JFK’s Little Secret.

In a private ceremony with a justice of the peace, JFK gets married, but Papa Joe fixes it and makes it go away.

November 1950: JFK is elected to a third term in the House of Representatives. The young Congressman is a multi-woman lover, but Alicia Darr, a Polish immigrant working as a popcorn girl at a Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, movie theater, is hooked the moment she meets him.

Darr is the maiden name used by actress and socialite Alicia Corning Clark, who will later claim that their sexual encounter produces Kennedy’s love child.

Alicia Darrs love child
In 1950, Alicia Darr has a fling with recently elected Congressman John F. Kennedy. She will later claim to have a love child with JFK, and J. Edgar Hoover will become involved.

Alicia is a beautiful girl at the time and wants the life Jack can offer, until Daddy Joe Kennedy gets wind of her heritage. Alicia’s Jewish parents sends her to a convent to escape the Nazis and for Joe Kennedy, Jews and Catholics do not get married to each other. When Jack breaks off their engagement, Alicia heads to Hollywood, where she becomes a party girl and actress, with lovers like Gary Cooper and Hugh O’Brian. (Her on-again, off-again liaison with JFK will continue for years, even though he is married to Jackie.)

A budding authority on world politics.

JFK in 1951 meets Prime Ministers, Generals, World Leaders and the Pope.

Young John F. Kennedy is a seasoned traveler by 1951. His father, Joe Kennedy, makes sure that the Kennedy boys experience the world through travel. He sees to it that the Kennedy males enjoy at least the summer time traveling the world. Most of time, only 1st class travel will do for Joe’s boys. For example, in 1939, during JFK’s years as a Harvard student, he travels to Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East, witnessing first-hand the signs of a pending war. During the war itself, he survives an attack on his PT boat in the Solomon Islands. Finally, at the close of the war in 1945, he works as a journalist, attending the Potsdam Conference. His education is enhanced by world travel.

In 1951, Jack visits London then makes a stop to meet with Marshall Tito in Yugoslavia. By the end of January, he’s in Rome having an audience with Pope Pius XII who he knows.

Pope Pius XII
At the end of January, JFK makes a stop on his European tour to visit Rome where he has an audience with Pope Pius XII who he knew as a Cardinal.

In February of 1951, Jack appears before the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committee. His evaluation and comment is requested on how to best arm and defend Europe against the threat of the Soviet Union. Kennedy who returns from a five-week tour of Europe is a popular visitor to other senate subcommittees. He argues that he does not feel a military campaign against Western Europe is looming. He advises, “The Soviets will not take the risk of starting a war, when the best they could get is a stalemate, during which they will be subject to atomic bombing. Why should they throw everything into the game, why should they take risks that they don’t have to – especially when things are going so well in the Far East? In addition, Stalin is an old man, and old men are traditionally cautious.”

Then again, in late September of 1951, Kennedy travels on a seven-week, 25,000-mile trip, but this time to Asia. Accompanied by his brother Robert and his sister Patricia, Kennedy visits Israel, Pakistan, Iran, India, Singapore, Thailand, French Indochina (Vietnam), Korea, and Japan almost costing him his life as he is taken seriously ill and must be flown home from Okinawa.

JFK FDR Jr David Ben Gurion Oct 51Israel
In Israel JFK visits the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem with Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.

Upon his return home, in early November, he tells the press that his goal for the trip was to learn “how those peoples regarded us and our policies, and what we can do to further the cause of peace.”

Campaigning for the Senate

He also finds time to meet and fool around with a new girlfriend nicknamed Jackie.

Early in 1952, JFK is desperately vying for the Jewish vote for his upcoming Senate campaign. It seems he is being viewed as anti-Semitic after introducing a resolution to reduce spending in the Middle East by $175 million. This is seen as an anti-Israel stance. During a meeting, he explains to the assembled Jewish lawyers and judges that the resolution is only an attempt to prevent money going to regimes that steal the money from everyday citizens who need the relief. The Jewish audience goes away satisfied of his leadership and of his stance.

On April 7, 1952, JFK announces that he will be a candidate for the United States Senate in the November elections against Republican incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. He cites his reason for running as the growing dangers of Communism, the decline of industry and manufacturing in Massachusetts, and the need for more forceful leadership in the Massachusetts Senate. Kennedy uses the campaign slogan “Kennedy Will Do More for Massachusetts.” Joe Kennedy finances and manages his son’s candidacy, while John Kennedy’s younger brother, Robert Kennedy, is an important member of the campaign.

Later that summer, Jackie Bouvier invites Jack to an invitation-only dance attended by Washington elites. Jackie’s fiancée at the time is a New York stockbroker who is unable to attend, so she invites JFK. Wearing white tie and tails, Jack seems to lose interest in the party and breaks off to talk with a Pulitzer Prize journalist named Arthur Krock about foreign policy. Later, when Jackie goes to the powder room, Jack cuts in on a pretty brunette who has caught his eye on the dance floor. Returning freshly powdered, Jackie cuts in on Jack and pulls him onto another area of the dance floor. As JFK shuffles along, Jackie begins singing the words to the Cole Porter song that is playing, “ From this moment on, you for me, dear, only two for tea, dear, from this moment on.”

Jackie 1952
Jacqueline Bouvier, a New England socialite invites JFK to an elite Washington party and their romance begins.

By September, the race for the U.S. Senate is a challenging contest. First, there is a debate between JFK and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

Then in October, JFK, his mother Rose, and sisters Pat and Eunice appear on television on a show titled “Coffee with the Kennedys.” Kennedy answers phone-in questions and Rose talks about her child-raising days. The show even features young women with the embroidery letters J. F. K. on their flouncy skirts.

Leading up to the November election, JFK releases a press release that includes a letter and photograph from Japanese naval officer Kohei Hanami who sunk PT-109, supporting Kennedy’s candidacy for the United States Senate.

The night before Election Day, November 3, JFK, Bobby and Teddy are out campaigning and giving political speeches in one of the neighborhoods of South Boston. But instead of giving a political speech, JFK reportedly says, “Ladies and gentlemen, everything that has been said and everything that could have been said in this campaign has been said. Instead of that, the brothers Kennedy are going to sing a song.” The three brothers start singing “They’re Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine.”

November 4 is Election Day. Most of the nation’s attention is on the presidential race between Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. But in Joe Kennedy’s rented apartment at 81 Beacon Street, all eyes are glued to the several television screens. JFK watches with envy as Richard Nixon and Eisenhower hold their clasped hands high after Stevenson concedes about 11 PM. Kennedy exclaims, “Imagine that. dink Nixon and I came into Congress together, and now he’s Vice President of the United States.” Later the following day, JFK is the official winner of the hard-pressed Senate race. Dwight D. Eisenhower carries Massachusetts by a margin of 208,000 votes, but Kennedy defeats, Lodge, by just 70,000 votes for the Senate seat.

JFK’s political machine is financed with father Joe Kennedy’s money but run by the brothers and sisters of the Kennedy clan. Brother Bobby will the cornerstone of all future elections.

Later that year, Jack is dating Jacqueline Lee Bouvier and has her in the backseat of his 1950 two-door Plymouth convertible. One evening, a Kennedy friend and Cape Cod neighbor sneaks up on Jack’s car thinking that he would catch Jack and Jackie necking.

Jack is a skirt chaser
JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier begin dating. Jackie knows that Jack is a skirt chaser. Little does she know what’s in store?

“With her panties down, Jackie is lying on her back, her left leg slung across the seat back and her dress riding high above her waist” is what the neighbor later affirms. Before they are even married, Jackie confesses in her diary, “Jack and I had a few romantic moments. He has never yet told me that he loves me. As for his family, they are a pack of barbarians except for Joe.” Jack and Jackie, at least in the news media, become one of the most written and talked about romantic couples of the 1950s. Little do they know what history has in store for them?

A Busy Year for the New 35-Year-Old U.S. Senator.

Besides being elected, he gets married to Jackie and has sex-capades with several of his all-time favorite women.

On January 3, 1953, JFK, who is thirty-five years old, is sworn in as a U.S. Senator. The following week, he attends a dance with the intention of meeting and having sex with opera star Miss Lilly Pons.

For the most part of 1953, the young US Senator spends more time in hosted parties, luncheon get togethers and black tie events than he does in his office in Washington, D.C. His daily schedule reads more like a bachelor’s date book than that of a U.S. government servant. Meetings with names like Denise, Bing, GiGi, and Mrs. Mahoney, with mysterious appointments such as “Mutual Network” in places like the Carlton, Mayflower and Statler Hotel. Jack loves socializing, especially with women, much more than the job of a dedicated government official.

He finds time to escort his fiancée Jacqueline Bouvier to the Eisenhower Inaugural Ball but doesn’t take her to a Valentine’s Day party.

Eisenhower Ball
Jack finds time to take his fiancée Jacqueline to the Inaugural Ball for President Dwight Eisenhower but leaves her hanging for Valentines Day. The press has a field day with the slight.

Jack spends a complete afternoon in the basement of Senate Office Building helping a young girl on her research project and then escorting her to her apartment for more in-depth interviewing. However in June, JFK announces his engagement to Jacqueline Bouvier. The following month they appear on the cover of Life Magazine.

Kennedy Goes A Courting

Once the engagement becomes official, Papa Kennedy wastes no time in getting front-page editorial cover of Life Magazine.

In mid August, while on the French Riviera, 36-year-old JFK meets the 21-year-old Swedish socialite Gunilla von Post. They spend the evening kissing under the moonlight, and love is in the air between the two. JFK tells her, “I fell in love with you tonight.” But Jack admits there is a problem: he is about to get married. He adds: “If I had met you one week before, I would have cancelled the whole thing.” But the two keep in touch after he marries Jackie.

Gunilla von Post jfk
In August 1953, while on the French Riviera, 36-year old JFK meets 21-year-old Swedish socialite Gunilla von Post. He falls madly in love with her, although he is set to marry Jackie in a few weeks. JFK and Gunilla rendezvous later in Sweden.

On September, 12, 1953, JFK and Jackie are married in Newport, Rhode Island. It is considered the social event of the season and is attended by 1200 guests, but not by Jackie’s father, Jack Bouvier, who is too drunk to walk his daughter down the aisle.

On their wedding night, Jackie wears a sexy, see-through French negligee. Jack takes off his clothes and goes into the bathroom where he stays for quite awhile. Finally back in bed, he lies down and complains of a terrible pain at the base of his back, so she has to get on top. The lovemaking is quick and doesn’t last long. He turns over and says, “I’m tired, and I’ve got to get some sleep.”

JFK wedding in 1953
Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier are married in Rhode Islands. Over a thousand people are waiting outside the church.

The honeymoon in Acapulco isn’t much better, with quick sex and always finishing early. However, it is in Mexico that Jack tells her about his Addison’s disease, resulting in abdominal pain and weakness that requires regular injections. Kennedy also suffers from prostatitis that causes pain in the pelvis area, along with urinary infections.

Jack and Jackie in Acapulco
JFK and Jackie go on a Honeymoon to Acapulco. Jack sneaks off one day to be with movie star Merle Oberon saying it’s a meeting with his father’s business associate.

But worst of all, he tells her he has Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection of the urethra that has no cure — and there’s the possibility that he can give it to her. That becomes a turnoff, and now she’s okay with his quickie sex.
The following night, Jack tells her he is meeting with a business associate of the Mexican President. He is actually going to be with screen legend, Merle Oberon, who is starring with Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights.

Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights
JFK is with Merle Oberon while on his honeymoon in Mexico with Jacqueline. (L) Merle Oberon and (R) Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights.

From Mexico, the newlyweds fly to Los Angeles for three nights. Jack leaves Jackie alone and drives to Palm Springs to meet up with Marilyn Monroe for the weekend, saying he has to meet with business associates of his father.

1954 Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe is becoming a very important movie star. She goes to many Hollywood parties and mixes with Peter Lawford and the Kennedys.

Life Gets Complicated.

JFK begins an entangled sex relationship with several different women who will appear and reappear for the rest of his life.

Early in the year, JFK is invited to a party being thrown by Hollywood producer Charles Feldman. He’s about to produce a movie called “The Seven Year Itch,” and one of the movie’s leads is coming to the party. Marilyn Monroe meets JFK for the second time at this Beverly Hills party. Ironically, Jackie will meet the actor William Holden at this same house a few years later and they too will have an affair.

Seven year itch
In 1954 JFK finds himself in Beverly Hills at the home of producer and agent Charles Feldman. He will meet many starlets and movie stars throughout the year. This year he meets Marilyn Monroe.

Then in October, JFK again enters a New York Hospital for Special Surgery to undergo a “double-fusion” operation on his back. He has a poster of Marilyn Monroe posted on the wall of his hospital room. It shows her in shorts, standing with her legs apart. JFK has the poster fixed upside down so her feet stick up in the air. Jackie gets Grace Kelly, dressed as a nurse, to visit JFK as a joke, but he is so drugged he doesn’t recognize the movie star. “I must be losing it,” Kelly says as she leaves.

Marilyn in white shorts
Marilyn Monroe’s famous white short poster hangs upside down in JFK’s hospital room as actress and future Princess Grace Kelly makes a visit dressed as a nurse.

Then the famed burlesque dancer Blaze Starr meets JFK again in 1954, when the congressman pays another visit to her Maryland strip club, Crossroads.

Blaze by this time describes JFK’s sexual performance as “very quick and very wild.” She would also say, “If he is going to be President, I guess he better be in a hurry.” She later adds that “he knows exactly what he’s doin’ with girls, and it doesn’t take him long. No, that bad back doesn’t faze him at all.” On one occasion, she claims, Earl Long, the governor of Louisiana finds the pair naked in a closet. She tells Uncle Earl they are looking for her mink coat.

Blaze Starr JFK
In 1954, Congressman John Kennedy meets Blaze Star. Governor Earl Long, with whom she is having an affair, finds the two of them in his closet. She tells Uncle Earl they were looking for her mink coat.

Then in the summer of 1954, Mary Pinchot Meyer, one of JFK’s earlier acquaintances now married to Cord Meyer, gets new neighbors. John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie purchase Hickory Hill, a house several hundred yards from where the Meyers live. “Soon Mary befriends the senator’s dark-haired wife, ten years younger than she.

Mary Pinchot Meyer
JFK and Jackie purchase a home in Hickory Hill next door to his mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer. What a convenient location for a rendezvous.

A Pain in the Back.

JFK’s doctor discovers the left side of his body is smaller than the right side, which is the real cause of all his back problems. All those surgeries were unnecessary.

By mid February, JFK is back in the hospital to have the silver plate in his back removed and a bone graft put in its place. The surgery and recovery time keep him out of the Senate until the end of May. Dr. Janis Travell writes: “… John F. Kennedy was born with the left side of his body smaller than the right; the left side of his face is smaller; his left shoulder is lower…and his [left] leg is appreciably shorter. This is true all his life.” Travell’s care of JFK will continue up to the time of his death.

While recovering from the procedure, he writes “Profiles in Courage,” which wins the Pulitzer Prize in 1957. (Later it is discovered that the book is actually the work of Kennedy’s longtime aide, Theodore Sorensen.)

JFK Profiles in Courage
JFK takes the credit for writing Profiles in Courage but actually his aide Theodore Sorensen does the work.

One day in the summer of 1955, Jack phones Marilyn Monroe from his duplex apartment in the Carlyle Hotel and asks her to come over. Marilyn, after divorcing Joe DiMaggio, is living in New York city and taking acting classes at the Actors Studio. She and Jack are already seeing each other in California.

Marilyn Monore
Marilyn Monroe is living in New York City after divorcing Joe DiMaggio. That makes it more convenient for her to meet up with JFK.

In August, JFK and Torbert Macdonald board the liner United States for Europe. When they land in Le Havre, Gunilla von Post is waiting for JFK in Sweden. Once he arrives a few days later, Kennedy and Gunilla spend a romantic week together in a Swedish Castle. Gunilla would later say: “I borrowed him for a week, a beautiful week that no one can take away from me.”

SS United States bw
JFK travels to Europe one S.S. United States, at the time the newest, largest and fastest ocean liner constructed entirely in the United States.

By mid August, JFK and Macdonald leave Sweden. Gunilla von Post tells her mother that JFK plans to divorce Jackie and marry her. Post’s mother replies: “Our Jack wants to be president of the United States someday, and his father wants that for him, too. Do you really suppose he will divorce Jackie now? For a Swedish girl nobody in his country has ever heard of?”

Despite his claim that, “If I don’t have a woman for three days, I get terrible headaches,” Gunilla feels that Kennedy is a man who “simply needs a woman to satisfy his sexual hungers and will then go on to something else.”

Gunilla von Post and JFK
In August 1955, JFK arranges a visit to Sweden and finally beds Gunilla von Post.

The week ends with tearful kisses and hugs at the airport. The night before, Kennedy tells her repeatedly: “I love you, Gunilla. I adore you. I’m crazy about you, and I’ll do everything I can to be with you.”

Gunilla in her memoirs states: “I was relatively inexperienced, and JFK’s tenderness was a revelation. He said, ‘Gunilla, we’ve waited two years for this. It seems almost too good to be true, and I want to make you happy.” She alleges that JFK calls his father and tells him he will divorce Jackie and marry Gunilla, only to be told he’d destroy his political career if he does. It all ends that very night.

A week later, Jackie and her sister join JFK and Macdonald on the French Riviera. JFK tries to reach Gunilla von Post by telephone before Jackie arrives, but Post’s mother reminds him that he is now a married man. JFK eventually tells Gunilla that he’s talked to his father about his marriage. Joe Kennedy supposedly tells Jack: “You’re going to be president someday. Divorce is impossible. Can’t you get it into your head that it’s not important what you really are? The only important thing is what people think you are.”

On October 11, 1955, JFK and Jackie arrive in the U.S. from Europe aboard the United States. JFK is immediately taken to see Dr. Janet Travell. She increases the doses of JFK’s painkilling injections.

By the fall of 1955, notice of the Profiles in Courage publication begins to appear in some national newspapers. On November 13, 1955, Jackie Kennedy breaks her ankle playing touch football in Hyannis Port with the Kennedy family. She is in the hospital for five days and leaves with a cast from below the knee to her toes.

Jackie on crutches
Jackie breaks her leg in Hyannis Port with the Kennedy boys in a rough game of touch football.

1956</br />
“Profiles in Courage” Puts JFK on the National Map.

He is a central figure at the Democratic National Convention, but his womanizing is getting out of hand.

January 1st, 1956, “Profiles in Courage” is on the front page of the New York Times Book Review along with a photo of JFK. It becomes a best seller, and stays on the bestseller’ list for 95 weeks.

The book gives Kennedy the political credibility he did not have before. It brings him into the ranks of other senators. 1956 is a presidential election year, a time when national political exposure is in full swing, so the book becomes a large political chip in the big game for JFK.

One reason the book makes the “best seller list” is because sly Joe Kennedy, Sr., is secretly buying up thousands of copies. What’s a few hundred thousand dollars to pump up the image of his son the he plans to put in the White House some day? It’s chump change for someone as rich as Joe Senior.

JFK Profiles
“Profiles in Courage” becomes a #1 seller and makes the front page of the New York Times.

Jackie Kennedy and William Holden begin an affair at Charlie Feldman’s house on Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. This is the same house and with the same guy who introduces Jackie’s husband (Jack Kennedy) to Marilyn Monroe just two years before. A few days after JFK and Jackie leave California, Jackie tells JFK of her fling with Holden. Jackie soon discovers that she is pregnant. After her confession, JFK doubts the child is his.

jackie and William Holden
Jackie meets up with actor William Holden in the same house that JFK earlier meets up the Marilyn Monroe.

On August 13-17, the Democratic National Convention begins. The push for convention votes among the vice-presidential candidates makes for dramatic television viewing as a series of roll-call ballots fascinates the nation. Three separate ballots take place. On the second ballot, Kennedy leads 618 to 551½. At one point, the Chicago Daily News reports that Kennedy and Kefauver are tied, each short of the number to nominate. Kennedy then goes to the floor and asks for Kefauver to be put on the ticket by acclamation. Stevenson, watching on TV at his hotel, is disappointed. The Stevenson-Kefauver ticket is then crushed by the re-election of President Dwight Eisenhower and his running mate, Richard Nixon in November.

24 JFK Dem Conv
At the 1956 Democratic National Convention, JFK asks that Senator Estes Kefauver be named the Vice-Presidential candidate by acclamation, even though JFK holds a strong second-place position.

But there’s another person in attendance at the Democratic Convention of 1956 who is very much transfixed with JFK. Frank Sinatra is fascinated with seeing the young Kennedy seek the VP slot. It’s through the Lawfords that Sinatra comes to really know JFK on a personal level. The Lawfords own the former mansion of Hollywood mogul Louis B. Mayer, a large beachfront house in Malibu. Here, “Rat Packers,” Kennedy campaigners, and other Hollywood stars will gather for famous sex parties in the pool.

Immediately after the convention, JFK needs to unwind. His good friend Grant Stockdale has just the ticket. In fact, Stockdale has two tickets, one for himself and one for JFK, for a trip to Havana, Cuba, for a weekend of sex at the infamous Casa Marina brothel. On the first night, Stockdale has arranged something really special: a 16-year-old virgin has been purchased for the evening. Unbelievably, in all of JFK’s sexual conquests up to this point, he’s never had a virgin, and his good buddy Stockdale has lined one up. Her name is Pilar.

25 casa marina
Right after the convention, JFK and his good friend Grant Stockdale head for Havana to have sex with a 16-year-old virgin. Her name is Pilar, and she will get her revenge against both men.

The event couldn’t happen at a finer place. At the time, Casa Marina is the gold standard for bordellos. Plush draperies and period furniture adorn her parlors. White-coated servants who graciously decline tips or payment serve refreshments to visitors. Marina’s crowning service is rarely offered in Cuba or anywhere else. Two trained nurses stand by from dawn to dawn in a spotlessly clean “clinic” to guard the health of customer and employee alike.

A few days later, the morning of August 23, 1956, Jackie is about to deliver her first baby. She is hemorrhaging and gives birth to a stillborn infant named Arabella while JFK is now on a yacht in the Mediterranean with friends. Jack cannot be reached because he doesn’t give Jackie the transatlantic phone number. He is afraid she will call him.

26 jfk yacht
In 1956, while Jackie is suffering through a stillbirth, Jack is cruising the Mediterranean with some free spirited friends.

Racing back to his wife does not occur to the Massachusetts senator until friends suggest that public disapproval over his absence will ruin him forever in the eyes of women voters. His friend, Florida Senator George Smathers, puts it to him bluntly: “You better haul your ash back to your wife if you ever want to run for president.”

Jackie tells her mother, “I just can’t see myself spending the rest of my life with Jack Kennedy. It’s not going to happen. She complains of his “funny body, skinny, with toothpick legs.” Rumor has it that Jack is a fast shooter and has an average size, uncircumcised penis with a crooked slant to the left. He gives the penis the nickname J.J.

Jackie speaks of divorce earlier in their marriage, after finding her husband in his office having oral sex with a Senate Office Building temp named Peggy Ashe. By this time, Jackie is too depressed by Jack’s sexual exploits to keep everything out of the public view.

One night when JFK returns home from a hotel frolic with a mistress, he and Jackie get into an ugly fight that spills into the street. Following the domestic blowup, Kennedy has his wife committed to the Valley Head Clinic in Carlisle, Mass., where she undergoes three electroshock treatments. When she is released from the hospital, instead of going to her Hickory Hill mansion, she flies to New York to see her family and meet with her father-in-law Joe Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy knows all too well the marital problems the couple faces and warns her. “There is danger for you as a divorced Catholic woman,” he tells her. “I suggest you put divorce out of your mind.” Joe Kennedy offers his daughter-in-law a check for one million dollars to stay with Jack. Jackie tells him that the cost of her staying with JFK goes to twenty million dollars “if he brings home any venereal disease from any of his sluts.”

27 Jackie gets $1 million
Joe Kennedy offers his daughter in law Jacqueline Kennedy one million dollars to stay married to his son, Senator John F. Kennedy, and keep alive the presidential dream he has.

If Jackie divorces Jack while he is a U.S. Senator, the old man’s dreams of having a son in the White House goes down the drain. And he is more concerned about those political desires than he is about Jackie being excommunicated by the Catholic Church.

Bobby Declares War on Crime.

As JFK begins traveling and speaking across the U.S.A. preparing for the 1960 Presidential Election, his little brother Bobby goes after Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters.

Kennedy in 1957, a junior U.S. Senator nearing the end of his first six-year term, is mounting a senate re-election campaign in Massachusetts. JFK is more than just a U.S. Senator; he’s vying for leadership within his party.

In 1957, he wins a seat on the respected Senate Foreign Relations Committee and also joins the Senate Rackets Committee then investigating organized crime and labor — the same committee where his younger brother Bobby is serving as chief counsel.

The McClellan Committee opens Senate hearings on 26 February 1957 to investigate corruption, criminal intrusion, and illegal activities in the nation’s labor unions. Chaired by Democrat John McClellan, the committee includes John F. Kennedy and Barry Goldwater, along with Robert Kennedy as chief counsel. The committee’s investigation is focused its first year on the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamster president Dave Beck, and Beck’s successor Jimmy Hoffa. The hearings are on televisions and 1.2 million American households watch with shock. The committee details the Teamsters’ misuse of union funds and ties to labor hoodlums and organized crime. While the inquiry leads to the conviction of more than twenty individuals including Beck, it fails to convict Hoffa and in fact, strengthens his power. The investigation also leads to the Teamsters’ removal from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL CIO) in December 1957.

The Beck and Hoffa hearings produce strong criticisms of Robert Kennedy as well. Many critics say he’s a brow-beater, badgerer, insolent, overbearing, intolerant, and even cruel. Hoffa and other witnesses anger Kennedy to the point where he loses control, and yells and offends them.

jimmy hoffa and dave beck
Bobby Kennedy browbeats Teamster President Dave Beck and turns the heat up on his replacement Jimmy Hoffa.

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, one of Robert Kennedy’s mentors, criticizes Kennedy for believing the guilt of anyone who uses his Fifth Amendment rights. The Chicago American newspaper so strongly criticizes Robert Kennedy for his arrogant, behavior during the hearings that a concerned Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., flies to Washington, D.C. to see for himself if Robert Kennedy is jeopardizing John Kennedy’s political future.

Kennedy’s focus on Hoffa is so strong that many observers at the time as well as later believe Kennedy has a personal feud against Hoffa. In years to come, Bobby Kennedy brings his legal hammer down on the Mafia, especially one Carlos Marcello. (On November 22, 1963, Bobby gets the ultimate payback when his brother is killed in Dallas.) Of course, Bobby Kennedy conveniently ignores the fact that his own father had amassed a fortune as a bootlegger during the prohibition era, and some of his father’s closest associates were and still are members of the Mafia.

RF Kennedy JF Kennedy K Mundt May1 957
John and Robert Kennedy are members of the McClellan Committee as they investigate organized crime and bring the hammer down on the Mafia.

Joe Kennedy Keeps JFK’s Front Page Position Buzzing

But it’s Frank Sinatra’s starlets and Havana’s Sex Shows that keep JFK coming back for more.

JFK who is still a U.S. Senator begins his unofficial campaign for the White House. Fellow Democrats in the Senate who are also presidential candidates at the time are Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey.

 jfk,lbj humphrey
JFK is doing some early campaigning for the White House, but his competition at the time is LBJ and Hubert Humphrey.

JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, pulls out all stops to make his son’s publicity campaign a success. He calls upon the editors of the country’s largest newspapers and magazine for full coverage of his son’s quest for the White House.

On March 11, 1957 JFK is on the cover of Life Magazine

31 JFK 1957 Life Magazine
Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK, pulls in all favors to bring the image of his son to the forefront of the American people.

On April 11, The “April in Paris Ball” is held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Taking time off from his busy speaking schedule, JFK takes his wife Jackie to the black tie event. Also attending the ball is Arthur Miller and his wife Marilyn Monroe.

32 1957 April in Paris Ball
JFK and Jackie attend the same posh ball at the Waldorf Astoria in New York as Marilyn Monroe and husband Arthur Miller. Each couple keeps their distance at the event.

Profiles in Courage, in the meantime, returns to the news on May 6, 1957, as Kennedy wins a Pulitzer Prize. Critics say that Kennedy’s father is involved behind the scenes making the argument for the Pulitzer Prize on his son’s behalf. They also charge Kennedy’s authorship of Profiles in Courage, suggesting that Kennedy’s aide, Ted Sorensen, is the real author. Later on it is revealed that JFK gave more than half of the books royalties for the first five years to Sorenson to keep him quiet and not to reveal his real involvement.

33 JFK signs Profiles in Courage
JFK takes time to sign his new book Profiles in Courage for the Young Democrats Club in Reno, Nevada.

On Nov 8. JFK is in Reno, Nevada to speak to the Young Democrats Club. Shortly after finishing his speech he takes the 45-minute drive to the Cal-Neva Lodge for a week of rest from his busy speaking tour.

Here at the Cal-Neva, he’s hanging out with Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford, who basically function as his purveyors of film stars for the young Senator. Film and TV actress Lee Remick, who is starring in “Anatomy of a Murder” and “Days of Wine and Roses,” has been sleeping with Peter Lawford. Here at the Cal-Neva she takes up with Jack Kennedy.

34 LeeRemick1957
November 1957, Jacqueline Kennedy has just given birth to a healthy little girl. About the same time, JFK is seeing Hollywood actress Lee Remick.

On November 27, 1957, Jackie gives birth to a healthy little girl, Caroline and hopefully bringing happiness into their lives. But Jack’s use of cortisones for his Addison’s disease increases his libido and doesn’t stop nor slows down his sexual cheating.

34 Sinatra at Puccinis
35 The Kennedys with Caroline
JFK is too busy partying with Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford to be at home Jackie and new daughter Caroline.

When December rolls around, JFK is on the cover of Time magazine thanks again to his father Joe Kennedy. The public relations machine is grinding out not only major magazine coverage, but his book signing creates political currency for him as well.

36 JFK on 1957 Time Magazine
Once again the magic of Joe Kennedy keeps JFK’s image on the front page of America’s magazines. This ploy by Papa Kennedy will pay off during the 1960 U.S. Presidential Election.

It’s the end of the year, and JFK is in Chicago attending the Conference of Christians & Jews. Here, Sam Giancana fixes him up with one of Chicago’s finest prostitutes, courtesy of the Chicago Outfit.

Ah, Havana, Gambling and Sex…Lots and Lots of Sex!

JFK will visit Havana 12 times in 1957, and that still doesn’t curb his appetite for young females.

Then on December 23, after a busy year of pre-presidential campaigning, JFK and his good pal Grant Stockdale fly from Chicago to Miami and then catch a connecting flight to one of JFK’s favorite places: Havana, Cuba. Kennedy likes Cuba. He likes the style. Stockdale and JFK are visiting Cuba, and are honored at an embassy Christmas party, followed by some gambling at the Sans Souci casino. JFK also goes sailing, plays golf, and visits various nightspots.

37 pulitzer celebration
After Profiles in Courage wins the Pulitzer Prize and a busy year of campaigning, JFK and his good friend Grant Stockdale fly to Havana to celebrate with lots of women. What else?

The two are also on an expense-paid political junket to Havana. The purpose of the trip is to supposedly check the sugar production of the Caribbean island. JFK has nothing but fond memories of Cuba. This is where his long-time lover, Flo Pritchett Smith lives. She is now married to Earl Smith, U.S. Ambassador to Cuba. It’s also where he deflowered a beautiful young virgin just a year ago at Casa Marina. Now, there’s something kinkier in store, courtesy of Tampa mobster Santo Trafficante, Jr.

38 Cubana Airlines poster
Cabana Airlines features stewardesses serving frozen daiquiris, as an acrobatic dance team from the Tropicana floor show dances down the aisle.

JFK and his friend Grant Stockdale are swaying to the music and living it up as Tropicana dancers mambo to rhythmic Latin music being played by four musicians decked out in fiesta costumes, with trumpet, drums, guitar and maracas. Stewardesses showing lots of cleavage serve frozen daiquiris as an acrobatic dance team from the Tropicana floor shows dances down the aisle. Lucky JFK gets his signature hairstyle mussed and his cheeks patted as a sexy dancer passes by.

39 Cubana Airlines dancing in the isles
JFK and Grant Stockdale fly Cubana Airlines to Havana after finishing a year of campaign trips, book signings and speaking engagements.

Upon landing in Havana, JFK and Stockdale are shuttled from the Jose Marti International Airport to the brand new Hotel Capri. A limousine rolls up to the entrance, and JFK and Stockdale step out. Both are very tipsy after drinks on the plane and at a stop at the Tropicana nightclub. They are primed and ready for some kinky sex at the Capri.

George Raft and Liberace?

Big names in entertainment find their way to Havana, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Gary Cooper, Maureen O’Hara, Errol Flynn and Ernest Hemingway just to name a few.

Throngs of revelers are at the gambling tables as JFK and Stockdale come in. George Raft, a partner and the public relations face of the Capri Casino, greets them warmly. Raft motions them to follow, and they walk toward the private elevators in an alcove at the back of the room. Stockdale nudges JFK and they snicker like two teenagers.

40 George Raft greets JFK at the Capri
Hollywood actor George Raft and part owner of the Capri Hotel & Casino greets JFK and Grant Stockdale as they arrive at the hotel in 1957.

As they walk past the Florentine Room, they see a LIBERACE sign out front. They peek inside then hurry on. The three of them get into the elevator, and Raft pushes the button.

41 Liberace Havana
Liberace dances with a Tropicana showgirl during one of his performances at the Capri Hotel & Casino in Havana during 1957.

JFK and Stockdale joke about who will go first. Suddenly, like a couple of kids, JFK and Stockdale do “rock, paper, scissors.” Raft is mildly amused. JFK wins and gives the two thumbs up sign gleefully. Raft rolls his eyes at their juvenile behavior.

42 George Raft Capri
US. Actor George Raft is part owner of the Capri Hotel & Casino. He is shown here outside the Florentine Room waiting for Liberace to perform.

JFK steps out of the elevator and starts down the hall limping slightly and rubbing his sore back. Raft opens the door and stands aside for JFK and Stockdale to enter. The room is elegantly appointed. On one side of the room, there’s a huge mirror in a gold leaf frame.

Waiting for them inside are three gorgeous women, one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead. They are wearing costumes (a nurse, a French maid and a dominatrix dressed in leather). JFK and Stockdale are delighted. They both start to disrobe as they approach their prizes.

43 nurse dominatrix maid
JFK and Stockdale are greeted by three gorgeous women. They are wearing costumes as a nurse, a French maid and a leathered Nazi punisher.

Meanwhile, six members of the mob are at the casino having a high stakes poker game in a smoke-filled room next door to the “love nest.” Jack Ruby is there, along with Dave Yaras, Charlie Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli, some of Sam Giancana’s men from Chicago. Everyone except Ruby is smoking Cuban cigars.

44 Jack Ruby and Johnny Roselli
Jack Ruby rubs shoulders with Johnny Roselli and other Chicago mobsters while they are in Havana in 1957.

Santo Trafficante Jr. and George Raft come in, and the players all turn to acknowledge them. Trafficante pulls back the curtain to reveal a two-way mirror into the next room where JFK, Stockdale and the three women are in a cluster on the bed. All the men in the room cheer and holler when they see the surprise sex show unfolding through the large mirror. Trafficante lights a cigar as he watches the action through the mirror wishing he had a camera to record the long night of very kinky sex.

The following day, a U.S. Embassy staff car with a motorcycle police escort is driving along the boulevard.

Inside the car is Flo Pritchett Smith, an attractive, stylishly dressed lady in her mid 40s. She is sitting in the back seat while looking at her compact mirror for a last-minute check of her make-up. She is the wife of Earl Smith, U.S. Ambassador to Cuba. The Embassy staff car pulls up to the entrance of the Capri Hotel. A doorman opens the car door. Flo steps out and breezes into the hotel.

JFK is seated at a breakfast table having coffee, smoking a cigar and reading the Wall Street Journal. He is wearing a plush Capri Hotel bathrobe. Mid-morning sunlight is streaming through the large sliding-glass balcony door.

There is a soft knock at the door, and JFK struggles slightly to stand up. He holds his back and grimaces in pain as he walks over to the door. He opens the door, and Flo is standing there in a provocative pose with a naughty look on her face. JFK smiles in surprise and pulls her inside.

45 Flo Prichertt Smith meet up with JFK in Havana
In 1957, Flo Pritchett Smith, the wife of U.S. Ambassador to Cuba, Earl Smith has a romantic liaison with JFK at his hotel in Havana.

FBI files show that over the next two years JFK makes more than a dozen different visits to Cuba in order to meet Flo. On one of the visits, Jack takes along Bill Thompson, an old war buddy and subsequently one of his “purveyors of girls.” JFK and Thompson are “ashole buddies” as Thompson’s son later tells it. Meyer Lansky’s widow will reveal that, as a senator, JFK himself approaches Meyer in Havana and asks his advice on where the girls are the liveliest.

Flo Smith also routinely meets Kennedy in Miami and Palm Beach, where their homes are conveniently adjoined. On one occasion, JFK hops a fence between their homes to swim with Flo. When the Secret Service agents can’t find him, they call in the FBI. The FBI then turns to Palm Beach Police Chief Homer Large, a trusted Kennedy family associate. The Police Chief knows exactly where to find JFK. He tells the FBI that Kennedy is next door in Earl E.T. Smith’s swimming pool. The police later that evening find JFK and Flo alone, and as Homer puts it, “They weren’t doing the Australian crawl.”

JFK Meets Churchill, Jackie Sits on the World’s Largest Penis.

JFK is almost never home always, ditching Jackie at parties to rendezvous later with some other woman. Jackie wants out of this marriage!

On November 1, 1958, Gunilla von Post and her husband are guests at a Waldorf Astoria charity ball in New York. JFK and his wife, Jacqueline, are on the stage. From her table, Gunilla scribbles a note on her napkin and asks a waiter to give it to the senator. Shortly afterwards Kennedy meets her in a corridor. Later she says, “He just gave me a huge hug. And then he said, “It’s wonderful to see you. I love you.” It was the last time they would meet.

In February 1958 JFK attracts the attention of the FBI when during a trip to Arizona, he attends mass with mobster Gus Battaglia, best friend of crime boss Joe Bonanno who meets Jack at Battaglia’s ranch. J. Edgar Hoover is filling his files with JFK’s reckless get together with heads of major crime families. Hoover will share the files with LBJ in years to come.

By this time, Jackie is not adapting well to married life. She can’t cook, and she hates Jack’s friends just coming by at any time. Her husband is almost never at home. He always is leaving her at parties. On one occasion, JFK’s friend, Lem Billings, drives her home. He tells her she is married to a “compulsive womanizer and no one woman can satisfy Jack.”

46 jack jackie lem
(L) John F. Kennedy with (M) Jackie Bouvier and ® Lem Billings before Jack and Jackie are married in 1953.

In the summer of 1958, Kennedy and Sinatra, spend time with the Lawfords. Sinatra is calling the young Senator “a friend of mine.” Meanwhile, on trips east, Sinatra visits Kennedy in Washington, D.C. at a “hideaway” suite that Kennedy keeps at the Mayflower Hotel. This is the private and secret place where JFK has dinner parties for celebrities and private guests. Likewise, Kennedy, when traveling west on political business, visits Sinatra, sometimes lounging on a boat with a bunch of naked women.

47 Billy Graham JFK
Kennedy keeps a secret hideaway suite at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. JFK is here with Reverend Billy Graham who is the guest speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Imagine if this surfaces before the election of 1960. Americans judge their leaders based on public accomplishments instead of sexual morality.

One night in 1958, while then-Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline were vacationing in the south of France, Onassis invites them onto his yacht to meet former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, one of JFK’s idols. Churchill wants to meet JFK, whom he considers “Presidential timber.”

After meeting Churchill on the Onassis yacht Christina, John F. Kennedy asks his wife, ‘Well, how did I do?’ Jacqueline Kennedy replies, ‘I think he thought you were a waiter, Jack.’

48 Churchill meets Onassis
JFK meets Churchill for the first time in 1958. When he asks Jackie “ How well did I do?” Jackie replies, “ I think he thought you were a waiter, Jack.”

While Kennedy and Churchill talk, Onassis meets Jackie for the first time, and notices everything about her, from her clothing to her short dark hair blowing in the evening breeze. He tells Costa Gratsos, one of his most confidential aides, “There’s something damned willful about her, and there’s something provocative about that lady. She’s got a carnal soul.” Gratsos tries to talk Onassis out of his obvious intense interest in the young Jacqueline Kennedy, telling him he is too old for her. As the men talk, Onassis shows Mrs. Kennedy around his yacht, and a romance is born. She sits on one of Ari’s bar stools, which is upholstered with the foreskin of the minke whale. The barstools allow Onassis to indulge in one of his poor jokes. “Jackie,” he says, “You are sitting on the largest penis in the world.” She replies sarcastically, “Finally.”

On November 4, JFK is re-elected as the Senator from Massachusetts.

The Run-Up to the Presidential Election.

In the final stretch of the Presidential race, Democratic Texas politico LBJ is out in front. JFK is closing fast, and Sinatra’s Jack Pack will make a difference. Of course, having Sam Giancana on his team won’t hurt either.

In November 1959, Sinatra and JFK attend a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles and dine at Puccini’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. The restaurant is owned by Sinatra and Peter Lawford.

34 Sinatra at Puccinis
November 1959, Sinatra and JFK attend a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles and dine at Puccini’s restaurant in Beverly Hills owned by Sinatra and Peter Lawford.

Later that evening, JFK and his aide, Dave Powers, spend the night at Sinatra’s Palm Springs estate. After Kennedy’s stay there, Sinatra begins calling the room “the Kennedy room” and later has a nameplate put on the door noting “John F. Kennedy Slept Here.” JFK at this point is a recently re-elected U.S. Senator only, not yet a formal presidential candidate.

49 sinatra lawford JFK
Frank Sinatra gets so attached to JFK’s political future he begins to refer to his Rat Pack as the Jack Pack.

In 1959, JFK continues his “informal campaign” for president, now in its third year. In his travels, Kennedy makes a practice of issuing denials of a presidential bid. However, he is running hard, and most Democratic insiders know that by 1959. Back in Washington, a “stop Kennedy” movement begins forming among his competitors.

In March, his Catholic faith makes front page in the media after Look magazine quotes him at length on the issue. This brings both pro- and anti-Catholic voices into the election. Kennedy’s Catholicism will follow him until election day – no matter how many times he explains his firm belief in separation of church and state, that his loyalty will be to the people, that he will not be “ordered by the Pope.”

JFK’s travels that year take him to a variety of events – like the International Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana where, among other things, he crowns that year’s Rice Queen,

50 JFK Rice Festival 1959
1959 Rice Festival in Crowley Louisiana- JFK crowns rice festival queen Judith Ann Haydel.

In presidential polling, Kennedy isn’t always the top choice of voters, nor is he considered at the top of the ticket. One Gallup poll of July 22, 1959 has JFK running as Adlai Stevenson’s V.P., with that ticket beating a Nixon- Rockefeller slate by 53%-to- 42%, with 5% undecided.

In August, a Congressional Quarterly survey of Democrats in Congress has Senator Lyndon Johnson (D-TX) as the top pick with 32 percent, followed by Sen. Stuart Symington (D-MO) and Adlai Stevenson (D-IL), each with 18 percent. JFK is fourth in that poll with 17 percent.

Kennedy is also still organizing his campaign team in 1959. On September 1, Pierre Salinger works for the JFK’s campaign staff. Already working for Kennedy in Washington are Ted Sorensen, Larry O’Brien, Kenny O’Donnell, Lou Harris, and others. JFK’s younger brother, Bobby, resigns his Senate Committee position, joins the campaign full-time on September 11, and is given the job of campaign manager.
In October, U.S. Rep. Sam Rayburn (D-TX), Speaker of the House, announces the creation of a Johnson-for-President Committee showing the candidacy of Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas the Senate Majority leader.

51 Rayburn announces LBJ
U.S. Representative Sam Rayburn of Texas announces the Lyndon B. Johnson for President Committee that will support LBJ’s run for President of the United States.

In December, Senator Wayne Morse jumps into the Oregon primary as a favorite son. Later that month, Senator Humphrey makes his move and becomes the official candidate from his state. A few days earlier on the Republican side, presidential candidate, New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, drops out from his party’s race. Vice President Richard Nixon now is the clear front running candidate to the Republican nomination. But with JFK’s campaign there’s more jumping going on in the bedroom than with the polls.

Pamela Turnure, a Georgetown debutante, who dates Prince Aly Kahn often, receives Kennedy late at night at her Washington apartment. Her landlady recognizes him and sends a photo to the Washington Star. Instead of being upset, the First Lady selects Turnure in 1960 to become her personal secretary in order to keep a close eye on her.

52 Pamela Turner
Jackie hires Pamela Turnure to be her personal secretary in order to keep JFK under a bit of control. Turnure ends up in JFK’s bed when Jackie is not around.

Later on that year, the sexy film actress Hedy Lamarr states she has sex in a bathtub with JFK and his rubber ducks. He always likes the woman to be on top because of his bad back. However, in a quick move, he accidentally pushes her backward. Her head is now under water, and she feels like she is drowning. This causes her to have a vaginal spasm but he has an orgasm of course. Infuriated, she tells her literary agent everything and refuses to speak to Kennedy ever again. She ends up voting for Nixon.

53 Hedy Lamarr
Actress Hedy Lamarr reveals she was almost drowned in the bathtub having sex with JFK. She tells her literary agent she never wants to hear from him again.