appetite for girls from the “red light district” will become finely tuned during the summer of 1941 in South America.

cruise ship argentina
1941 JFK sets sail on the S.S. Argentina. He will spend most of the summer traveling in South America and sampling sex with Latina girls in each country.

On September 24, with the help of the director of the Office of Naval Intelligence who is the former naval attaché to Joseph Kennedy—JFK joins the United States Naval Reserve. One month later, on October 26, he is commissioned an ensign. JFK then travels to Washington, D.C., to join the staff of the Office of Naval Intelligence with his fathers help.

JFK joins the Navy
JFK is commissioned an ensign on October 26, 1941, and joins the staff of the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington D.C.

On November 19, 1941 Kathleen Kennedy (JFK’s sister) is working at the Washington Times Herald and presents a new employee named Inga Arvad to her brother John F. Kennedy. Almost immediately, JFK is dating Inga on a regular basis. He gives her the nickname “Inga Binga.” She is Danish, married, and Kennedy’s sex buddy while he’s in the Navy. Inga sees the father-son relationship up close. She tells a friend that “Old Joe is awfully hard, a really mean man. He can be very charming when she and JFK are with him, but if JFK leaves the room he tries to hop in the sack with her.” Inga would say that she thinks it is a totally amoral situation, and that “there is something of incest about the entire Kennedy family.” Numerous other female visitors to the Kennedy homes speak of Joe’s making moves on them while watching movies in the family theater, or even coming into their bedrooms at night and kissing them full on the lips. JFK and his brothers and sisters always warn friends and visitors that their father “prowls at night.”

JFK's sex buddy Inga Binga

Inga Arvad, also known as “Inga Binga,” is Jack Kennedy’s sex buddy in the 1940’s.

After the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941, America enters into World War II. Arvad and Kennedy are now under the FBI surveillance of J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover isn’t sure the interviews with Hitler in 1934 prove Arvad is a Nazi spy. Perhaps the biggest source behind the stories that Arvad is a spy comes from Jack Kennedy’s jealous younger sister, Kathleen. She is the one who introduces them when she first works at the Washington Times-Herald.

JFK is madly in love with Inga and is talking about marriage. He is even taking actions to have her convert to Catholicism and tries to have her two earlier marriages annulled. But his sister, Kathleen, sees to it that this doesn’t happen.

Arvard is turned in by Kathleen Kennedy
Stories that Arvad (L) is a Nazi spy came from Jack Kennedy’s jealous sister, Kathleen (R) who works as a journalist at the Washington Times Herald newspaper.

Kathleen turns over the photos of Inga with Hitler at the Berlin Olympics to the publisher of the Times-Herald. It is made clear to Arvard that she cannot work for the paper until any doubts about her links with the Nazis are released. The FBI agents keeping tabs on her report that several naval officers are regular visitors to her apartment, and one, JFK, is telling friends he is engaged to her. It looks like a classic trap, and Hoover orders for her phones to be tapped. One such conversation goes like this:

Kennedy: “I heard you had a big orgy up in New York.”

Arvad: “I’ll tell you about it. I’ll tell you about it for a whole weekend if you would like to hear about it. My husband has his little spies out all over the place.”

Arvad tells Kennedy that her husband knows every word that he (Kennedy) says to Joe, his own father. Kennedy asks what does that mean and Arvad responds: “Somebody who knows your family well and also knows my husband but I don’t know who it is. The person has known you since you were a child.”

Kennedy and Inga are thinking this is beginning to sound like something J. Edgar Hoover would do. Jack’s superiors in the Navy are now alarmed; they fear that Arvad is looking for naval secrets and decide to cut those ties themselves and relocate Kennedy.

J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI Sends Inga Binga Back Home!

Tired of playing cat and mouse with the FBI, Inga and Jack call it quits. Inga calls it a passing thing.

In January 1942, JFK is transferred to South Carolina, shortly thereafter in February, Inga Arvad comes for a visit. They spend three sex-filled nights together in a hotel but unfortunately the visit is promptly reported to J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI. Arvad is still under surveillance with the FBI as a possible Nazi spy. The government still thinks that JFK, a young Naval Intelligence officer, could be a target for a German spy ring.

Joseph Kennedy is worried that the relationship has the potential to not only harm JFK’s future but that of his older brother Joe Jr. The elder Kennedy then uses his influence with the Roosevelt administration to have JFK transferred to a PT-boat in the Pacific.

Hoover comes to regret his role in this episode, telling an aide that if JFK had not commanded the PT-109, he never would have become President.

So on the last day of February 1942 after spending their last night together in Washington, Inga Arvad tells her husband “ she is finishing her relationship with Jack Kennedy,” And with that, the “Inga Binga” sex play is over.

By the summer and fall, while JFK is in PT school at Melville, Rhode Island, his new sexual escapades are with Angela Greene. Ms. Green is 21 years old and a Powers model in New York when she meets Kennedy. They share the same bed until he is sent to the South Pacific the following year.

Angela Greene NYC
While JFK is in Naval PT School in Melville, RI, he is having sexual relations with Angela Greene, a Powers model from NYC.

In the spring, Kennedy is again at the Naval Hospital in Rhode Island, receiving treatment for his back. Then from December 7, 1942, until February 23, 1943, JFK serves as an instructor at patrol torpedo boat training in Melville, Rhode Island.

“How Did You Become a War Hero?”

“It was easy. They cut my PT boat in half.”

Late in February, JFK is sent to Jacksonville, Florida, for duty in connection with the service and operation of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 14 to be assigned to guard the Panama Canal.

In April, JFK then takes command of PT-109 in the Solomon Islands. On the night of August 1, PT-109 and fourteen other PT’s try to block four Japanese destroyers and float planes carrying food, supplies, and 900 Japanese soldiers to the southern tip of Kolombongara Island. There, a naval battle referred to as the Battle of Blackett Strait, involves all fifteen PTs including PT-109. Of the 24 torpedoes fired that night by the 15 American PT’s, not one hits the Japanese convoy. Kennedy spots the Japanese destroyer Amagir nearby and attempts to turn to attack. But his boat is rammed suddenly at an angle and cut in half by the Amagir, costing two his crew members their lives. Despite re-injuring his back in the collision, Kennedy tows a badly burned crewman through the water to the island known as Plum Pudding with a life jacket strap clenched between his teeth.

USS PT 109
JFK (far left) with his crew of the PT-109 that was rammed and cut in half by a Japanese destroyer. He is awarded several Navy medals for heroism along with the Purple Heart.

On August 8, Kennedy is awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for heroism and the Purple Heart for his injuries. When later asked how he became a war hero, Kennedy jokes: “It was easy. They cut my PT boat in half.”

“Flowers, Candy, Dinner, & Sex”

JFK strolls into New York’s Stork Club and swoons over Flo Pritchett, a long time sex partner to be, plus a few others along the way.

JFK returns to the United States in early January 1944. While in New York at the Stork Club, he meets Flo Pritchett. They become lovers almost immediately, spending weekends in her East Side apartment. Flo is 23 when JFK comes into her life. She is a John Robert Powers model at the age of 17, and then, a fashion editor for the New York Journal-American. By the time she meets JFK, she is divorced from bubblegum heritor Richard Canning. Flo is crazy about JFK in the first year they are sex partners. Jack once tells a friend that he enjoys being with Flo because she makes him laugh. But JFK is a Roman Catholic, so marriage to Flo, a divorcee, is not going to happen.

jfk flo storkclub 1944

JFK and Flo Pritchett hookup for the first time in New York City’s Stork Club

In May, JFK is transferred and stationed at the Submarine Chaser Training Center in Miami. He immediately begins a dating top national model Bab Beckwith. Flowers, candy, dinner and sex are all the two can think about.

But the big moment turns out to be a big disappointment. As the story goes, “One night she invites him to her place. She is feeling dreamy and romantic as usual. At the crucial moment, JFK jumps up and runs for the radio and says, ‘Wait a minute, baby, my father says I have to keep up with current events.’ He listens to news broadcast. The frustrated Bab kicks him out. End of story.

Bab Beck with dates JFK in Miami
JFK, while in Sub-Chaser School in Miami, beds down with super model Bab Beckwith. Joe Jr. perishes over Nazi Germany.

JFK is devastated, but nurse Elinor Mae Dooley provides much needed relief.
In August, JFK is ordered to the Chelsea Naval Hospital for an operation on his back. On Sunday August 13, while JFK is in the hospital recovering from his operation, terrible news arrives of the death of his older brother Joe Jr. While trying to fly a plane loaded with explosives into an ammunitions target, Joe’s plane unexpectedly explodes, killing all aboard. The Kennedy’s favorite son and future presidential hopes perishes over Hitler’s Germany.

Joe Kennedy Jr dies in Germany
Joe Kennedy, Jr.’s plane explodes while on a secret bombing run and is killed instantly. The Kennedy family’s favorite son dies over Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

It is not all tears for JFK at this time. While in the Chelsea Naval Hospital, helping him with his recuperation and therapy is nurse Elinor Mae Dooley.She makes sure no recurring back pains nor sexual frustration will keep him out of action for long.

In the fall of 1944, again, JFK heads back to California to audit graduate classes at Stanford. But this time, after only a few months he withdraws. Then in November, he meets up with his father in San Francisco and travels with him to visit William Randolph Hearst. Father and son then head to Hollywood, where Joe meets with studio heads and JFK socializes, taking advantage of the opportunities to meet attractive young actresses. His full time girl running buddy is still the young actor Robert Stack.

A Luxury Military Resort Hospital in Arizona.

JFK spends the day dining on steaks shipped in from Boston along with the Boston newspapers. All provided by his father Joe Kennedy.

Beginning in January 1945, JFK goes to Castle Hot Springs, a resort and temporary military hospital in Arizona for three more of therapy for his back injury. Once he finishes, a plan is made that JFK will run for the Congressional seat of Michael Curley the following year. Joe Kennedy will pay a bribe to Curley not to run again.

But first, the young JFK must relax and gain some strength at, of course, the world class Castle Hot Springs where only the wealthiest and most powerful families are found. American families like the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Cabot’s and Wrigley’s are all frequent visitors.

Castle Hot Springs hosts JFK
January 1945 Kennedy spends three months at Castle Hot Springs recovering from his back injury. Frequent guests include the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, Cabots, and Wrigleys.

JFK spends his days at Castle Hot Springs dining on steaks shipped in by his father, working on a memorial book about his brother, and horseback riding in the mountains. He also reads about the political situation 3000 miles away by way of subscriptions to the Boston Herald and Post sent to him by his father.

On March 1, 1945, Kennedy leaves the Navy Reserve on physical disability and is honorably discharged with the full rank of lieutenant.

They sank my boat
Jack Kennedy often said he was a war hero because the enemy sank his PT-109.

In April 1945, Joe Kennedy, who is a friend of William Randolph Hearst, arranges a position for JFK as a travel correspondent for Hearst Newspapers. His work keeps Kennedy’s name in the public eye and introduces him to journalism as a possible career.

He works as a newspaperman that May, while he’s still seeing and sleeping with his girlfriend, the lovely actress Angela Greene.

Angela Greene
In 1945, JFK is still seeing Angela Greene among other starlets as he visits Hollywood with his father, Joe Kennedy.

In July, JFK travel to Europe to covering the Potsdam Conference (July 17- Aug 2nd) and other events. He visits Paris and travel to Germany in August to visit Hitler’s mountain retreat the Eagle’s Nest.

Potsdam Conference 1945
JFK as a correspondent for the Hearst Newspapers travels to Germany to cover the conference between the leaders of the US, UK and the USSR. The purpose is to establish postwar order, peace treaty issues, and discuss the effects of the war.

JFK Enjoys the Tastes of Hollywood!

Bedding Peggy Cummins and Elizabeth Taylor with Robert Stack along for fun.

JFK is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 5, 1946 as a Congressman from Massachusetts. He is 29 years old at the time. At the urging of Joe Kennedy, U.S. Representative James Michael Curley leaves his seat to become mayor of Boston in 1946. With his father’s money and running his campaign, Kennedy wins the Democratic primary with 12 percent of the vote, defeating ten other candidates. Though Republicans control the House in the 1946 elections, Kennedy defeats his Republican opponent in the general election, taking 73 percent of the vote. Along with Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy is among several World War II veterans elected to Congress that year.

Nixon Kennedy Johnson
JFK will serve in the armed forces and will be one of the future Presidents of the United States who served their country during World War II.

In August, JFK is in Hollywood with actress Peggy Cummins. A JFK friend remembers: “ She is a nice girl, better educated than most starlet types. It wasn’t serious, she is just a girl JFK plays with.”

Peggy Cummins
In 1946, JFK is back in Hollywood seeing actress Peggy Cummins.

Later the same year another Hollywood star, Elizabeth Taylor, hooks up with the young Massachusetts Congressman. It is rumored she and JFK have a threesome in the swimming pool with buddy Robert Stack.

This isn’t Elizabeth’s only pre-presidential party but probably her first. As she nude swims in Stack’s pool, the tryst turns into a steamy threesome with the president and actor Robert Stack, both of whom are married at the time to other women. One thing leads to another and everyone ends up in the bedroom—the three of them.”

21 Steamy Threesome
JFK and Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood swim nude with Robert Stack in his pool. Later that evening, the three end up in Stack’s bed having a Ménage à trois.

Kennedy serves in the House for six years. He is a member of the Education and Labor Committee and the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. He pays special attention to international affairs, supporting the Truman Doctrine as the correct answer to the emerging Cold War. The Truman Doctrine is an American foreign policy whose purpose is to counter Soviet geopolitical expansion during the Cold War. It is announced to Congress by President Harry S. Truman on March 12, 1947. The Truman Doctrine proposes that American support will be provided for other nations threatened by Soviet communism. It also becomes the foundation of American foreign policy, and leads, in 1949, to the formation of NATO, a military alliance that is still in effect

The Year Begins with JFK Marrying Durie Malcolm.

Father Joseph Kennedy will make the paperwork go away.

At the beginning of the year, JFK is on a “playcation” in Palm Beach. His chosen sex mate in Florida is a Florida socialite named Durie Malcolm. As it turns out, Durie at one time had dated Joe Jr., earlier on and here is where the connection to JFK begins. Society writers report the two are inseparable at social functions and sporting events. They are seen in Miami at football games and the horse track.

As the story goes, late in January of 1947, Durie and JFK get secretly married by a justice of the peace in an early morning ceremony. Durie is a divorced Episcopalian. When word gets back to Jack’s father, Joe Kennedy, he is livid. Supposedly, Joe gets with Sam Giancana and tells him: “I need to have this marriage to go away immediately without publicity and absolutely no record of it. That means no trace of any legal documents.” Giancana has Johnny Rosselli take care of the matter. Rosselli then gets in contact with Charles Spalding, JFK’s Palm Beach lawyer, who removes all the documents related to the marriage.

Durie Malcolm
Florida socialite Durie Malcolm is inseparable with JFK in early 1947. The documents of a wedding ceremony by a justice of the peace are made to disappear by order of Joe Kennedy.

Later on it is discovered that not only is Mr. Spalding one of JFK’s Yale college roommates but years later will work on both JFK’s and later his brother Bobby’s presidential campaigns. After the assassination and some years later, Spalding will break his silence and confirm that the marriage did take place.

By the summer time of 1947, tennis star Katherine Stammers not only warms JFK’s heart but his bed as well. Kate later on would say, “I wouldn’t say that I was in love with him, but I was terribly attracted.”

On one occasion, JFK asks a friend if he could bring a girl to dinner and stay overnight. The girl is Kay Stammers. The hostess later says, “Kay was married at the time, and I must say I had a hard time with my middle-class morality.”

Katherine Stammers jfk
English tennis star Katherine Stammers warms JFK’s heart and bed in the summer of 1947.

Late in the summer of 1947, JFK flies to Ireland to visit his sister Kathleen. He spends the next 6 weeks in the UK before returning the New York City on the Queen Marry.

Queen Mary
In the summer of 1947, JFK returns from his trip to the UK in style aboard the cruise liner Queen Mary, considered to be the most luxurious way to cross the Atlantic.

Gene Tierney, a Really Beautiful Movie Star.

JFK romantically tells her that he’s too ambitious to wed a movie star.

Between February 12 and May 4, 1948, Hollywood beauty Gene Tierney is separated from her husband, designer Oleg Cassini, when she meets the young JFK. At the time, he is visiting the set of her film Dragonwyck. They get involved for a short time, but he tells her during a vacation on Cape Cod that he is too aspiring to marry an actress (not to mention a non-Catholic), and she then gets back together with her husband.

jfk tierney
In 1948, JFK begins a relationship with actress Gene Tierney while she is working on the film Dragonwyck

The rejection of JFK may have lingered longer than expected. Tierney votes for Nixon in 1962.

Blaze Starr the Queen of Burlesque.

JFK is a 32-year-old bachelor and Blaze is only 17 but built like a fine sports car. Jack will take many wild rides with the curvaceous dancer.

As early as 1949, Kennedy begins preparing to run for the Senate. Also in 1949, Blaze Starr is working at the Crossroads Club in Bladensburg, Maryland about a mile from Washington, D.C. She works there a few weeks each year, then return to Baltimore. One night in the club, Blaze meets a young congressman named John F. Kennedy. He’s from Massachusetts. She remembers him as a sweet and innocent-looking a man. She is 17 and he is a 32-year-old bachelor.

Blaze Star 1949
1949-Blaze Starr a 17-year-old burlesque showgirl meets 32-year-old JFK at the Crossroads Club in Maryland. They will keep up a sexual relationship regularly for the next 3 years. Then there will be a final fling in 1962.

The way Blaze explains it, “I started seeing him regularly, but I didn’t know who the Kennedys were. Loads of senators and congressmen went to the Crossroads. I was staying in an apartment building within walking distance of the club, and we would go there.”

Blaze recalls, “Oh, when I looked at him I heard bells ringing and angels singing. He may not have gotten a virgin, but he got the next best thing. He was just the second guy I ever saw.”

Over the next four years, they do see each other whenever she plays at the Crossroads. One Christmas, he gives her a pair of Tiffany diamond earrings.

“They were little miniature pods of grapes, each pod about half a carat,” she says. “I was so ignorant, though, I didn’t know what Tiffany’s was. I had no idea what diamonds were worth.”

Kennedy marries in September 1953 and Blaze reads about it in the papers. “I saw him only once at the Crossroads after that,” she says. “He came up to me and said, ‘I’ve gotten married.’ I told him, ‘Good for you.’ He said, ‘Well, you know I’m going to be president one day.’ And I said, ‘I guess that goes along with marrying somebody who could be First Lady. But I could’ve been First Lady.’ ”

For two-week stints over the next few years, she says, she continued to work the Crossroads. Whenever she pranced downstage, she would look for him in the audience, searching the faces, praying he would be among them.

Blaze goes on to say, “By now, everybody is referring to him as “JFK,” but I just called him “Jack. A pity, though: He never does return.”