Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ)

It’s hard to categorize LBJ as”minor” regarding any topic, but particularly in the case of the Kennedy assassination. Many people suspect Johnson of being involved in JFK’s death, with some putting him at the t0p of the suspect list. If that were true, he would be a major character in this story. However, the truth is, Johnson had nothing to do with the assassination, but everything to do with the cover-up. Not that he was incapable of having someone whacked. Murder was one of the many tools in Johnson’s repertoire, and he had plied it numerous times in the past, just as JFK himself had done. Until Kennedy was killed, Johnson’s role was minor.  But once Johnson ascends to the presidency, he takes control of the events surrounding the assassination and steers them in the direction of the lone-nut theory. Lyndon Johnson helps make Lee Harvey Oswald the demon who did it.

LBJ means business

LBJ was a larger-than-life figure but played a minor role in the Kennedy assassination story.

Carlos Marcello

Carlos Marcello was one of the longest running heads of a Mafia family in the United States. He took over the infamous Sicilian Black Hand family in New Orleans following the deportation to Italy of Sam “Silver Dollar” Corolla in 1947. He became head of a family that was well liked by mobsters in other parts of the country because everyone profited from the New Orleans family. Marcello continued the tradition of working in harmony with other families. To show their appreciation, other families stayed out of New Orleans unless invited in. Marcello’s territory also included Dallas where he worked with Joe Civello, who also was friendly with Joe Campisi of Egyptian Restaurant fame, who was well acquainted with Jack Ruby. Marcello also worked closely with Santo Trafficante, Jr., in Tampa, Florida. Marcello and Trafficante were close friends. Marcello was not friends of the Kennedys, especially Robert Kennedy. In fact, they were mortal enemies. Marcello vowed to kill Robert Kennedy after RFK had him kidnapped by the F.B.I. and illegally deported to Guatemala. At the time, Marcello was holding a fake passport from Guatemala, so RFK had Marcello taken there and rudely left with only the clothes on his back. Guatemala immediately kicked out Marcello and punctuated it by dropping him off in the middle of a thick jungle in neighboring Honduras. Marcello miraculously survived more than a week in the jungle and eventually made his way back into the U.S. He was able to sneak back in aboard one of the shrimp boats his company operated in the Gulf of Mexico. Marcello swore he would kill Robert Kennedy, but he knew that would incur the wrath of his big brother, President John Kennedy. So Marcello decided to kill JFK instead. He wanted to make doubly sure that they got JFK this time, so he sent two teams of assassins, Pilar, hired by Jack Ruby, and Lucien Sarti, hired by his friend Santo Trafficante, Jr. JFK’s death would render Robert Kennedy powerless. And it would put into office an old friend, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Carlos Marcello

Carlos Marcello was head of the New Orleans crime family for almost 40 years, one of the longest periods of any Mafia family leader in U.S. history.