Friday, November 22, 1963

12:20 a.m., Cabana Hotel, 899 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas
Jack Ruby arrives at the hotel.  He has a quick meeting with Chicago mobster Charles “Chuckie” Nicoletti and returns to his Carousel Club on Commerce Street in downtown Dallas.

The Cabana Motor Hotel is a mob favorite.
The Cabana Motor Hotel on the Stemmons Freeway is a magnet for hoods. Johnny Roselli, Charly Nicoletti, Phil Alderisio, and Richard Caine all stay here when they come to Dallas for “the big event.”  Nicoletti and Roselli will fire from the Dal-Tex Building.  Caine will shoot with a silenced rifle from behind the pergola on the grassy knoll on the southside of Commerce Street.

12:30 a.m., Ruth Paine’s House, 2515 West 5th Street, Irving, Texas
Lee Harvey Oswald is up pacing the floor at Ruth Paine’s house where his wife, Marina, and their daughters, June and Audrey, are staying.  He and Marina are estranged, and he is living in a boarding house at 1026 Beckley in Oak Cliff. He spends weekends with Marina and the children at the Paine house, but he usually comes on Friday night. This weekend, he comes a day early, surprising Marina and Ruth Paine. He is having a sleepless night.

Ruth Paine's house in Irving
The night before the assassination, Oswald shows up at the Paine house to visit his estranged wife, Marina.

1:30 a.m., the Carousel Club, Dallas
Jack Ruby and exotic dancer Jada (Janet Conforto) leave the Carousel Club for a 30 minute drive to Ft. Worth. Although the traffic is light, Ruby splurges and takes the Turnpike. He wants to make sure he arrives on time.

2:10 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
Ruby and Jada arrive at the service entrance of the Texas Hotel.  The hotel’s concierge is waiting to meet them.  He accompanies Jada to room 612.  Ruby heads back to Dallas.

Jack delivers Jada to JFK in Ft. Worth the night before his death.

2:15 a.m., Cellar Door Bar, Ft. Worth
Ruby drives by the Cellar Door Bar a few blocks away.  He is stunned to see three black unmarked cars parked on the street out front. He heads back to Dallas.

2:55 a.m, Lucas B&B Restaurant, Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
Ruby stops off at Lucas B&B.  He chats briefly with Lura Eaves, the night hostess.  He complains about his busy schedule with the president in town.  She wonders what the president’s visit has to do with Ruby’s schedule. Mary Lawrence is his waitress.  She says he is joined by Lee Harvey Oswald.  Lura Eaves does not see Ruby with Oswald.  On his way out, Ruby uses the pay phone to make a call.  Lura Eaves says Ruby is very agitated as he talks.  He slams the phone down and leaves.

Jack Ruby stops off at Lucas B&B Restaurant where one witness says he meets Lee Harvey Oswald.

3:10 a.m., the Cellar Door Bar, Ft. Worth
Nine Secret Service agents are still partying and drinking at Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” in Ft. Worth. Several of the women serving liquor to the agents are strippers from Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club in Dallas. The waitresses are only wearing underwear.  Some of the agents are sitting with girls on cushions on the floor.

Secret Service agents party into the early morning hours at the Cellar Door club in Ft. Worth before they head for Dallas to protect JFK.

3:25 a.m., Vegas Club, Oak Lawn & Lemon, Dallas
Ruby leaves Lucas B&B and walks next door to his Vegas Club.  About 10 minutes later, David Atlee Phillips shows up.  The two men talk for a few minutes, and then Phillips hands Ruby a brown envelope and leaves.

3:30 a.m., the Cellar Door Bar, Ft. Worth
A secret service agent comes out of a back room with his arm around one of the girls.  He has on pants with his shirt pulled out.  The girl is wearing only her panties, with the Agent’s holster and gun slung over her shoulder. They go over to a table where four other agents are drinking and laughing it up with the girls.  He tells them it’s time to go. They’re having so much fun, no one wants to go, but they’re barely going to have time to get sober before the president comes down.  In fact Special Agent Don Lawton won’t be sober.  When Kennedy’s motorcade leaves Love Field, Agent Clint Hill waves him off the back of JFK’s car.

Secret Service Agent Don Lawton is waved off the motorcade because he hasn’t sobered up from the night’s partying.

4:05 a.m., Jack Ruby’s Apartment, 223 South Ewing, Oak Cliff
Ruby goes to his apartment at 223 South Ewing to get some sleep.  Ruby’s apartment is in the general vicinity of 10th and Patton Streets where Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit will be killed later in the day.

6:08 a.m., 6th Floor of the Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
JFK comes out of room 612 still fidgeting with his bow tie.  He has spent the last hour enjoying the pleasures of Dallas exotic dancer Jada (Janet Conforto), courtesy of Jack Ruby.  Two secret service agents are waiting outside the door and accompany him down the hallway to the elevators.  He does not speak to either agent.  When the elevator door opens, a secret service agent is waiting inside.  All three agents accompany JFK to the 8th floor and down the hallway to suite 850.  As soon as JFK steps inside the agents roll their eyes then snicker at yet another of JFK’s dalliances.  He has a different woman waiting at each stop on his travels. Jada is his favorite girl in Dallas.

6:30 a.m., 8th floor of the Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
The elevator door opens on the 8th floor, and Dr. Max Jacobson (Dr. Feelgood), steps out accompanied by a secret service agent.  Jacobson is carrying his small black doctor’s bag. The agent walks him to Suite 850.  The agent knocks on the door, it opens and Jacobson steps inside.  About ten minutes later, the door opens and Jacobson comes out.  JFK has had his morning fix.  Although he’s had almost no sleep, he’s ready to face the day.

6:30 a.m., Ruth Paine’s House, 2515 West 5th Street, Irving, Texas
Lee Harvey Oswald wakes up and gets ready to go to work at the Texas School Book Depository.  Before he goes, he takes off his wedding ring and leaves it in a cup on the dresser along with $170 in cash.  He leaves without saying goodbye to Marina and his daughters. He walks to Buell Wesley Frazier’s house less than a block away. Oswald is carrying a small package wrapped in brown paper.

7:10 a.m., Buell Wesley Frazier’s house, 2439 West 5th Street, Irving, Texas
Oswald arrives at Wesley Frazier’s house and goes to Frazier’s black ‘54 Chevy parked behind the house (The house is on the corner of 5th and Westbrook. The car is facing Westbrook.)  Oswald puts his package on the back seat then goes to the house and looks in the kitchen window.  Frazier is having breakfast in the kitchen.  His sister, Linnie Mae Randall is at the sink and is startled to see Oswald at the window.  Frazier goes to the door and tells Oswald to hang loose while he finishes breakfast.

Buell Frazier’s sister sees Oswald at the kitchen window of her home.

7:21 a.m., Buell Wesley Frazier’s house
Frazier comes out of the house and sees that Oswald is waiting in his car.  When Frazier gets in the car, he notices the package in back and says something about it.  (Frazier will later describe the package as about two feet long which would be too short for the Carcano rifle, even when broken down.)  Oswald matter-of-factly tells Frazier the package contains curtain rods for his rooming house windows.  They talk very little on their ride into work on the Stemmons Freeway.

Oswald and Frazier say very little to each other on the ride into town.

7:25 a.m., Jack Ruby’s Apartment, 223 South Ewing, Oak Cliff
After sleeping fitfully for about three hours, Ruby takes a quick shower and dresses while listening to KRLD radio news. The lead story is the president’s visit and another urgent plea by Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry to treat the president with the respect he is due.  Ruby takes the envelope he got from David Atlee Phillips and leaves for another trip to Ft. Worth.  He is going to meet mobster Johnny Roselli at the Ol’ South Pancake House.

7:30 a.m., Pilar’s apartment, 499 North Marsalis, Oak Cliff
Pilar wakes up refreshed from a good night’s sleep.  She gets out of bed, makes coffee, showers then leaves for work in the Dal-Tex Building across from Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository.  Pilar’s apartment also is close to Jack Ruby’s apartment, and the corner of 10th and Patton where Officer J.D. Tippit will be shot later in the day.

7:30 a.m., Cabana Hotel, Stemmons Freeway, Dallas
Mobster Jimmy Files, in a 63 white over maroon Chevy Impala, drives up to the front of the Cabana Hotel. Waiting for him is fellow mobster Johnny Roselli.  They leave for Ft. Worth to meet Jack Ruby at the Ol’ South Pancake House.

7:50 a.m. Texas School Book Depository, Dallas
Wesley Frazier pulls into the parking area north of the Texas School Book Depository annex.  He stays in his car revving his engine to charge up the battery.  Oswald takes the package out of the back seat and starts toward the main TSBD building.  It is misting rain so Oswald holds the package under his arm to keep it from getting wet as much as possible.  He has his arm extended with the package under his left armpit and cradled in his left hand. Frazier loses sight of Oswald who uses the entrance at the northeast corner of the building and takes the stairs to the sixth floor to stow the package.

8:00 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
JFK and Jackie are having coffee and chatting. Kennedy has seen the famous black border ad in the Dallas Morning News and the “Wanted for Treason” handbill that is being distributed in Dallas and comments to Jackie, “We’re headed into nut country today.”  He also sees a prediction from Richard Nixon that Kennedy will be dropping Johnson from the ticket in 1964.

In Dallas, JFK will be greeted with the hateful black border ad in the Dallas Morning News and the “Wanted for Treason” handbill.

8:10 a.m., 122 Melba Street, Oak Cliff
Anti-Castro activist Herminio Diaz Garcia, stashes a Carbine with scope and silencer in the bottom of a large tool box and leaves for work. He is dressed like a laborer.  He is part of a construction crew putting down new flooring on the 5th and 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.  He is one of two men who were recently added to the crew by building owner D.H. Byrd in order to complete the work before the Thanksgiving holiday. The other man is Cuban dissident Emilio Santana. Diaz Garcia throws his tool box in the back of an old white Ford panel truck then drives over to East 12th Street to pick up Santana.  The two then make the short drive across the Jefferson Viaduct into downtown Dallas and the Texas School Book Depository.

8:15 a.m. Dal-Tex Building, Dallas, Texas
Pilar drives into the parking area west of the Texas School Book Depository near the railroad tracks that cross the triple underpass.  She opens her umbrella as she walks on the sidewalk past the TSBD, crosses Houston Street and enters the Dal-Tex building on Elm Street.  She returns the “good morning” greetings of several people as she gets on the elevator to her third floor office overlooking Dealey Plaza.  The few people in the building who are familiar with Pilar know her as Lana DiOrio.

8:30 a.m., Ol’ South Pancake House, Ft. Worth
Jack Ruby arrives and goes inside.  He sees Johnny Roselli sitting alone in a booth and goes over to join him. Ruby does not see Jimmy Files sitting at the counter watching the two men as they sit and chat for about five minutes. Ruby takes the brown envelope out of his jacket and slides it over to Roselli.  Then Ruby gets up and leaves, followed first by Files, and Roselli a few minutes later.

Ol South Pancake House Jimmy Files
Jack Ruby meets Johnny Roselli at the Ol’ South Panckake House in Ft. Worth to give him fake Secret Service badges.

8:30 a.m., Texas School Book Depository
Herminio Diaz Garcia and Emilio Santana arrive at TSBD and park their white Ford panel truck in a loading zone behind the building.  Both men are carrying tool boxes as they enter one of the rear doors.  All the doors in the building are unlocked by this time.  Both men take the freight elevator to the fifth floor and immediately join the crew putting down large sheets of plywood over the old floor in the west end.  In one area by the windows near the southwest corner, the old floor has been pulled up exposing the beams.

8:45 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
JFK greets a crowd of well wishers in the parking lot outside the Texas Hotel.

JFK warm send off from Ft. Worth
JFK gets a warm send-off from Ft. Worth.

8:50 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
JFK gives an impromptu speech to several hundred people in front of the Texas Hotel.  Jackie remains in the hotel suite.

9:00 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
JFK arrives at the Texas Hotel ballroom for the Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

9:05 a.m., Love Field airport, Dallas
Richard Nixon who had been in town plugging Pepsi Cola at the soft drink bottlers’ convention departs on a flight from Love Field to New York.

9:10 a.m., Dal-Tex Building, Dallas, Texas
Pilar sits down at her drawing table and begins to sketch her new boot ideas.  She lights a cigarette, the first of many she will chain smoke throughout the morning.  By noon, her office will reek of cigarette smoke.

9:15 a.m., Simon’s Parking garage on Commerce Street, Dallas
Jack Ruby pulls into Simon’s Garage and goes to the second floor to park.  On his way to the stairwell, he stops at a 1960 blue Ford Falcon and peers in the window as though he is looking for something.  Then he proceeds to the stairs and leaves the garage, headed west on Commerce Street.  Dallas Police Officer T.M. Hanson who is on his way to City Hall on Harwood Street sees Ruby and stops to say hi.

9:15 a.m., Cabana Hotel, Dallas
Jimmy files drops off Johnny Roselli in front of the hotel, then makes a short drive into downtown.

9:20 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
Jackie Kennedy joins JFK in the Texas Hotel ballroom for the Chamber of Commerce breakfast. After breakfast, the Texas Boys Choir serenades guests with their rendition of “The Eyes of Texas.”

Jackie Kennedy at Ft. Worth breakfast
Jackie comes from her suite to join JFK in the ballroom.

9:25 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
JFK delivers a speech to the Ft. Worth Chamber of Commerce members in attendance.  It will be his last speech.  Afterwards, he is presented with a pair of cowboy boots and hat, and in an awkward exchange with the host, he refuses to wear the hat fearing it will make him look as silly as he looked when he wore a rice hat in Louisiana during his early campaign for the presidency in 1959.

JFK last speech
JFK delivers his last speech.  In about three hours, he will be dead.

9:30 a.m., Dallas Morning News Building, Young and Houston Streets, Dallas
Jack Ruby goes into the Morning News and proceeds to the advertising department to place an ad for the Vegas and Carousel clubs.  He stops to see Tony Zoppi to plug a new talent he’s lined up to perform at the Carousel Club, but Zoppi is out of town.

Dallas Morning News building
Ruby goes to the Morning News to place an ad for his clubs.

9:35 a.m., Dal-Tex Building, Elm and Houston Street, Dallas
Jimmy Files arrives at Dal-Tex Building.  He backs his Chevy Impala into a parking spot on Houston Street, directly in front of the Dal-Tex and right across the street from the Texas School Book Depository.  He lights a Pall Mall and sits there thinking about the day ahead as he smokes his cigarette.

Files parks at Dal-Tex
Jimmie Files backs into a parking spot in front of the Dal-Tex Building immediately across Houston Street from the TSBD..

9:35 a.m., Texas School Book Depository
Wesley Frazier is working with Junior Jarman filling book orders.  Jarman asks Frazier if they’re going to be given time to go out to see the motorcade when it comes by.  Frazier goes to ask his supervisor, Roy Truly, who advises him that everyone will be given time off to see the president and first lady.

9:45 a.m., Texas School Book Depository
Junior Jarman sees Lee Harvey Oswald on the sixth floor looking out the window at the parade route, but he thinks nothing of it at the time.

Junior Jarman sees Oswald
Like many people in the TSBD, Oswald is curious about the motorcade route.

10:15 a.m., Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
The Chamber of Commerce breakfast concludes and the JFK and Jackie return to their suite to prepare for their trip to Dallas.

10:30 a.m., Dallas Morning News  Building
Jack Ruby calls his sister, Eva Grant in Dallas, to ask her opinion about the advertisement he is trying to write for the Carousel Club.  He tells her he is calling from columnist Tony Zoppi’s office. Ruby likes to drop names.

10:40 a.m. Texas Hotel, Ft. Worth
The president and first lady depart the hotel in a motorcade headed for Carswell Air Force Base where Air Force One is waiting for their short flight to Dallas.

10:45 a.m., Pilar’s office in the Dal-Tex Building
Pilar, aka Lana DiOrio, is calmly working on sketches for her fashion boots.  She gets a phone call from Jack Ruby who wants her opinion about his ad copy.  She curtly tells him she’s too busy to talk and hangs up.

11:00 a.m., Cabana Hotel, Dallas
Charles Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli leave for the Dal-Tex Building.  They arrive 15 minutes later.  Nicoletti drops Roselli off on Record Street, one block east, and proceeds up Record Street to Corbin Street to park the car.

11:10 a.m., Dallas Morning News Building
Jack Ruby goes to the cafeteria in the basement of the Dallas Morning News building for coffee and a sandwich. He sits at a table with reporter Hugh Aynesworth, AP photographer Ike Altgens and several other people.  They make small talk about Kennedy’s visit and also about the Dallas Cowboys.

Ruby Aynesworth Altgens DMN bldg

Ruby makes small talk about JFK with journalists Hugh Aynesworth (with cigarette) and Ike Altgens (far right) in the cafeteria at the Dallas Morning News building.

11:14 a.m., Dal-Tex Building
Charles Nicoletti comes into the Dal-Tex Building.  He sees someone he recognizes:  Eugene Hale Brading, aka, Eugene Braden.  Nicoletti gets on the elevator and goes to the fourth floor without acknowledging Brading.  Brading is a small-time crook with ties to Carlos Marcello.  He will later be arrested by police, held for three hours, then released.  During his interrogation, he tells police he is in town on business, more specifically, oil business with H.L. Hunt.  Brading also is staying at the Cabana Motor Hotel where a number of other mobsters are staying.

Braden in the Dal-Tex bldg

Charlie Nicoletti (far right) sees Eugene Hale Brading (left) in the Dal-Tex Building.

11:15 a.m., Arlington State College, Arlington, Texas
Richard Eaves cuts his lab class at Arlington State College and leaves for the 30 minute drive into downtown Dallas to apply for a part-time job at the Dallas Morning News.  He is supposed to arrive before noon, but because of heavy traffic from JFK’s motorcade, he will be late.

Richard Eaves at Arlington State College

Richard Eaves (center) cuts his painting class to go downtown and apply for a part-time job.

11:16 a.m., Room 422 of the Dal-Tex Building, Dallas
Roselli is waiting for Nicoletti inside the office. It looks like it is currently being used as a storage area. It’s vacant except for a gray metal desk and a secretary’s desk chair and some janitor’s supplies.  There’s a large metal trash can filled with scraps of fabric.  Nicoletti fishes around in the trash can until he finds what he’s looking for.  He pulls out a carbine rifle with a telescopic sight.  Roselli goes over and looks out the window as Nicoletti checks out the gun.

11:20 a.m., Carswell Air Force Base, Ft. Worth
Air Force One with JFK and Jackie aboard departs for Dallas. JFK staff members all express their displeasure with the “black border ad” that appeared in the Dallas Morning News and wonder what else awaits them in the city that’s known as “The City of Hate.”  Air Force Two with Vice-President Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird had left Carswell ten minutes earlier so they could be waiting in Dallas to greet the President and First Lady.

LBJ Lady Bird wait in Dallas
LBJ and Lady Bird wait in Dallas for the arrival of Air Force One.

11:25 a.m., Texas School Book Depository
Malcolm Wallace, in a black, unmarked 1962 Ford Fairlane with government license plates, drives into the customer parking lot on the west end of the School Book Depository and parks near the front.  He is wearing a dark brown suit and tie and a fedora hat.  He walks to the rear entrance door and goes inside.  He goes past stacks of boxes in the cluttered room and disappears into a stairwell in the northwest corner of the building.  He quietly walks up the stairs past the sixth floor.  He can hear voices coming from workers in the large room as they fill book orders.  He tiptoes to the seventh floor and walks through a maze of stacked book boxes to the workshop in the southeast corner of the room.  He goes inside the workshop and closes the door behind him.

Back door and stairwell at TSBD
Hit man Malcolm Wallace walks in the back door of the TSBD and goes up to the seventh floor to wait for the motorcade to arrive.

11:30 a.m., Dallas Morning News Building
Ruby leaves the cafeteria and goes back upstairs to the advertising department to make changes to the same ad he had written an hour earlier.

11:38 a.m., Love Field Airport, Dallas
Air Force One arrives in Dallas.  Several thousand well-wishers are on hand to greet JFK and Jackie.  The clouds have disappeared and there’s nothing but blue sky and sunshine.  With the rain gone, JFK requests that the bubble top be removed from the limousine.  Advance Secret Service Agent Win Lawson complies and the motorcade rides off into history.

JFK arrives Love Field
Several thousand well-wishers and a few protesters are waiting to greet JFK at Love Field.

11:40 a.m., Texas School Book Depository
Junior Jarman again sees Lee Harvey Oswald on the sixth floor by the windows looking out toward the motorcade route.

11:42 a.m., West Commerce Street, Dallas
Richard Eaves, driving east from Arlington, gets stuck in traffic coming into downtown Dallas.  Eaves who as a teen-ager drove a delivery truck for his uncle Homer Harris knows the area well, so he turns off of West Commerce onto North Beckley.  He takes Beckley south to Greenbriar where he cuts over to Zang Boulevard which becomes Jefferson Boulevard.  He goes north over the Jefferson Street Viaduct into downtown Dallas.

motorcade causes traffic snarl
Heavy traffic coming into downtown forces Eaves to detour via Oak Cliff and the Jefferson Street Viaduct.

11:45 a.m., Terminal Annex Building, Dallas
Ruby leaves the Dallas Morning News and walks four blocks up Houston Street to the post office in the Terminal Annex Building across Commerce Street from Dealey Plaza.  He mails letters and makes several short calls at the pay phones outside the building on Houston Street.  Then he talks to a man wearing a dark suit, hat and sunglasses on the sidewalk in front of Union Station next door to the Postal Annex.

11:50 a.m., Texas School Book Depository
Oswald remains on the east end of the sixth floor as his co-workers go downstairs for lunch.  He asks them to send the elevator back up to the sixth floor.  As soon as his co-workers leave, Oswald goes to a large stack of book cartons on the east wall and removes the package with the rifle.  He takes it to the southeast corner, removes the disassembled rifle and quickly re-assembles it. He lays the rifle on top of a book box by the window.  There is a wall of book cartons a few feet back from the window that helps shield the area from view. Oswald leaves the window open for ventilation.  He then goes over and takes the elevator down to the first floor.

11:52 a.m., Love Field Airport, Dallas
The motorcade departs Love Field and turns onto Mockingbird Lane.  It’s clear and 68 degrees.
The president smiles and waves to the crowds, softly mouthing, “Thank you, thank you.”
He notices that Jackie is wearing sunglasses and tells her to take them off.  Some people have come to see her face.  The first lady, a notoriously reluctant campaigner, seems to be enjoying her tour of Texas.

A short while later, the motorcade turns onto Lemmon Avenue and comes upon a group of children with a homemade sign saying, “MR. PRESIDENT PLEASE STOP AND SHAKE OUR HANDS.” He orders the motorcade to stop and summons some people over to shake hands.  This will delay the arrival of the motorcade in Dealey Plaza.

along the motorcade route
JFK stops the motorcade several times to shake hands, delaying its arrival in Dealey Plaza.

11:55 a.m., Idlewild Airport, New York City
Richard Nixon is landing in New York after a flight from Dallas.

11:55 a.m., Terminal Annex Building, Dallas
A car driven by “Milwaukee Phil” Alderisio turns off of Houston Street into the parking lot behind the Terminal Annex.  In the car with him is Chicago hitman Richard Caine.  Both have been sent by Sam Giancana.  They get out of the car and walk north between the railroad tracks and Houston Street to Commerce Street near the triple underpass.  Both men are wearing suits and fedoras along with fake Secret Service badges. They look like government officials.  Alderisio is carrying a short rifle under his coat.

behind terminal annex south knoll

Alderisio parks behind the Terminal Annex Building, a short walk to their position on the south knoll along Commerce Street.

11:58 a.m., behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll
Jimmy Files walks up carrying a leather case with a Remington Fireball pistol inside.  He can see people moving about on the railroad tracks behind him and a few people standing near the triple underpass, but there is no one else behind the fence.  He goes to a point along the fence where a small tree is hanging over some of the pickets.  He lights a cigarette and waits for the motorcade to arrive

12:00 noon, Dallas Morning News Building
Ruby returns to the Morning News in hope of catching Tony Zoppi.  Ruby thinks Zoppi is returning from New Orleans today and really wants to talk to him.  Apparently, this is more important to Ruby than the motorcade.  Ruby has no way of knowing that the motorcade is running late.  It is scheduled to arrive in Dealey Plaza at 12:20 p.m.  Ruby goes to Zoppi’s office, the newsroom, the advertising department and finally down to the cafeteria.

12:00 noon, Texas School Book Depository
The flooring crew breaks for lunch.  Five of the men go downstairs to have lunch and watch the motorcade. Herminio Diaz Garcia and Emilio Santana take their lunches over by the window.

12:05 p.m., Commerce Street by the triple underpass
There are several bystanders on the triple underpass.  Richard Caine goes and tells them that for security reasons they cannot stand there.  The people leave by walking north up the railroad tracks.  Alderisio walks down the south knoll to the pergola overlooking Dealey Plaza.  From this vantage point, there is a perfect view of the cars coming down Elm Street.

12:10 p.m., Downtown Dallas
Richard Eaves is too broke to pay for parking, so he circles the block several times before finding a free spot on South Austin Street just north of Wood Street.  He gets out of his car and hurries over to the Morning News building five blocks away.  Since it’s noontime, he hopes everyone in the personnel department hasn’t gone to lunch.

12:15 p.m., Dallas Morning News Building
Ruby gives up on trying to locate Tony Zoppi and decides to go back to Dealey Plaza.  As Ruby is walking out of the building, Richard Eaves is rushing in.  Ruby seems preoccupied and doesn’t acknowledge Eaves, even though the two have met.  Eaves is too concerned with applying for a job to give it a second thought.

12:15 p.m., Texas School Book Depository
Malcolm Wallace comes out of the workshop on the seventh floor and takes the stairs down to six.  He walks softly over to the southeast corner and goes behind the wall of book cartons.  He takes off his jacket and lays it on one of the boxes.  He accidentally touches the box with his thumb which leaves a print.  He puts on a pair of cotton work gloves then puts a clip in the rifle.

Mac Wallace goes to 6th floor

Wallace comes down from the 7th to the 6th floor.  All the workers have gone downstairs to watch the motorcade.

12:15 p.m., Texas School Book Depository
At the west end of the fifth floor, Herminio Diaz goes over to the tool box and removes the sniper’s rifle. Emilio Santana raises the window.

12:17 p.m., Dal-Tex Building
Pilar sets the pot plant off the file cabinet and removes the top panel.  She reaches down into a secret compartment at the back of the cabinet and removes a long bolt-action rifle equipped with a scope and silencer. Pilar puts a Franz Liszt album on her RCA stereo and “Les Preludes” starts to play.  She cranks up the volume to help cover what little sound there will be when she fires her silenced rifle.  She lights another cigarette.  She has been chain smoking all morning so the office will reek of cigarette smoke to help mask the smell of gunpowder after she fires.  She raises the window about a foot and places a block under it to hold it up.  A cord is attached to the window block.  The motorcade is due in two minutes.  Pilar turns off the lights, picks up her rifle and leans over the drawing table to steady herself. She is ready for JFK’s arrival.

12:18 p.m., Dallas Morning News Building
Richard Eaves goes to the personnel department. It is empty except for a lone secretary who has stayed to answer the phones.  Everyone else has gone to Dealey Plaza to see the president.  She tells him to come back at 1:00.  Eaves decides to walk up to Dealey Plaza to see if his brother-in-law, Dallas Police Officer “Gene” Barnett, might happen to be there.

12:21 p.m., Harwood and Main in downtown Dallas
The motorcade turns off of Harwood Street onto Main.  More than 150,000 people line the streets to greet the president.

motorcade turns onto Main Street
The motorcade turns off of Harwood onto Main where more than 150,000 people line the street.

12:27 p.m., in front of the Adolphus Tower
The motorcade passes in front of the hotel.  LBJ’s mistress, Madeline Brown, is watching from her room on the third floor.  Jada Conforto, who has returned from her trip to Ft. Worth, has walked over from the Carousel Club with two other dancers.  They are in the front row of the crowd.  Jada and JFK make eye contact.  She gives him a lascivious grin.  He smiles and waves.

motorcade in front of Adolphus Hotel
Jada Conforto is in the crowd as the motorcade passes in front of the Adolphus Hotel.

12:27 p.m., Commerce Street by the triple underpass
Richard Caine and Phil Alderisio are standing behind the pergola on the south side of Dealey Plaza. Caine takes the rifle from Alderisio but holds it down below the wall of the pergola so it is not visible from across the way.

12:27 p.m., behind the picket fence above the grassy knoll
Jimmy Files removes the Remington Fireball from its case and peers over the top of the fence, anticipating Kennedy’s arrival.

12:28 p.m., 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository
On the east end, Malcolm Wallace is standing to the left of the open window as he looks down at Elm Street.  He glances at his watch. Still no motorcade.  It is eight minutes overdue.

On the west end, Herminio Diaz is thinking the same thing as he nervously awaits the motorcade.  Emilio Santana has a pistol with a silencer in his pocket as he watches Diaz’s back.

12:28 p.m., Terminal Annex Building, Dallas
Ruby is standing on the corner of Commerce and Houston talking to a man in a business suit named Bob Vanderslice.  The man is an FBI informant.  As they talk, they casually walk part way down Commerce Street toward the triple underpass.   They don’t see the motorcade turn off of Main Street onto Houston.  But Malcolm Wallace in the Texas School Book Depository does.

12:29 p.m. in front of the Dallas County Courthouse at Main and Houston
Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford is standing outside watching the motorcade as it turns off of Main onto Houston.  He waves at LBJ in a limousine five cars back of Kennedy’s.

12:29 p.m., Dealey Plaza
The presidential motorcade turns off of Main Street onto Houston.  Richard Eaves is walking up the west side of Houston Street and is just crossing Commerce Street.  He is focused on locating his brother-in-law, officer “Gene” Barnett and does not see Ruby and Vanderslice on Commerce Street.

12:29 p.m., First Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Lee Harvey Oswald finishes his lunch and goes to the second floor to get a Coke out of the machine.

12:30 p.m., in front of the Texas School Book Depository
The presidential limousine turns off of Houston onto Elm Street and passes in front of the building. The crowds have thinned out considerably.  Wesley Frazier and some of his co-workers are standing on the front steps of the building to watch the president go by.  Other co-workers are out on the sidewalk along Commerce Street, while several others are watching from open windows inside the building.

Frazier in front of TSBD
Wesley Frazier and some of his co-workers are standing out front to watch JFK go by.

12:30:01 p.m., Dealey Plaza
Richard Eaves is just crossing Main Street.  He can see the presidential limousine out of the corner of his eye. He is still focused on locating his  brother-in-law, officer “Gene” Barnett.  He hears the first shot a split second later, followed in rapid succession by three more shots.

12:30:01 p.m., Room 322 of the Dal-Tex Building
Pilar is leaning over her drawing table with her rifle pointed at Kennedy.  She has the base of his head in her crosshairs.  She is using  low velocity ammunition that will not break the sound barrier, but it also will not penetrate the skull, so she aims for the neck.  A second before she fires, she hears another gunshot from across the street.

JFK's head through rifle scope
Pilar has the base of Kennedy’s head in her crosshairs.

12:30:02 p.m., Commerce Street by the triple underpass
Richard Caine quickly brings his rifle up and fires.  The shot makes a loud noise.  The bullet smashes through the front windshield of the presidential limousine.

12:30:03 p.m., Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Malcolm Wallace fires at Kennedy but misses.  The shot makes a loud noise.  It hits the curb on Commerce Street near the triple underpass, not far from where Caine and Alderisio are positioned.  A chip of concrete flies up and hits a bystander named James Tague and cuts his cheek.

12:30:03 p.m. in front of the Dallas County Courthouse
Deputy Sheriff  Weatherford hears the first shot and thinks it’s a railroad flare coming from the area by the triple underpass.

12:30:03 p.m., Room 322 of the Dal-Tex Building
Simultaneously, Pilar squeezes off a round and sees Kennedy grab his throat. Her shot makes no sound.   She hears a second gunshot, and a third in rapid succession. She sees John Connally turn as though he has been hit.  Pilar pulls the cord on the window block, and the window slams shut.

JFK throat shot
A split second before Pilar files, she sees Kennedy grab his throat.

12:30:06 p.m., Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Malcolm Wallace fires a second shot at Kennedy.  Nellie Connally turns to  her husband and screams.  The shot makes a loud noise.

12:30:06 p.m. in front of the Dallas County Courthouse
Deputy Sheriff  Weatherford hears the second shot and realizes it’s a gunshot.  He thinks it is coming from the area by the triple underpass.  He runs inside the Sheriff’s Office in the Country Courthouse to get a rifle.

12:30:06 p.m., Room 422 of the Dal-Tex Building
Charles Nicoletti fires at Kennedy.  His rifle has a silencer, so it makes no noise.  The shot misses and lands in the grass on the south side of Elm Street.

12:30:08 Fifth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Herminio Diaz fires.  His shot hits Kennedy in the shoulder.  Emilio Santana looks nervously at him, wondering what the hell is going on with all the other shooting.

12:30:08  Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Malcolm Wallace fires his third shot at the exact same time.  He is startled by the other shots and loses his concentration.  His shot misses Kennedy and hits a tree by the triple underpass.

12:30:15 behind the picket fence
Jimmy Files fires his Remington Fireball. The low caliber ammunition makes only a slight sound. The bullet has been altered so it will shatter on impact. Kennedy’s head explodes.

JFK head shot
Files fires one shot with exploding ammunition that hits Kennedy in the head.

12:30:25 Fifth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Santana grabs the spent cartridge off the floor as Herminio Diaz quickly disassembles the rifle. He steps over to a carton of books that has been flipped over and is open from the bottom. Several dozen books have been removed. Diaz puts the stock and barrel of the Carbine, along with the spent cartridge, into the carton, adds a few books for padding and closes the flaps. Santana quickly seals the bottom with packing tape, flips the box over and stacks several other cartons of books on top. The police will never open the carton (in fact, they don’t open any of the several thousand cartons stored in the TSBD). A few days later, someone working in the TSBD will ship the carton to a pre-arranged address.

12:30:37 Room 422 of the Dal-Tex Building
Johnny Roselli picks up the spent cartridge and drops it in his coat pocket.  Charles Nicoletti slips the gun under his coat, and the two men quickly leave the office. They go down the back stairs and exit the rear door.  They quickly walk about 30 feet along the back of the building to Houston Street where Jimmy Files has parked his car.  Roselli gets in the back seat and Nicoletti gets in the front.  Nicoletti immediately passes the rifle back to Roselli who removes a panel from the back of the driver’s seat and slips the rifle into a secret compartment.  Then he replaces the panel, and in less than a minute, the gun is completely concealed.

12:31 p.m., Room 322 of the Dal-Tex Building
Pilar quickly steps over to the file cabinet and returns the rifle to the secret compartment.  She picks up the spent cartridge and the window block with the cord, wads them up in a piece of paper and drops them into the secret compartment.  Then she puts the top panel back on the file cabinet and sets the pot plant on top.  Nothing looks out of place.

12:31 p.m., Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository
Malcolm Wallace quickly heads for the northwest stairwell.  Near the north wall, he stuffs the gun behind a row of boxes then quietly runs down the stairs to the rear exit.  He calmly walks out of the building and over to his car in the nearby parking lot.  Several people see him but think he is a plain clothes policeman or Secret Service agent.  He barely misses Jimmy Files who will take the same path in the opposite direction.

12:31:15 p.m., Dealey Plaza
Richard Eaves is stunned. He looks toward the presidential motorcade as it speeds away under the triple underpass.  He’s not sure what has just happened.   There is chaos and confusion all around him.  A lot of bystanders run toward the triple underpass and the grassy knoll on the north side of the plaza.  Others are walking or running up Houston Street toward the TSBD.  Still others are wandering around as though they are in shock.  Eaves does not see Ruby standing on the corner of Commerce and Houston.

12:31:30 p.m., Second Floor lunchroom of the Texas School Book Depository
Lee Harvey Oswald has just taken a bottle of Coke from the machine when Dallas Police Officer Marion Baker rushes in with his gun drawn and orders Oswald to stop.  Building Superintendent Roy Truly tells Officer Baker, “He’s okay. He works here.”  Baker and Truly leave Oswald and run to the back stairs.  They miss Malcolm Wallace by less than 30 seconds as he exits through the door by the back stairs.

Oswald gets a Coke
(Clockwise:  Officer Baker, Roy Truly, Lee Harvey Oswald, Malcolm Wallace) While Officer Marion Baker and building manager Roy Truly are detaining Oswald in the lunchroom, Malcolm Wallace is slipping out the back door of the building.

12:32 p.m., behind the picket fence
Jimmy Files quickly stows his pistol in the case, then turns his jacket inside out.  He picks up the spent cartridge, cockily bites down on it, then sets it on top of a fence rail.  He picks up the gun case and starts toward his car.  To get there, he walks along the back of the picket fence until it ends, at which time he turns east and then around the back of the TSBD.  He can see his car parked facing out in front of the Dal-Tex Building.  As he gets closer, he can see Charly Nicoletti sitting in the front passenger seat.

12:32 p.m., Commerce Street by the triple underpass
Phil Alderisio puts the sniper rifle under his coat, and he and Richard Caine walk back to their car parked behind the Terminal Annex Building.  They see people running across the triple underpass back toward the grassy knoll near the TSBD.  They get into their car and drive back to the Cabana Motor Hotel on the Stemmons Freeway.

12:33 p.m., Front door of the Texas School Book Depository
Lee Harvey Oswald walks out of the building and stops on the corner of Elm and Houston, possibly trying to decide which way to go.  He starts walking north on Houston along the east wall of the TSBD.  When he gets near the back of the building where the loading dock is located, he sees a man carrying a briefcase walking from behind the building. (Oswald recognizes the man as Jimmy Files).  Oswald is startled.  He does an about face and walks back down toward Elm Street.  Wesley Frazier sees Oswald walking down Houston, but loses sight of him when he gets to Elm Street where a large crowd has gathered.  Oswald crosses Houston and walks east on Elm Street, looking back over his shoulder to see if he is being followed.

Oswald leaves TSBD by front door
Oswald leaves through the front door of the TSBD.

12:34 p.m., parking area on Houston Street beside the Dal-Tex Building
Jimmy Files does not see Oswald. He crosses Houston Street and goes to his car where Roselli and Nicoletti are waiting.  He opens the driver’s side door and slips the gun case on the floor behind his seat.  He gets into the car, turns right onto Houston Street then quickly makes another right turn onto a gravel right of way next to some railroad tracks that end at Record Street.  He drives  beside the railroad tracks a few hundred feet then turns left onto Record Street.  He then drives a few blocks north to a service station where he drops off Roselli and Nicoletti.  Files then heads for his motel in Mesquite, a Dallas suburb about 10 miles to the east.

12:34 p.m., in front of the Dallas County Courthouse
Deputy Sheriff  Weatherford runs out of the building.  He sees a large group of people running toward the triple underpass, and he joins in.  When he reaches the railroad tracks, he is joined by Deputy Alan Sweatt, and they begin searching the railroad yard.  Several people tell him they heard a gunshot and saw smoke down by the picket fence, so Weatherford runs over to the area.  Finding the fence area crawling with other police officers,  Weatherford runs down to the backside of the TSBD near the loading dock.  By this time Jimmy Files is long gone.  So is Lee Harvey Oswald.

front of sheriff's office on Main
Deputy Weatherford grabs his rifle and runs toward the triple underpass where he thinks the shots were fired.

12:35 p.m., Dealey Plaza
Eaves sees Weatherford run by with a rifle and decides it’s time to get the hell out of there.  He is worried that there might be more shooting, so he quickly walks across Main Street and heads back to the Dallas Morning News Building.  He sees a man a couple of blocks ahead who looks like Jack Ruby.  Two men in suits run past him.  Eaves thinks they are running after Ruby, but they run past him without stopping.  The two men run inside the Dallas Morning News Building.  Jack Ruby also goes into the Morning News.  A minute or two later, Eaves arrives at the Morning News.

12:35 p.m., Dal-Tex Building
Several Dallas Policemen and Sheriff’s Deputies run into the building looking for suspects.  Several people in the lobby point out Eugene Hale Brading as a suspicious character.  They say he has been hanging around for about 30 minutes, and he doesn’t work in the building.  When police confront him, he says he came into the building to find a pay phone.  He is arrested and taken to Dallas Police headquarters for questioning.  He is released after three hours.

12:36 p.m., Third Floor of the Dal-Tex Building
Pilar hears noises in the hallway outside her office and goes out to investigate.  A number of other workers on the floor have gathered to talk about the shooting.  Pilar pretends to be distraught.  She is still in the hallway when five plain clothes policemen come out of the stairwell and, without warrants, begin searching the offices and questioning tennants.  Two Dallas detectives go into Pilar’s office and she follows.  They glance around the office, then go over and look out the window.  They ask her what she saw.  She tells them that she was busy working and did not have time to watch the motorcade.  The police accept her story and leave without even getting her name. Her clever ruse has worked perfectly.

12:37 p.m., The Dallas Morning News Building
When Eaves goes inside, the place is like a madhouse, with people running up and down the stairs, in and out of elevators, talking about what did or did not happen, what they saw and didn’t see.  Eaves goes upstairs to the Personnel Department, but no one is there.  He decides the leave.  He returns to his car and heads back to Oak Cliff.  KLIF Radio is not playing rock and roll.  Instead, there is non-stop chatter about Kennedy’s shooting.

12:40 p.m., Corner of Elm and Field Street, Dallas
Lee Harvey Oswald walks seven blocks east on Elm Street.  When he crosses Field, the 30 Marsalis bus is at the light, stuck in traffic.  For some reason, Oswald gets on the bus.  It’s the bus he sometimes rides to Oak Cliff, but he knows that the bus will go back west to Dealey Plaza and then turn south on Houston.  But he’ll never make it that far.  He exits the bus after just four minutes.

12:44 p.m., Corner of Elm and Lamar Streets, Dallas
After the bus inches along for two blocks, Oswald asks for a transfer then gets off the bus at Lamar Street.  He quickly heads south on Lamar to the Greyhound Bus Station two blocks away.

Oswald catches cab at Greyhound station
Oswald gets off the Marsalis bus, walks two blocks to the Greyhound Bus station and gets in a waiting cab.

12:48 p.m., Greyhound Bus Station, Dallas
Oswald gets in a cab and tells the driver to take him to 500 North Beckley in Oak Cliff.

Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford’s written report

Date: November 23, 1963

On Friday, November 22, 1963, at about 12:30 PM, I was standing in front of the Sheriff’s Office watching the Presidential Motorcade. The President’s car had passed my location a couple of minutes when I heard a loud report which I thought was a railroad torpedo, as it sounded as if it came from the railroad yard. Thinking, this was a heck of a time for one to go off, then I heard a 2nd report which had more of an echo report and thought to myself, that this was a rifle and I started toward the corner when I heard the 3rd report.

By this time, I was running towards the railroad yards where the sound seemed to come from. I got with Deputy Allan Sweatt and was searching the tracks and cars, etc., then someone said the shots came from above. I then went to the Elm Street loading gates of the Texas School Book Depository where I met Deputies Ralph Walters, Luke Mooney, Eugene Boone and Sam Webster. We all went into the building and proceeded to the first floor by way of the stairs.

I jumped out of the first window onto the roof of the adjoining covered loading dock. I then searched the roof for any expended shell cases, as at the time we were trying to find just where the shots came from and if they were fired from the west side of the building they possibly could have fallen onto this roof. Finding no shells, I then climbed into the window and started searching the first floor, with an unknown DPD detective. Then learning other officers were searching this first floor, I went to the top floor to start down with each floor.

Looking over the 7th floor to no avail, I came down to the 6th floor and while searching this floor, Deputy Luke Mooney said, “here are some shells”. I went over to where he was and saw three expended rifle shells and a sack on the floor and a partially eaten piece of chicken on top of one of the cartons which was used as a sort of barricade, advising Mooney to preserve the scene for the Crime Lab.

I then proceeded to look for the rifle as it was possible it was still on this floor. After several minutes passed, I was about 10 feet from Deputy Boone when he found the rifle with a light he was using. This was also preserved for the Crime Lab.

I then left the building and went to the Sheriff’s office to contact Sheriff Decker and report our findings. While we were standing in the hall talking, Sheriff Decker gave me a piece of paper with an address of 2515 W. 5th Street, Irving. He said to get Deputies E. R. Buddy Walthers and J.L. Oxford and go see what we could find at this location as this man that shot the officer in Oak Cliff by the name of Oswald supposedly lived at this location, and further that we were to meet some of Capt. Fritz’s officers at this address.

Upon arrival at the address, we saw a DPD plain clothes car about 1/2 block from the address. In this car were Detectives Rose and Adamcik and another officer whom I did not know. We went to the door and knocked and a Mrs. Paine came to the door. I showed her my ID and told her we were from the Sheriff’s office, and she invited us in. She also asked if it pertained to the shooting, and we told her yes. She introduced us to Mrs. Marina Oswald and advised us that she could talk only a very few words in English, that she was Russian, and that she (Mrs. Paine) would interpret anything we wanted to know. We told Mrs. Payne we wanted to search her home, and she told us to go ahead, that she understood. I stayed with Mrs. Oswald and Mrs. Paine while the rest of the men searched the house. They found some literature on Cuban Freedom affairs and some small files and a blanket which looked to have been wrapped around a rifle.

While standing near the phone bar, I saw a black telephone address book which I picked up and thumbed through, finding in the “O’s” the name of Lee Oswald. Texas School Book Depository and the telephone number. Then another phone number, which I believe was written in pencil. I asked what this number was, pointing to this pencil number, and Mrs. Payne said that is the phone number where Lee is living. I gave this number to Deputy Buddy Walthers and told him to call the Sheriff and advise him of our findings — that this was all fitting in together with the assassination of President Kennedy.

We then loaded all of our findings into our car and brought them and Mr. Michael Paine, taking him and our findings to the Dallas Police Station to the Homicide Division. Mr. Paine walked up to the house in Irving about 15 minutes after we first arrived. He told us that he was separated from his wife and was working for Bell Helicopter in Hurst. When he heard on the radio about the shooting, etc, he said he thought he had better come there.

After delivering the evidence and subject to Capt. Fritz, we then returned to the Sheriff’s office.